Advertising Giuffrida

creative concept testing
Measure creative ads at the concept stage
VAS research offers
motivation and resources
What influences buying?
All of the Above
the world of commercial activity where goods and services are bought and sold
How a company handles objective (step from marketing plan)
review market plan
An ad managers 1st step in an ad plan
A coffee shop wants to appeal o a new market. They changed the look, taste, and distribution. What did they change?
The 4 p’s
4 p’s
product, price, place, promotion
commodities offered for sale
a product that creates demand in the product life cycle
product life cycle
Four stages that product goes through over its life: introduction, growth, maturity, and decline.
introduction in product life cycle
When a product is launched and sales begin. It can involve a lot of expenditure on promotion and publicity.
growth in product life cycle
Experienced when the product starts to sell faster. People are beginning to buy more of it and it is becoming successful.
maturity in product life cycle
Sales rate begin to slow down. A business should consider introducing some different versions of the product to keep sales up.
decline in product life cycle
Occurs when sales start to fall and the interest in the product is declining.
WWE’s target market
preteens dressing up
Rapid market expansion
Saturated with competing products
direct market
person you buy from makes the product
focus group
Group of individuals brought together for the purpose of asking them questions about a product or marketing strategy.
account planning
helps managers make marketing decisions
ad research
how to find out an ad plan
media research
focuses on issues of media effectiveness, selection, frequency, and ratings.
post testing
asses ad’s effectiveness after running it
pre testing
conducted by research firms customer exposure, surveyed
big brands are more popular than
store brands
regional advertising
only advertising where stores are
small advertisements places in a reserved section of the paper, classified under different headings
market segmentation
The process of dividing the total market into groups whose members have similar characteristics
business to business
smelling aroma, thanksgiving
statistics about consumers based on their knowledge, attitudes, use, or response to a product.
Studies of consumers based on social and psychological characteristics such as attitudes, interests, and opinions
segmentation of the market based on where people live.
population growth so a hospital expands
Benefit from a PSA
Humane Society
Not an advertising medium
word of mouth
creative boutique
an advertising agency that specializes in and provides only services related to the creative aspects of advertising
marketing plan
establishes all pertinent facts of an organization
marketing plan
detailed strategy for focusing marketing efforts on consumers’ needs and wants
an ad would use portfolio text and story boards during which staging process:
conduct a situational analysis
first step of the traditional top-down marketing plan
top-down marketing plan
situation analysis, marketing objectives, marketing strategy, marketing tactics
bottom-up marketing plan
small companies: marketing tactics, marketing strategy, marketing results
Advertising art
Ben Franklin
Account Executive
Liason of agency and client
no one else can use it
Association of largest Ad Agencies
AAAA: American Association of Advertising Agencies
Exagerated Claims
subliminal advertising
promotional messages that the consumer is not consciously aware of… sexual
creative, writes headlines
analyze situation and define problem
first step in research process
qualitative & quanitative
2 types of marketing research
help food advertising, ask consumers
quanitative research
research in which the data is recorded in numerical form
qualitative research
research that relies on what is seen in field or naturalistic settings more than on statistical data
product differentiation
when a consumer prefers a brand
SWAT analysis
Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats (ALL OF THE ABOVE)
2 sub strategies of an ad strategy
creative and media
advertising strategy
company accomplishes its advertising objectives. it consists of two major elements: creating advertising messages and selecting advertising media
consumer behavior
Processes a consumer uses to make purchase decisions, as well as to use and dispose of purchased goods or services; also includes factors that influence purchase decisions and product use.
change in belief caused by promotional communication:
Underlying motives contribute to purchasing
Distinctive human instincts motivate
Maslow’s hierarchy
5. Physiological Needs
4. Safety and Security Needs
3. Love (social) Needs
2. Esteem Needs
1. Self-Actualization

helps understand consumer motivation

disadvantages of in house advertising
not very creative, loss of objective
target marketing
marketing directed toward those groups (market segments) an organization decides it can serve profitably.
Any paid form of nonpersonal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, or services by an identified sponsor
Ace in huntington males flyers in community
Pool and Spa owned by a family and sale a certain brand. That company says they’ll pay 50% of their advertising.
traffic coordinate
Department in agency responsible for missed deadlines
printing press
made 1st advertising formats
Full service ad agency
an agency that handles planning, creation, production, and placement, of advertising for advertising clients. It may also handle sales promotion and other related services as needed by the client. (A)
marketing advertising
increase product use
market segmentation
process where marketers search for specific groups
cooperative corporation
objective: profit.. etc
occupies competitively in mind of consumer
stake holder
person, group, organization, or system who effects an organizations actions (all the above)
habit reinforcement
buy 10 get 1 free
opinion leaders
well-informed people who help others interpret media messages
test market
testing effectiveness with retailers
produce same result
in order for quanitative research to be reliable it has to
survey small portion
All the above, Integrated marketing communications: building relationships to ensure a constructive encounter w/ the company, brand, consumer, stakeholder through a variety of media/other contacts
make larger segments
2nd step of marketing segmentation
Chain of Jewish Supermarkets
family branding
marketing several different products under the same brand name
license branding
teaming up with another brand
national brand
manufacturers brand
Marketing communication
The element in the marketing mix that communicates the key marketing messages to target audiences. (all planned messages)

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