Advanced American History Jeopardy Questions

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This document was the first attempt at writing a constitution?
What is the Articles of Confederation.
After the revolution, this was abolished by most states as a qualification for voting?
What is property.
As opposed to a bi-cameral legislature, this is what the framers of the Constitution first considered?
What is a unicameral legislature.
This theory of government assured that no branch of government had too much power?
What is a separation or balance of powers.
This is the law-making branch of the U.S. Government?
What is the legislative body or Congress.
This political faction supported the idea of a strong central government in writing the Constitution?
What are the Federalists.
These documents, written by Jefferson in 1784, and 1785, called for the division of the newly available western land to be divided into territories, the use of a grid system to define property lines, established the price of land and the process for statehood?
What are Land Ordinances.
This ordinance, also penned by Jefferson, prohibited slavery in what came to be called the Northwest Territory ( the future states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin)?
What is the Northwest Ordinance of 1787.
This meeting in Philadelphia in 1787 met to discuss the weaknesses of the Articles of the Confederation and would lay the groundwork for what important document essential to the founding of the United States as a democratic republic?
What is the Constitution.
These two state plans were the models for the U.S. Constitution?
What are the Virginia and New Jersey Plans.
The agreement to have the upper house based on two men from each state and the lower house of Congress based on population so that large and small states would both be satisfied is known as?
What is the Great Compromise.
To protect the property of southern slave owners, the Constitutional delegates agree to what clause in the Constitution?
What was the Fugitive Slave Clause.
The opponents of the Constitution feared that the government would be dominated by which social class?
What are the wealthy or monied elite.
This series of 85 essays published in American newspapers by James Madison, John Jay and Alexander Hamilton argued the need for a strong central government?
What are the Federalist Papers.
This act passed by Congress created a federal court in each state and provided circuit courts to hear appeals with final say by the Supreme Court?
What is the Judiciary Act of 1789.
Political supporters of Thomas Jefferson who viewed the states as the essential foundation of the U.S. government and believed the states should have the right to veto federal legislation?
Who were the Republicans.
This treaty of 1795 between Britain and the United States was viewed with disfavor because it required U.S. government to make full compensation to British merchants for all pre-Revolutionary War debts?
What is Jay’s Treaty.
This event was considered an insult to the United States when the French foreign minister Talleyrand solicited a bribe from American diplomats before they would stop the illegal search and seizures of American ships?
What is the XYZ Affair.
The Republicans, led by Jefferson, charged that these new laws were unconstitutional as it violated the First Amendment?
The Alien and Sedition Acts.
This election year saw Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr tie for the presidency causing the election to be decided by the U.S. House of Representatives?
The election of 1800.
These two acts passed by the respective state legislatures of Kentucky and Virginia declared the Alien and Sedition Acts to be \”null and void\” establishing a \”states’ rights\” interpretation of the U.S. Constitution?
What are the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions.
This astute real estate purchase by President Jefferson doubled the country’s size in 1893?
What is the Louisiana Purchase.
These were the common methods employed the country’s new Indian commissioners, state officials and land speculators to force the native people to give up their lands?
What were military threats, liquor and bribes.
This 1794 battle followed President Washington’s decision to lead a military expedition against the Western Confederacy ( Shawnee, Miami, and Potawatomi tribes) in fear that the Indians were allying with the British in Canada?
What is the Battle of Fallen Timbers.
This Indian alliance contested the U.S. government’s claim of the land that formed the trans-Appalachian West and fought to keep it in 1790, 1791, and 1794?
What is the Western Confederacy.
This act signed into law by John Adams at the end of his term of office(Feb,1801) created 16 new federal judgeships and 6 new circuit courts, which the outgoing president sought to fill with Federalists to deny the incoming Republicans judicial power?
What is the Judiciary Act of 1801.
This activity off the coast of Africa forced Jefferson to change his mind about the need for an American navy?
What are the raids on American merchant ships and crews and the demand for ransom by the Barbary Coast pirates.
This political party which dominated Congress in 1804, reduced the price of land from $2.00 to $1.25 an acre and reduced the minimum purchase from 160 to 80 acres so a farmer could buy enough land for a farm with $100.
What is the Republican Party.
This practice of the British to seize American sailors and force them into the service of the Royal Navy is a major cause of the War of 1812?
What is \”impressment.\”
This law, signed into law by Jefferson, forbid American ships to leave their home port until Britain and France repealed their restrictions on American trade?
What is the Embargo Act of 1807.
During this Anglo-American war, the British sailed up the Potomac and set fire to the White House and other government buildings?
What is the War of 1812
Collectively, these wars in Europe between 1802-1815 endangered American commerce because American neutrality was not respected by the belligerents?
What are the Napoleonic Wars.
This battle, which actually occurred after the treaty ending the War of 1812 had been signed made Andrew Jackson a national hero?
What is the Battle of New Orleans.
This secret meeting of New England states in 1814, ended with proposals which included secession from the United States, a demand for a one-term presidency and a 2/3 majority in Congress to declare war, prohibit trade, or add a new state to the Union?
What is the Hartford Convention.
This treaty officially ended the War of 1812?
The Treaty of Ghent
This document was published in America’s newspapers in 1796 and warned future government leaders about the dangers of partisan politics, national debt, and entangling alliances?
What is Washington’s Farewell Address.
These men were appointed by John Adams at the end of his presidency in order to infuriate the incoming Republican administration?
Who are the Midnight Judges.
This Supreme Court Case saw William Marbury sue the new Secretary of State James Madison for his government appointment when his commission as a Justice of the Peace did not come through?
What is Marbury vs Madison.
According to your text, this class of society was increasingly elected because they understood the needs of the poor?
What are the middle ranks or middle-class.
50% of all Americans were from this group whose lives were still confined primarily to the home?
What are women.
This regional group opposed high tariffs on imported goods because they wanted to import British textiles and ironware at low prices?
Who are the southern planters.
This rebellion which took place in Massachusetts in 1786, challenged the new state government’s right to impose property qualifications for voting, levy taxes, put debtors and prison and confiscate property to pay debt?
What is Shay’s Rebellion.
This rebellion was launched in 1794 in response to Hamilton’s excise tax on \”spirits.\”
What is the Whiskey Rebellion.
This was the year of the first American census?
What is 1790.
The growing of this new crop in the South spurred the settlement of Alabama and Mississippi and spread slavery westward?
What is cotton.
New England farmers turned to this crop when they could no longer afford the wheat brought in from the western territories?
In 1819, this canal connected the upstate counties of New York to the Hudson River enabling inland farmers to get their produce to east coast markets?
What is the Erie Canal.
Between 1793 and 1812, the Pennsylvania legislature granted 55 private companies the right to build these roads which helped to reduce transport costs by charging for their use?
What are toll roads.
This American woman and First Lady demanded equal legal rights for married women?
Abigail Adams
This Federalist served as the first Secretary of the Treasury and advanced policies that favored the wealthy finance man and seaport merchants of the northeastern U.S.?
Who is Alexander Hamilton.
This man was appointed first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?
Who is John Jay.
This man made a deal with those who were against his \”assumption\” plan for the national debt and allowed the nation’s capital to be located in Washington, D.C. along the banks of the Potomac River?
Who is Alexander Hamilton.
This early American president reacted strongly when the French began to seize American merchant ships and put the country into an un-official war with France?
Who is John Adams.
This man served as Washington’s Secretary of War, favored assimilating Native Americans into mainstream American society?
Who is Henry Knox.
The four presidents Washington, Jefferson, Madison and Monroe are collectively known by this name?
The Virginia Dynasty
This president was the first to live in the White House?
Who is John Adams.
This Chief Justice of the Supreme Court firmly asserted the Court’s power of \”judicial review\” which recognized that only the Supreme Court can decide the constitutionality of any law?
Who is John Marshall.
This American, serving as the country’s minister to Paris, was instructed by President Jefferson to negotiate the purchase of New Orleans and the entire territory of Louisiana?
Who is Robert Livingston.
These two men were sent by Jefferson to learn about and survey the newly acquired Louisiana territory and also discover its plant and animal life?
Who are Lewis and Clark.
This American vice-president( who once tied for the presidency) killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel believing the former Sec. of the Treasury has destroyed his reputation?
Who is Aaron Burr
This rising new Congressman and new Speaker of the House from Kentucky favored war with Britain and was known as a \”war hawk.\”
Who is Henry Clay.
This Southern Congressman, also a war hawk, later led his native state of South Carolina, in defying a president by refusing to obey a new federal tariff law.
Who is John C. Calhoun.
This diminutive Virginian is considered the \” Father of the Constitution\” and was elected as president in 1808?
Who is James Madison.
This famous Shawnee chief revived the Western Confederacy and wanted to unite all tribes to prevent white settlers from moving into the Western territories?
Who is Tecumseh.
This slave-owning planter from Tennessee led an army of militiamen to victory at Horseshoe Bend in the territory which would become the future state of Alabama?
Who is Andrew Jackson.
This president and son of a former president was an important diplomat serving as Secretary of State for President James Monroe ( 1817—1825)?
Who is John Quincy Adams.
This famous inventor and former teacher invented the cotton gin allowing cotton production to soar?
Who is Eli Whitney.

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