ADV test ch. 18

T/F: Public relations can be used to activate social media, as well as engage mainstream media.
T/F: Public relations cannot work for dedicated brand-building in a digital and social media environment.
T/F: Public relations is the only tool that can provide damage control in the face of negative publicity
T/F: The major difference between public relations and advertising is that public relations cannot be used as a part of
IBP campaigns.
T/F: Negative publicity stems from external forces outside a firm’s control and not from a company’s internal activities
or decisions.
T/F: Promoting a product or service using press releases or events is a public relations tactic to increase public awareness of a brand.
T/F: Press releases are preferred over other tools of public relations because it prevents journalists from editing the news release.
T/F: A feature story allows a firm to write an exclusive story about the company in a newspaper or any other medium.
T/F: Newsletters can be distributed to important constituents in a community, such as government officials or the chamber of commerce.
T/F: Press conferences can be strong public relations tools because they lend an air of credibility by using a news format to present information.
T/F: Publicity is essentially paid media exposure about a firm’s activities.
T/F: A company allows its workers to take off on one afternoon, every month, to volunteer at a nonprofit organization of their choice. The company sends out a press release that explains this program to the media. This is an example of a reactive public relations strategy.
false, proactive strategy
T/F: A public relations audit is conducted after a public relations plan is formulated.
false, before a PR plan
T/F: The focal point of public relations objectives is sales and profits.
false. credibility of performance and stature of research
T/F: The section of the public relations plan that specifies precisely what means will be used to implement the plan is the program rationale.
False, communications vehicles
T/F: A reactive public relations strategy is a tool designed for firms to take quick and thoughtful action at the first sign of negative publicity.
T/F: The Baltonian beef industry is rocked by reports of its herds suffering from mad cow disease. To deal with this issue, the industry should adopt a proactive public relations strategy.
false, reactive strategy
T/F: A car manufacturer offers free car rides for a week to popular bloggers, who then blog about their positive experiences about their car rides. This is an example of influencer marketing.
T/F: Though professional influencer programs can provide valued assets for a brand builder, peer-to-peer influencer programs cannot.
T/F: Common people who have large social circles and can recommend brands to their friends and colleagues are useful in influencer marketing.
T/F:The people enrolled by manufacturers to bring their brands into their conversations and share interesting or exciting information about them with their social networks are called controllers.
False, trendsetters or connectors
T/F: The intent of corporate advertising is to establish a favorable attitude toward a company as a whole, instead of focusing on the features of its products.
T/F: Corporate advertising is gaining favor worldwide as well-known firms and established companies invest in this form of promotion.
T/F: The objectives of corporate advertising include boosting employee morale and attracting new employees
T/F: Corporate advertising is not always targeted at the consumer.
T/F: There are three broad types of corporate advertising—professional, peer to peer, and word of mouth.
False, image, advocacy, cause-related
T/F: Advocacy advertising involves promoting the benefits of a specific brand.
T/F: A shoe manufacturing company advertises its products in a way that focuses on how the company uses sustainable, environment-friendly materials to manufacture footwear. Its ads emphasize the company’s focus on green products. This is an example of advocacy advertising.
T/F: A credit card company sponsors a campaign to restore the Statue of Liberty. It features the initial concept and the progress that it’s making in television commercials. The company is running cause-related advertising.
T/F: The Internet has now made it possible for companies to be hypocritical about environmental issues and hide their true motives.
The classic role of public relations is to:
foster goodwill between a firm and its constituent groups.
Which of the following is true of public relations?
It is a tool to manage goodwill, corporate communications, and damage caused by negative publicity
Stockholders, suppliers, employees, government entities, citizen action groups, and the general public are all considered to be in the world of public relations.
Constituent groups
Public relations is strategically used for _______ when adversity strikes.
damage control
Participating in community activities that reflect a firm favorably is an example of ________.
Promoting goodwill
Rumors are running rampant through a company that a competitor is going to buy out the firm and fire half of its workers. To reduce the anxiety of its workforce, which of the following objectives of public relations can the company adopt?
prepare internal communications
Which of the following objectives of public relations exclusively involves damage control?
counteracting negative publicity
Which of the following objectives of public relations focuses on dealing with government officials and pending legislation?
One important tactical tool is the press release. A firm can best take advantage of press coverage by:
having a file information that makes for good news stories
Which of the following steps help in retaining the intended meaning and purpose of a press release?
Having working relationships with editors
An electronics company is about to launch a new line of microwaves. Its public relations team focuses on a feature story rather than a press release because the company can:
be more in control with a feature story.
As opposed to a news release, a feature story:
gives a single journalist exclusive rights to the information.
Among all the public relations tools that a company might use, which of the following focuses specifically on employees?
a company newsletter
A metropolitan newspaper prints an investigative piece on unsafe baby cribs. Overnight, the manufacturer mentioned in the article finds itself in a crisis. Which of the major PR tools should the manufacturer use in this situation?
calling a press conference
A leading sporting goods company calls a press conference to announce that the National Football League has signed a contract to endorse the company’s products. By doing this, the sporting goods company ensures that:
its story has more credibility and an air of importance.
Which of the following terms refers to the free media exposure that a firm receives about its activities or brands?
Public relations strategies can be broadly categorized as either:
proactive or reactive
Which of the following is true of a proactive public relations strategy?
It is guided by marketing objectives.
A canned soup manufacturer has prepared questionnaires for its employees and customers. The questions are about how the people view its brands, the profits it is making, current market trends for canned soup, and the employee activities of the company. Through these questionnaires, it hopes to collect positive, newsworthy information that it can use later. The company is in the process of:
conducting a public relations audit.
Which of the following components of public relations includes analyses, objectives, and rationales regarding a company’s programs, and the message content and vehicles that will assist in its communications?
A public relations plan
Compared to a proactive strategy, a reactive strategy is more difficult for public relations staff to organize and prepare because it:
is triggered by events that are unpredictable.
Axel Corporation undergoes a public relations audit. Ideally, the ultimate result of this audit should be to:
prepare the company for both proactive and reactive strategies.
_______ is a component of a public relations plan that summarizes the information obtained from a public relations audit
Situation analysis
A clothing company that targets preteens and young teens has to respond quickly when its celebrity spokesperson, a 19-year-old pop singer, is arrested for drunk driving and cocaine possession. A few months later, its new public relations specialist reviews this situation and how it was handled. To better handle such situations in the future, she decides to:
prepare a public relations audit and identify the company’s vulnerabilities.
Which of the following is an important element of a reactive public relations strategy?
Identification of vulnerabilities
A pharmaceutical company manufactures several antidepressant and anti-anxiety medications that are widely prescribed by physicians. Its executives know that among the millions of consumers using their medication, one or two adverse reactions by the media can have a very damaging effect on its reputation. In public relations, this is called .
the identification of vulnerabilities
Influencer marketing involves individuals or groups who:
spread positive word-of-mouth to a broad population.
Which of the following people in the community is most likely to be a professional influencer?
A hairdresser who talks about a new conditioner and offers a sample
Compared to other influencers, professional influencers are usually:
in need of factual data or clinical results before supporting a brand.
. Peer-to-peer influencer programs have a different tone than those involving professionals in that they focus more on:
something fun or provocative to talk about.
How are buzz marketing and viral marketing similar to one another?
both refer to efforts to stimulate word of mouth
Word-of-mouth marketing is very useful for attracting attention and has been used a long time for:
buzz building
Many contemporary companies are seeking connectors to assist with their public relations efforts. Connectors are people who:
like to share new information with their large social networks.
Which of the following women would make the best connector for a company?
A woman who is outgoing and likes to make friends
The idea behind both buzz and viral marketing strategies is to:
target a handful of carefully chosen connectors as influencers.
Which of the following is an example of corporate advertising?
An advertisement showing the logo of Adidas, an athlete tied to a tire, and the caption “Bring it on.”
Television is a popular choice for corporate campaigns because
the creative opportunities provided by television can deliver a powerful message.
A print ad shows an empty bottle of Coca Cola with the caption “No added preservatives. No artificial flavors. ‘The
Real thing’ since 1886.” This is an example of .
corporate image advertising
The issue featured in is directly relevant to the business operations of the organization.
advocacy advertising
A publisher of children’s books launches a campaign to promote literacy by donating books to 25 public libraries and
50 public schools in low-income areas across the country. The publisher is conducting:
cause-related advertising.
When marketers are considering cause-related advertising, it should be stressed that this type of advertising works best when a company:
chooses an issue that connects with its business.
Cause-related marketing is becoming increasingly common because:
consumers prefer brands that support important social issues.
An auto marketer runs a commercial that focuses on the clean energy that its new hybrid uses. The commercial shows that the car is eco-friendly and does not pollute the environment. Which of the following is the auto marketer using?
Green marketing
A coffee retailer runs ads and posts signs in his coffee shops to notify that the cups are made from recyclable material, and the coffee is organically grown by free-market producers. In this case, the retailer is using
green marketing
In the context of corporate advertising, the green movement looks sustainable for some time because:
environmental issues are of major concern to consumers.
In which of the following ways has the Internet helped to change the world of green marketing?
It helps green sites identify companies that are taking action to protect the environment.
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