Alicia My Story Summary Essay Example
Alicia My Story Summary Essay Example

Alicia My Story Summary Essay Example

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  • Published: December 14, 2017
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Alicia My Story Summary 3}' Investigators my Story Summary In the memoir "Alicia my Story' written by Alicia Appleton Juryman is an amazing 'ask about how a Jewish girl named Alicia who tries to survive living in a area where :he German occupation was. In doing so she saved lives of some of the Jewish people and rebelled against the Germans. Later on she becomes a hero of the holocaust. Alicia lived in the city of Buyback with her parent's and her older brothers Zachary, nonunion, Mosher, and her young brother Hertz.

They lived happily until her brother Zachary was beaten by Polish boys for being Jewish. Later on while waiting for her ether at the candy store she overheard two men talking about the Germans plans to :cake over the other countries. Th


en the Russians came into her town and bought all their goods, controlled the school system, and etc. When the Russians offered the Skopje to go to a Russian school in Leningrad Alias's brother Mosher took the )opportunity and went to school there.

He later on escaped and explained that the ;school forced them to work at the fields, chose what to say in their letters, and took :he supplies their families send them. When the Russians put him in prison for ? Escaping the school Mosher died from food poisoning. The Russians left the city once :he German occupation took over and the police station was hiring officers to meet Ninth the Germans. Alias's father took the offer but he died because it turns out it Vass a trap set up by the Germans. Alias's family was forced to mov

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to a ghetto by :he Germans.

They couldn't go to any public places or they would go to prison or get Killed. Later on Alias's brother Bunion was captured while getting firewood and is in a Nor camp. They were able to send food to him for some time until he gets free. Den day while visiting a friend's house the Germans officers ordered them to leave he house and to get on the train. While in the train a couple of men found an escape for children and Alicia was able to get out and run home. When she got mom she met a friend on the way and found out her brother Bunion was killed 'cause another person got out of the camp.

Then there was a great famine due to :he Germans taking all their food. And when she was out she met some of her }rareness's friends who told more grim news that her grandfather was buried *live. Then the Germans decided to kill some of the Jews in the ghetto so they got :heir family out to a secret hiding place where the Germans couldn't find them; once hey got out they found lots of dead bodies and her brother thought it was time to ;trite back. Alias's brother Zachary decided to Join up with a group of boys to plan a way to -bell against the Germans.

Until a Polish boy compromised them and Zachary was engaged in front of the police station. Alicia went into a depression and wished she was dead until she decided it was her Job to protect her family from now on. After mourning

Zacchary death she met some new friends one of them was named Bella known to others as "Crazy Bella. " On one day the police decided to kill off the others and Alicia decided to fake being her mother so she won't die. She went to :he Chortler prison where she was beaten and got ill from the water which was infected with a typhoid disease.

She became unconscious and the guards thought ;nee was AAA until ten graveyard people Tuna out seen was alive Ana smuggled nerd of the prison. Alicia was taken care of by a couple and was sent back to her town -legalizing that her family is sick but luckily her friend Mile took care of them. When Alias's family started to feel better In 1943 the city of Buyback was officially announced Jew-free and the rest of the w were to be killed. While hiding in a bunker one of the babies in it was crying and :he soldiers found them and took Alicia to be killed.

When the soldiers were ready to ;hoot her friend Mile took one of the guns and started shooting the soldiers and :old Alicia to run. Alicia ran into the forest heading to Buyback due to the pact her nether and brother made if they were separated. After they were separated Alias's nether decided to go back to Buyback to find her children she was able to escape. Rhea met each other at a village where the people didn't know she was a Jew due to ability to speak multiple languages.

When she contacted her fried she found 'UT that Hertz was discovered and

shot. Later on they got more news that the Hessians were striking back and were moving westward. While in a building a airman shooting squad came and Alicia escaped but her mother died in the ;hooting. N the end, they won the war and during the war Alicia saved two Russian partisans MD now lives on to this day; she won a medal for heroism. Alicia shows great :rage, heroism, and determination in those times. That's the memoir "Alicia my ;Tory' by Alicia Appleton Juryman is all about.

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