ADV 318J Chapter 18 Textbook Notes

Charmin’s “Enjoy the go!” buzz building brand connection with consumers know gist of this promotion and how it worked (Dec. 2011 will be the sixth year for this experiential mktg event in Times Sq.); what was goal, what did it achieve?; this event illustrates how activating social media, engaging mainstream traditional media, tying in celebrities plus staging a branded experience can deliver buzz (footnote: UT-Ex Audi Wilk is a major player in this P&G event)
• Charmin the star of the show in Times Square for Broadway
• Enjoy the Go!
o First stage involved a national job search to create Team (TGT)
• Serve as street ambassadors
• Activated social media from the front lines
o Mario Lopez did first flush
o Celebrities and TGT designed fanciful toilet covers to draw donations for designated charities
• Brought the media back again
o Staged a broadway show in a public restroom with the Chairmin bears paying a support role
• More media coverage followed
Alone with Youtube videos
o Created a big buzz
• More than 3 billion conventional and social media impressions
• Buzz building:
o Activating social media, engaging mainstream media, selecting celebrity spokesperson, staging a branded experience…
classic role of PR
foster goodwill between a firm and its many constituent groups
who are PR constituent groups?
Includes customers, stockholders, suppliers, employees, government entities, citizen action groups, and general public
**new era for PR
a result of the intensely commercial world described by Brown in which consumers control the conversation about brands that is monitored by PR folks who become part of the conversation on blogs, etc.; how Gladwell’s “mavens” and “connectors” who share brand stories with their networks are relevant; PR is about finding ways to get your brand in positive conversations of key consumers, often in a dialogue
Taco Bell (PR)
closed the restaurant in G. Village but the Internet video is still out there!
**6 primary objectives of PR
promoting goodwill
promoting a product or service
preparing internal communications
counteractive negative publicity
giving advice and counsel
promoting goodwill
– image-building function of PR
o Industry events or community activities that reflect favorably on a firm are highlighted
Promoting a product or service
Press releases, events, or brand “news that increase public awareness of a firm’s brands can be pursued through PR
preparing internal communications
Disseminating information and correcting misinformation within a firm can reduce the impact of rumors and increase employee morale
counteractive negative publicity
o Damage control function of PR
o Prevent the negative publicity from damaging the image of a firm and its brands
Assist a firm in dealing with government officials and pending legislation
giving advice and counsel
Assisting management in determining (if any) position to take on public issues, preparing employees for public appearances, and helping management anticipate public relations
6 tools of PR
press releases
feature stories
company newsletters
interviews and press conferences
sponsored events
press releases
Having a file of information that makes for good news stories puts one in a position to take advantage of press coverage
• New product launches
• New scientific discoveries
• New personnel
• New corporate facilities
• Innovative corporate practices
• Annual shareholder meetings
• Charitable and community service activities
feature stories
Firm can invite journalists to do an exclusive story on the firm when there is a particularly noteworthy event
company newsletters
Can disseminate positive information about a firm through its employees
interviews and press conferences
Warranted in a crisis management system, but can also be called to announce important scientific breakthroughs or explain the details of a corporate expansion or a new product launch
***Steve jobs does this most effectively
sponsored events
o Sponsorship runs the gamut from supporting community events to mega-events such as the Olympics
o Offers residents the chance to see that an organization is dedicated to supporting their community
o Fundraiser is another form
• Give positive visibility to corporations
Seeks to monitor and manage publicity, but obviously can never actually control what the media chooses to report
Julia Roberts bracelet incident
reveals how PR works in Hollywood
• Carefully planned by Van Cleef’s PR agency, Ted, Inc.
o They knew that if she won there would be a lot of pictures of her waving her arm in that bracelet
2 types of PR strategies?
proactive, reactive
PR audit
identifies the characteristics of a firm or the aspects of the firm’s activities that are positive and newsworthy.
PR plan
Situation analysis
Program objectives
Program rationale
Communications vehicles
Message content
2 steps that help firms implement a reactive PR strategy
the public relations audit
identification of vulnerabilities
public relations audit
The information provided by the audit gives a firm what it needs to issue public statements based on current and accurate data
Identification of vulnerabilities
o Recognize areas where the firm has weaknesses in its operations or products that can negatively affects its relationships with important constituents
o If aspects of a firms operation are vulnerable then the PR function should be prepared to discuss the issues in a broad range of forums with many different constituents
**influencer marketing
the PR activities of monitoring and managing what consumers are saying online to one another about brands brings PR to the forefront of IBP
how does the Bonnie Raitt lyric relate to the discipline of PR?
• “Lets give them something to talk about!”-sings Bonnie Raitt
o Consumers increasingly predisposed to talk about brands
o Lyrics underlie the evolution of an important new communication discipline that we will represent under the general label of influencer marketing
**2 types of influencer programs
professional influencer programs
peer-to-peer programs
why do pet food makers target vets?
Know vets are key influencers in the decision in the decision about what to feed ones pet
influencer marketing as seeding conversations involving three parties
consumer, influencer, brand
great guiding principle of such programs?
Require a long time commitment for such programs
peer to peer influencer programs
o The idea is to give influencers something fun or provocative to talk about
o Emphasis on “social currency”
o “Do something remarkable” to get people taking about your brand
**buzz marketing
defined as creating an event or experience that yields conversations that include the brand
**viral marketing
the process of consumers marketing to consumers via the Web or through personal contact stimulated by a firm marketing strategy
Idea behind both buzz and viral marketing
To target a handful of carefully chosen trendsetters or connectors as your influencers and let them spread the word
Vespa example:
o Gang of sleek bikers pulls up and genuinely interested in talking to you
• Conversation turns to their Vespas and they soon give you where they got them
• On the Vespa payroll
how did P.T. Barnum generate buzz in 1863?
• Barnum orchestrated a wedding between two of his circus stars to boost attendance at the circus
o Bride and groom both three feet tall
provides services to clients for tracking word-of-mouth activity across the internet
P&G Vocalpoint program
hire people who seem to know everyone and loves to talk about her favorite brands
Ex. 18.11 — five Ts for stimulating favorable word-of-mouth brand buzz
taking part
corporate adv. def.
is not designed to promote the benefits of a specific brand, but instead is intended to establish a favorable attitude toward a company as a whole
Ex. 18.14 — Apple = e.g. of firm that has relied on broad corp. campaigns
Apple has historically relied on corporate campaigns to support its numerous sub-brands
what was HP’s problem? what is ad designed to accomplish?
• Felt the company’s image had become fragmented
• Ad designed to unify the image of the firm
**three types of corporate adv.
image advertising
advocacy advertising
cause-related advertising
Ex. 18.16-17 — Bristol-Myers Squibb and Anheuser Busch ads: what type of corporate adv. does each illustrate?
Ex. 18.16–corporate image ad
Ex. 18.17–cause related corporate campaign
green marketing — def
Refers to corporate efforts that embrace a cause or a program in support of the environment
GE Ecomagination campaign and the thinking behind it
In funding this campaign GE has taken the stance that it is simply a good business strategy to seek real solutions to problems like air pollution and fossil-fuel dependency
o Demonstrating that going green can be a really great business strategy
**influencer marketing def.
refers to a series of personalized marketing techniques directed at individuals or groups who have the credibility and capability to drive positive word-of-mouth in a broader and salient segment of the population
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