—Enables you to plug a single Ehternet Calbe into the WAP to provde both power and a network connection
3-D objest in a computer gam are composed of a group of pointes called
32-bit versions of windows are designed to run on which architecture?
802.11a based wireless technology operates at
5 Ghz
802.11g wireless technology transfers data at up to
54 Mbps
8021.11b & 802.11g based wireless technologies operate at
__ is the act of trying to get people to give there user names, passwords or other security information by pretending to be someone else?
__ software uses video and audio equipment to provide sight and sound for gaming and simulation?
Virtual reality
___ are antimalware programs that passively monitor your computers activity?
Virus Shields
___ are spare parts that you take with you to a worksite or workstation?
___ Cable is most commonly used in 10/100/1000BaseT Ehternet star but networks
___ can be an inexpensive redundant storeage option for thick clients?
Raid 1
___ cannot join a domain and use the windows welcom screen by default?
xp home/media center
___ CDR drives allow you to burn additional data onto a cdr disc until the disc is full
Multiseesion drives
___ certified devices connect to your network, discover each other, and share media?
___ discs are often used for storing data with capacities starting at 25 gb?
___ enables multiple computers to use an Internet connection provided by one of the computers on the network
Internet Connection sharing (ICS)
___ enables you to run more then one operation system at the same time on a single computer called?
___ has a security flaw that allows a hacker to guess an eight digit code
___ has the built-in ability to burn ISs without the need for 3rdparty tools
Windows 7
___ helps you track the troubleshootig history of a machine over time?
___ includes physical security, authentication, the file system, users and groups, and security policies?
Access control
___ is a less-popular hypervisor?
___ is a motherboard consideration for a thick client?
RAM support
___ is a virtualization product that works on Mac operation system?
___ is NOT a celluare technology that provides data services
___ is not a charachterist of plasma display panels
Suitable for PCs
___ is NOT a charachtersitic of an intergrated GPU
Uses more electricity
___ is NOT a consideration when selecting a view card for a thick client?
Multiple monitor support
___ is NOT a fiber connector
___ Is NOT a main manufacture of display adapters
___ is not a valid secure digital card type or form
___ is not a virtual machine manager?
___ is NOT an advantage to using virtulation in research and testing environments?
Hardware testing
___ is NOT an iteration of the windows hardware compatiblity list
Windows certified hardware list
___ is not considered a good security practice when setting up a modern WAP
Enabl WEP Encryption
___ is not considered a minum hardware recommendation for a budget gaming PC?
Graphics card capable of running 10 FPS
___ is NVIDIAs technology for linking multiple graphics cards?
Scalable link interface
___ is the primary performance consideration for a home server PC that streams media?
Fast network connection
___ is the process of continous or constat downloading from a game server?
Stream loading
___ is the recommended monitor specification for a thick clint?
LED backlit LCD Monitor
___ is the ultimate authority that identifies whether hardware components are compatible with the operationg system
Windows Logod product list
___ is used to check hardware and software compatibility in windows xp pro
Upgrade advisor
___ MAkes the WPA protocol much more secure then WEP
___ makes WPA2 wireless networks much more secure than WPA networks
___ melts onto the paper when a themeral printhead passes over the film ribbon?
___ rating such as E, T, & M can be used to allow or block computer game use?
___ requires a separate licensed copy when added as a virtual machine?
Microsoft windows
___ requires an underlying operationg system in order to create and manage virtual machines?
Virtual machine manager (VMM)
___ runs in the backgroud on your PC and sends information about your browing habits to the compuany that installed it on your system?
___ should be updated regularly to make sure antivirus programs are as useful as possible?
___ software enables one protected computer to rpovide multiple connections to the internet
Proxy Server
___ Uses fiber to provide DSL service directly to users home
___ uses specialized imput devices referred to as control surfaces, that mimic the look and feel of older analog mixing consoles?
Digita audio workstation
___ will not cause an automatic restore point to be created in vista & 7?
editing the registry
____ are heat-sink and fan assemblies that are inclued with a retail-boxed CPU?
OEM CPU coolers
____ are the lights that have positive and negative sides?
____ is a variant of the microATX created by Intel?
____ is the smallest motherboard version in the ATX standard?
_____ are less popular than other recorded formats on computers but are still fully supported by windows and all sound hardware?
_____ enable you to input MIDI information using an external MIDI-enabled device?
digital audio workstation
_____ is a BIOS-based security feature that can track a PC’s location if it is stolen?
_____ is an open format that can compress sound files without losing any data?
_____ is NOT a characteristic of a condenser microphone?
_____ is NOT a characteristic of any dynamic microphone?
usually found in recording studios
_____ is NOT a video capture and playback issue?
outdated drivers
______ requires a constant electrical charge and a periodic refresh of the circuts?
_______ Supports direct access to the hardware for joysticks and other game controllers
Direct input
____is idicative of an insulation rupture on the flyback transformer of a monitor
Hissing or sparking sounds
___can NOT be used as alternative cabling for Ethernet
Serial cable
___creates a computer environment for a guest operating system to function as if were installed on its own computer?
___is a complete copy of a cd that can be burned to another cd to make a duplicate
___stores data in a unique patteron 1s and 0s
A __ upgrade can be performed using the built-in windows antime upgrade feature
7 home premium to 7 ultimate
A ___ allows a user to slect graphical items on a computer screen?
A ___ appears when the red, green, and blue colors meet at the single point on a display
Single White Dot
A ___ connection carries both the video signal and the surround-sound audio signal and can be plugged into the television directly from the PC?
A ___ emits a sound when it sense an electrical signal that is within a certain frequency
Toner probe
A ___ enables you to play music and watch movies and television?
Home-theater PC
A ___ installation installs a new OS into a different subdirectory or a different drive, leaving the old OS intact and usuable?
A ___ is a circle where data is stored on a drive
A ___ is a complete program that travels from machine to machine through computer networks and has the capability to cause malicious problems?
A ___ is a drive that functions like a folder on another drive
Mount point
A ___ is a fix for a single problem within an operating system
A ___ is a named group of functions that defines what you can do with the objuect it represents
class object
A ___ is a peice of malicious software that gets passed from computer to computer by attaching itself to a program?
A ___ is a point in time backup of a virtual machine?
A ___ is a proconfigured device that contains multiple hard drives and attaches to your network
A ___ is a software program that looks like one thing (such as a utility or a game) but is actually doing something else (such as modifying CMOS Settings)?
A ___ is a system designed to handle only very basic applications with the absolute minimum amount of hardware required by the operationg system?
Thin client
A ___ is a thin, flat piece of circuit board often slightly larger then a peice of paper?
A ___ is a very small wireless network preconfigured to do a specific job
A ___ is an individual record for a particular user on a single computer called?
Local user account
A ___ is basically a headless system, that is connected to a network to share its HDD
A ___ is used to connect 2 ethernet networks that use completely different media, such as UTP and fiber or even UTP and wireless
A ___ port was previously used to connect external modems to the PC?
A ___ takes standard power and converts it into power your PC can use?
A ___ trackpoint is a pencil eraser sized joystick at the center of the keybaord?
A ___ virus attempts to change its signature to prevent detection by antivius programs?
A ____ is special circuit in a monitor that can be used to eliminate magnetic buildup
Degaussing coil
a ____ is used to protect power suplies from spikes of AC current?
all of the above
a _____ speaker installation uses either a single digital (S/PDIF) connection or three seperated cables?
a brand new system failing due to manufacturing defects and any system failing due to a shock of electrostatic discharge is often called a ____ failure?
a catastrophic faliure is usually indicated by any of the following EXCEPT:?
increased system performance
A computer that can boot to windows XP, Linux or windows vista is
Dul bootable
A computer with the ___ extension can handle drives up up to 137 GB
A credit card-sized card used with a PIN to prove a users identity is called a?
Smart Card
a DIMM in any one of the DIMM slots is referred to as?
a bank
A floppy drive connects to the computer via a ___ cable?
A frame contains all of the following except?
IP address
A full-Speed USB device runs at
12 Mbps
A group of computers that is able to hear each other when one of thems ends a broadcast is called a?
A group of connected computers used for sharing information is called a?
A hi-Speed USB Device runs at
480 Mbps
a high ____ produces the best recording?
signal-to-noise ratio
A home server PC usually fills all of the following roles except?
A home theater PC uses a ___ to provide support for larger monitors at high resolution?
A keyboard typically uses a ___ or ___ connector?
USB or PS2
A laser printer creates an image of dots called a ___ and holds it in memobre before printing it?
A laser printer fuser assembly is almost always separate from the?
Toner cartridge
A low Speed USB device runs at
1.5 Mbps
A mouse typically uses a ___ or ___ connector?
USB or PS/2(Mini Dinn)
A pc connects to a network through a ___?
A process started by windows has the ___ user name associated with it
A series of SCSI devices working together through a host adapter is called a
SCSI chain
A sing-purpose system, like a point of sale machine is an example of a?
Thin client
A single-purpose system like a point of sale machine is an example of a?
Thin client
A SSD hard drive may be attached to ___ add on boards
A standard paralle cable used for older printers has a DB-25 connector on 1 end and a ___ connectoron the other end?
A standard straight-wire omnidirectional wireless antenna is called ___
A strong password should be at least ___ charachters long and contains letters, numbers and punctuation symbols?
a sudden CPU shutdown usually indicates what condition?
a surge supressor shoul be rated at a minimum of ______joules?
A tech toolkit usually contains a ___ a phillips-head screwdriver, and a pair of tweezers?
Torx wrench
A teh cleaned and installed a maintenance kit to repair a tray that was causing papers jams in a multi-tray printer. What else should she do after verify that the orginal problem is no longer present?
Test all trays
a UTP Cable connects a cable modem to a
Network interface Card (NIC)
A vidoe card uses a ___ pin female db video graphics Arrage (VGA) connector or a ___ DVI Connector?
Digital Video Interface
A virtual machine that is not powered on is stored as a?
set of files
A wide-spread group of computers connected using long-distance technologies is called a?
A wireless service area that can be extended by adding more WAPS is called
a(n) _____ sypmtom is the most difficult difficult symptom to diagnose?
about 99% of the BIOS business is controlled by two companies. which of the following is not a major BIOS manufacturer?
Access to all drives and folders in XP provided through?
My computer
Accumulated patches can be combined together into a
service pack
Actions or schedules that start a program are called ___ in ver 2.0 of the tas scheduler?
Activation is mandatory within ___ days after installing windows or the system will go into a limited use mode or be disabled
All basic Hard drive partition tables support up to ___ partitions
All files have ___ attributes that dtermine the behavior of the file in special situations?
All home group data is ___ between systems?
All internal and external modems have 2 ___ sockets?
All network interace cards made have what item burned into them?
MAC address
All of th following virtualization products are free except?
VMware workstation
All of the following are charachteristics of employee ID badges except?
they are used to store encryption keys
All of the following are characteristics of hyper-v EXCEPT?
Requires Windows Server 2008
all of the following are characteristics of UEFI motherboards except:?
limited to MBR partitions less than 2.2TB
All of the following are considered environmental controls EXCEPT?
closed circuit cameras
All of the following are examples of hypervisors EXCEPT?
Virtual PC
all of the following are general-purpose CPU regidterd EXCEPT:?
All of the following are good password practices except?
Only give your passwords to adminstrators
All of the following are minimum recommended system requirements for a windows 7 64-bit thick client EXCEPT?
DirectX11 video card
All of the following are part of the computing process EXCEPT?
All of the following are prepartion tasks you should complete before even starting an updgrade or installation except
Install drivers
All of the following are software tools for audio/video playback except?
all of the following are stages in the pipelining process EXCEPT:?
All of the following are used to edit the registry except
All of the following are ways to start task manager EXCEPT:
All of the following are windows system files except
All of the following could happen if you manually edit the registry except
THe computer may become infectd with malware
All of the following is stored in the registry except
my documents
All of the following items are typically entered when configuring IP Information except?
MAC Address
All of the folowing are apropriate ways to evaluate parts EXCEPT?
Test the next lowest model
all unused RIMM slots on an RDRAM motherboard should have a device called a _____ installed on them?
Almost all ___ modes connect to a PC or PCI Express slot inside a computer
AMD’s answer to RDRAM was?
AMR was quickly replaced with the more advanced?
An 8*4*32 cdrw drive reads at a spped of
an ___ component is inside the system unit?
An ___ installation includes a complete copy of a hard disk volume, including all preinstalled appliation software programs
An advantage of virtualization that enables a VM to be replicated is known as?
System duplication
An entire physical drive can be accessed as a folder on another drive by creating a
mount point
An Integrated Services Digital Network sends telphon transmissions acrss__ lines
An user that belongs only to the local users group is said to be an?
limited user
Any windows session begins with?
APM & ACPI can b configured in windows setting and in?
Apple ipad uses a ___ processor?
Aprocess name usually ends with the ___ extension
Assuming the wireless NIC is able to pass packets, what would you check next to resolve connectivity issues
Wireless configuration utility
ATA/133, ATA/100, and ATA/66 requires a ___ cable
80 wire
ATAPI CDROM drives have ___ PATA (IDE) connectors and master/slave jumpers
40 pin
ATX motherboards have a ____ feature that allows software to turn the power on and off?
soft power
because CPU makers cant make the processors run much quicker, they are?
combining multiple CPUs on a single chip
Bitlocker drive encryption requires ___ on a motherboard to validate that a vista computer has not been tampered with?
Brouadband cable typically offers 1-10Mbps upload speeds and ___ downloads speeds
by default, what applet is used in windows vista home premium to manager user accounts?
user accounts and family safety
By default, windows creats a ___ everytime new software is installed?
restore point
Can be upgrded to windows 7 32 bit versions
vista home premium 32 bit
Can be used from within the windows GUI to start an upgrade to windows XP
Cant be used as a prelacement batteries in other systems?
CDROM drieves use a ___ and mirrors to read the data off a CDROM
chipsets that support a feture called triple-channel memory usually support ___ memory?
combining many CPUs) into a single chip is called:?
multicore processing
CPUs typically run faster than the clock. what do they use to do this?
Current versions of windows allow filenames of up to?
255 characters
D Connectors used in PCs can have from ___ to ___ pins or sockets?
9 & 37
Data is moved from one pc to another is discrete chunks called?
Data source adminstrator enables you to create and manager ___ entries that point OBDC to a database
DB connectors are technically called ___ Connectors?
DDR SDRAM for desktops comes in?
184-pin DIMMs
DDR SDRAM for laptops comes in?
172-pin micro-DIMMs
Digital Cameras often use the smaller ___-sytle usb connector?
Mini B
digital equipment, intel and xerox invented the first network in the mid-1970s and created what eventually became?
Digitizer tablets are primarily used in ___ workstations?
Disk mirroring is also know as
drivers must be signed no exceptions in?
7 64-bit
Each ___ of a windows computer is assigned a drive letter from C: to Z:
Each platter requires ___ heads
EAX standards were first incorprated into directX?
electrical surges and ESD can cause _____ failure?
Encrypted tunnels that create private networks through the internet are called
Every ___ has a make, model, and a package type?
every device soldered to the motherboard is desighed to run at the speed of the?
system crystal
Every mobile device has what size audio jack for plugging in earbuds/speakers?
Everything in a PC connects either directly or indirectly to a?
expansion bays must be covered by the ___ to maintain proper airflow inside the case?
slot cover
External modems tradionally connected to a computer via a ___ port but often connect via a ___ usb port today?
Firewire connectors are also know as?
IEEE 1394
Firewire has been replaced in pratice by all of the following except
five speakers with a subwoofer in the dolby digital and DTS standards is called?
for where can the boot option be selected?
advanced BIOS fetures
four bits make up a?
games typically use the ____ sound standard?
gives local adminstrators access to resources whether they log on locally or remotely?
admin share
Giving someone jost enough permission to accomplish their tasks is called?
principle of lest priviledge
Hard-drive capacity is usually measured in ___ or ___?
Gigabyte(BG) or Terabytes (TB)
has the memory usage setting in the advanced tab of perfomrnace options?
Homegroups were introduced in which version of windows?
Windows 7
how are dots put onto the surface of paper from a direct thermal printer?
How are mac addresses represented?
hexadecimial characters
How can you easily determine what version of windows your computer is running?
Right-click My Computer/Computer and select properties
how can you easliy clear the CMOS, including clearing the password?
unplug the computer and short the CMOS jumper
how can you turn off some of the automatcally loading helper applications before you start the video capture process?
end the process or process tree in windows task manager
how do most tecnicians access the registry
registry editor
How does a computer determine who should access it?
How is a problem shown in device manager?
Red “X”
how is DC voltage represented om multimeters?
V with a solid line above a dash line
How is hard drive spindle speed measured
Revolutions per minute RPM
How is laser printer resolution measured?
Dots per inch
How is the amount of cpu time a process is using measure in task manager
How long is a mac address?
48 bits
How many bits does WEP encryption use to scramble data packets
how many bits make up a byte?
How many bits of video RAM are needed to display an ASCII charachter
How many cables does multimored fiber require
how many clock cycles does the CPU require to act on a command?
at least two
How many devices are supported by Firewire
How many devices are supported per SATA controller channel
How many different physical sizes do PC cards come in?
How many drives can be supported with ATA-2(Sometimes called EIDE)
How many extended partitions can be created on a hard drive
How many graphics card can currently be linked together with AMD crossfire technology?
How many homegroups can a computer be a member of at one time?
How many host nodes are supported on a single class C network
How many levels of the UAC did microsoft include in 7?
How many lines does the Basic Rate interface Setup use
how many MB of programs do system ROM chips store?
How many MBRs can exist on a disk
How many partitions can be active at the same time
How many PATA devices can be connected to most PCs
how many pins are in a DDR3 DIMM?
How many pins are on a typical firewire connector?
How many pins are on a VGA connector?
how many pins does a DDR3 SODIMM have?
How many pins does a FireWire Connector have
How many pins does an EIDE (PATA) drive have
How many processor cores can 32 bit editions of windows 7 use
How many processors can an ESX Server support?
How many RAM can a 64-bit processor address?
16 terabytes
How many root keys are in the registry
how many samples of instruments are contained on most modern sound cards?
How many seperate power supplies do laser printers typically have?
at least 2
How many USB devices are supported by 1 host controller
How many watts does a typical CRT Monitor consume
how many watts of power does a typical hard drive in a computer require?
how many watts of power does an Athlon64X2 CPU require at peak performance?
How many wires does the SATA interface have
how much RAM can 32-bit processors access?
up to 4 GB
how much RAM can a 64-bit processor theoretically access?
16 EB
How tall is a 2u Device
305 Inches
IEEE 1394 is also called
IEEE 1394a Runs at
400 Mbps
IEEE 1394b runs at
800 Mbps
If a computer only has 1 floppy drive, it is usually assigned drive
if the number of wires in a CPUs address bus 20, what is the maximum amount of RAM the CPU can handle?
1,048,576 bytes
If the product key is left blank in vista a 30 day trial of ___ can be installed
any windows vista edition
if windows generates parity errors with the same addresses,the ____ is probably at fault?
If you move a dynamic disk from one computer to another, disk manager will show it as ___ on the new computer
foreign drive
In 2012 the highest capacity bluray disk could store
50 gb
In a 3-D world, what is a small picture that is tiled over and over again on walls, floors, etc
in a touchscreen enables you to switch easily from portrait view to landscape view?
in an IWC-320 plug, which wire carries no voltage?
in early computers, the CPU ran at the same speed as which component?
in NOT type of even that is recorded in event viewer?
In which component does all of the processing and storage take place?
System Unit
In which toplogogy has all of the computers connected to network via a main line?
In which topology do all computers on the network attach to a central ring of cable?
In which type of network organization are all systems conected to the network equal?
in windows xp & vista, the ___ command displays or alters the encryption of directories on NTFS partitions?
Infrared devices are capable of transferring data at up to
4 Mbps
installing an operating system onto a hard drive with no previous OS installed is called
clean install
intels’s pentium and celeron series of CPUS are intened for which target marker?
budget desktop PCs
Internal SCSI devices connect to the host adapter with a ___ pin ribbon cable
is a valid windows 7 installation folder
Is a windows boot fiel
is currently the most popular storage technology for portable hand hel devices?
sd series
is not a section of the xp event viewer?
is NOT a service sartup type?
Is nOT an event type in vista/7 Event viewer?
is the high performance serial replacement for PC cards?
is the only way to truly protect your daa from access by any other user?
is the windows xp kernal file
is used to sync a mobile device with a system running vista/7?
Sync center
It is not possible to upgrade to windows XP pro from
Windows NT Service pack 4
large sags in electricity are also called?
Laser printers uses a ___ chip to translate the raster image into commands for the laser?
LCD Monitors use ___________ to provde brightness for the monitor
Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps
main system memory is usually called:?
many CMOS setup menus allow changes to the CPU, RAM, and GPU to support?
many motherboards use a simple connector called a ____ to make some physical ports accessible from the front or the back of the case?
Memory cards, usb thumb drives, and hald held devices often uses ___ technology
Micro-A and micro-B connectors are ___ Connectors?
Microsoft has limited windows to ___ GPT partitions
Microsoft Management Console is a shell program that holds individual utilities called?
modern CPUs since the pentium have a data bus that is ____ bits wide?
Modern PATA drives use a ___ connector for power
Modern PCs are showing up with what special type of port for external hard drives and optical drives?
modern processors now include the functions of the traditional ______ chip on the CPU?
molex connectors are used for ____ power?
most 8088 machine language commands need _____ byte(s)?
most case fans have standard _____ connectors that are easy to plug in?
Most computer attachs are accomplished through?
Social engineering
Most digital cameras plug into
USB Port
Most Fiber ethernet networks use
62.5/125 mulitmode calbe
Most modern digital cameras use this instead of film
SD Cards
Most popular replacement for NI-cd batteries?
most sound cards come with _____ connections?
most virtual machine managers replace the CTRL_ALT_Delete key sequence with?
Most WAPs support filtering that rejects data packets that do not contain the appropriate address. What kind of address is filtered
Most webcams use an connection
Motherboards use multipurpose ___ that enables the addition of optional components?
expansion slots
newer CPUs process instructions and commands in what type of execution?
nickel cadmium batteries?
Battery memory
NICs usually have a single ___ connection?
Nonvolatile flash memory devices uses ___ to retain data when power is turned off
ntbackup doesnt give you the ___ choice after you click advanced mode?
Registry back up advanced
Observing someones screen or keyboard to get information such as passwords is?
Shoulder surfing
older computers require ______ to get sound from the CD-ROM drive to the sound card?
audio cable
older power supplies with 12V rails only supplied _____ of power?
16-18 amps
On a ___, every incoming signal on every port gets recreated and sent out to every other connected port
One ___ connection can replace all of the mini-audio connections?
one billion cycles per second is equivalent to?
1 gigahertz
one megabyte is equvilant to ___ bytes?
One of the main jobs of the taskbar is to show the?
Start button
Operating Systems and appliations are often referred to as?
Paralle ports use a ___ pin female DB connector?
PATA hard drives connect to the computer via a ___ cable?
Similiar ribbon
Pata, SATA, & SCSI are 3 types of ___ drives?
Hard drives
POST checks all of the following except?
power supplies are rated in?
power supplies come with a standard _______ for the motherboard and iterior devices?
PPP is a ___ used by dial-up links to the internet
printer uses a grid of tiny pins or printwires to strike an inked printer ribbon and procdue images on paper?
printers transfer data to the printer one charachter or one line at a time?
processes are usually referred to by their
process identifier (PID)
producing music by electronically emulating various instruments is called?
FM synthesis
Programs and data that are not currently being used by the CPU are stored on?
prompt command switch is expressed by using?
Ram storage is not measured in which of the following types of units?
RAM with a DDR2 pc speed rating of PC2-3200 has a core RAM clock speed of?
100 MHz
RAM with a DDR2 speed rating of DDR2-800 has a core RAM clock speed?
200 MHz
RAM with a PC rating of PC1600 has a clock speed of?
100 MHz
recovery ool is available from the widows install cd?
recovery console
Regardless of the different cables, all sub-flavors of ethernet uses the same?
Frame type
RJ-11 jacks are almost exclusively used for?
Running many processes simultaneously it is called
SCSI ID numbers can range from 0 to
SDRAM comes on a stick known as a _____ on most modern PCs?
SDRAM uses the ____ speed?
Secure Digital Extended Capacity (SDXC) cards have a storage capacity of ___(in 2012)
32 gigs to 2TB
Selecting ___ while adding a new user in vista/7 makes the users a member of the local users group?
Standard users
shorter wires can eaily handle double or quadruple the ____ speed of the motherboard?
shows you every running process on your computer
processes tab
Since any SCSI device might be on the end of a chain, most manufacturers build SCSI devices that
Self terminate
sixtyfour bits make up a?
quad word
some ____ chips are on a motherboard handle the infared connection?
super I/O
Some computer compaines hide a backup copy of the OS for later restoration in a
Hidden partition
Some devices feature a ___ to detect the position of the tablet or phone in 3-D spaces?
Some early versions of ___ used a 25 pin connector
sound cards install proprietary software to support the ___ features that are not provied by windows?
Special ___ drives can read, write, delete, and rewrite data to special discs?
started the tablet pc initiatie in 2001?
Strategy can reduce power consumption in portable devices?
ofline files
streaming media is played on the computer and immediatly?
System restore will not ___before restoring the system?
prompt for a password
The “NO BOOT DEVICE”” error message indicates a ___ problem
the 3.5 floppy drive uses the ______ connector?
The ___ file on a cd or dvd determines if the disk is autoplay or not
The ___ installation option inherits all previous settings, hardware, and applications
The ___ is NOT n important hardware consideration in a graphics workstation?
Sound card
The ___ library folders are located under C:UsersPublic?
The ___ provides the necessary electrical power for the PC to operate?
power supply
The ___ setting in automatic updates allows updates to download and install with no interviention?
The ___ standard defines backward compatible, high speed, bidirectional paralle ports?
IEEE 1284
The ___ standard features a 48-bit addressing scheme
The ___ stores the location of the operation system boot files
Partition boot sector
The ___ tab in task manager can be used to stop a stubborn aplication
Applications tab
The ___ takes control of the boot process from the system BIOS
The ___ tool in windows vista & 7 has replaced the files and setting transfer wizard
Windows easy tranfer
the ___ type of motherboard has a large keyboard and a split P8/P9 style of power socket?
The ___ utility can be used to test if 2 machines can communicate with each other
The ___ utility can show the route a packet takes to get to its destination
The ___ windows tool facitlitates object sharing between applications and computers
Component serves
The ___ wireless networking standards supports data throughput up to only 11 Mbps
the ____ determains the type of processor RAM required for a motherboard?
the ____ handles show input and output devices such as the floppy drive and the keyboard?
super I/O chip
the ____ power supply has a 24-pin main motherboard connector that resembles a 20-pin P1 connector?
the ____ slot was designed for specialized devices (modern, sound, and network cards)
The _______ resolution of a monitor is determented by multiplying the number of horizontal pixels times the number of vertical pixels
the action center is found in?
the amount of amps and volts needed for a device to function is called?
The amount of time a packet takes to get to its destinaton is called
The ASCII standard defines ___ 8 bit characters?
The best tool for optimizing device drivers is?
Device manager
the cipher command works on?
The color produced by a glowing phospor in a crt monitor gets what as the intensity of the electron stream increases
The colored stripe on a floppy cable must align with ___ on the motherboard connection
Pin 1
The CPU is also called the?
the CPU uses a series of actions to complete a task. what is the series of actons called?
The device that connects to an expansion slot is generically called a?
the dolby digital sound standard is designed to support _____ channels of sound?
The drive technology that supports only 1 device per controller channel is
The dye-sublimation printing techniuq is an example of what method of color printing?
the filename was restricted to ___ characters in older ersions of windows?
The first universal file format was?
the function of each LED wire is usually printed on the?
The HDMI connector is used for?
Video, Sound, Home Theater
The icons in the control panel of a windows system are links to files that have a ___ extension?
The inability of the source device to keep up with a CD/DVD burner is called
buffer underrun
The internet consists of millions of computers all ove the world interwoven together throu long-distance, high-speed, fiber-optic networks called
The internet was designed to survice failures. What model does it use to achieve this
The key preventive maintenance preformed on floppy drives is
The large size of video files makes ___ an important consideration for a video workstation?
Video card
The libraries feature which aggregates folders from multiple location and places them in a single, easy to find spot in windows explorer, is only supported in?
Windows 7
the lines at the end of POST that are used to find the operating system are called?
bootstrap loader
the location of a file is called its?
the LPX and NLX form factors provided an insertation slot for the ___ card?
the main problem with form factors such as LPX and NLX was their?
The main purpose of th windows update is to allow users to?
easily install high-priority updates
the maximum dimensions of a flexATX motherboard are _____ inches?
9 x 7.5
The minimum memory requirement for a windows xp pro computer is
The minimum size of the boot partition for windows xp should be at least at least___gb
The mirroring technique in which each drive has its own controller is called
disk duplexing
the most common type of power connection for devices that require 5V or 12V is a ______ ?
molex connector
the motherboard mounts to the case via small connectors called?
stand outs
The new 7 ___ feature is a way to share files and folders as libraries?
the notches in the molex connector that guide installation are called?
the number of diffrent doun characteristics captured during sampling is called?
bit depth
the only dedicated connector an an AT motherboard is the ___ plug?
The operating system is stored in a ___ partition
the operating system swap programs out of RAM and moves them into ____ when the computer starts running out of real RAM?
page file
the P1 connector from the power supply is plugged into the _____ socket?
the pair of standard stereo speakers in a 2.1 speaker system are called?
the panic button inside the PC is called?
The predominant AMD CPU package type is called a?
PGA Pin Grid Array
The pressure roller and heated roller in a laser printer are used to?
Fuse the toner to the paper
The primary interface to the computer is the windows?
The primary users of graphics workstation are?
the process of capturing sound waves in an electronic format is called?
The process that states what a user can and cannot do on a computer is called?
The ratio of the darkest to the lightest spots in a monitor is called
The recommended amount of memory for a windows xp computer is at least ___ mb
the registry is organized in a ___ structure
The router you connect to at the ISP called
Default Gateway
the sampling rate is measured in _____ when recording sound waves?
The SATA 2.0 specification has a speed of
The SCCI host adapter uses the ___ to differentiate between devices
the standard copy/move commands can work on only 1 ___ at a time?
the standard modern power supply provides ____ voltss of power?
The term Bare metal virtualization software refers to?
The term sublimation means to cause something to change from a solid into ___ form and then back into a solid?
the three primary characteristics of a sound wave are ampulitude, frequency,and?
The toner powder in a laser printer is made up of plastic particles bonded ___ particles?
The two ATA standards in use today are ___ and __
the user has to install RIMMs in pairs, as the ____ chip employs dual-channel architecture
the windows update custom button allows you to select?
optional and high priority updates
Thin film Transistor (TFT) is also known as
Active Matrix
This reads UPCD code and connects to either a PS/2 or USB Point
Bar code reader
Tier 1 & Tier 2 providers lease the internet connections to
To access an extra menu in just about any view, you can ___ the mouse?
right click
to add an attribute to a file, the ttribute letter is preceded by?
plus +
To change a basic disk to dynamic, right click the drive icon and selected
Convert to dynamic Disk
To make a dynamic volume bigger right click the volume and choose
Extend volume
Today, almost all printers have a ___ port?
USB, RJ45, & wireless port
Toner particiles are composed mostly of ___ which allows them to be melterd to the page?
tool to used to monitor various log files?
even viewer
Traditional external modems plugged in a?
serial port
type of batteries are the momst toxic and should be disposed of carefully?
uese remote installation services to host a network based image for deployment
2000 server
upgrading the BIOS is also known as?
USB devices are ___, meaning youo can remove them while power is still on?
Hot swappable
USB devices are hot-swappable and can be inserted and removed without ___ the system?
USB Drives use ___ memory
USB flash memory is typically called a
thumb drive
VGA devices can display a total of 262,000…but only ___ colors at one time
Viruses, trojans, and worms are types of?
Vista and 7 create the ___ file during phases of the installation process to track errors
VMware fusion is a poplar virtual machine manager?
Mac OS X
was an unpopluar, but necessary, security feature introduced in vista?
WBatteries should be carged to at least ___ when in storage?
what 2 sets of data does every folder and file on an NTFS partition list?
user/grouop access and level of access
What 802.11n feature increases its range and speed
what advanced BIOS feture offers support for multiple software-based machines?
virtualization support
What allows you to gie anyone control of your desktop through an e-mail invitation
Remote assistance
what allows you to make voice calls over a computer network
What allows you to specifically allow or dney access to a WAP
Mac Filtering
What are 9-pin dot matric printers generically called?
What are drive structures called in windows 7 disk management?
What are reistry files called
What are shared by default in a home group?
What are the 2 bluray disc writable formats?
BD-r & BD-RE
What are the 4 primary stages of the computing process?
input, processing, storage, output
what are the demenssions of a microATX motherboard?
9.6 by 9.6 inches
what are the minimum system RAM requirements for windows 7 (64-bit)?
2 GB
what are the minimum system RAM requirments for windows vista (32-bit)?
1 GB
what are the minimum system RAM requirments for windows XP?
64 MB
what are the northbridge and the southbridge collectively known as?
What are the pi addresses – used for
APIPA Link-local addresses
what are the programs that are stored on ROM chips called?
What are the systems called that run a server product and hold the domains user accounts?
Domain controllers
what are the two biggest issues with TV tuner cards?
poor reception and driver incompatibility
What are type III PCI cards typically used for?
hard drive
what beep code is used by most modern computers to idicate something is wrong?
one long beep and three short beeps
What biometric device is commonly used with USB Thumb drives, keyboards, and laptops
Fingerprint Scanner
what BIOS feature allows a PC to boot without any local storage by retreving an OS from a server over a network?
What box would ou select in the windows vista map network drive dialog box to force a mapped network folder to reconnect every time you logon
Reconnect at logon
what cache was historically on the motherboard but now often comes on the CPU?
What can be used to connect a notbook computer to non portable components such as a printer, scanner, monitor or full sized keyboard?
Port replicator
What can be used to create a digital copy of an existing photo, document, or drawing
What can be used to create entries in the security log each time a user logs on?
Event auditing
What causes dark ghosting on printed pages?
a damaged drum
What causes phospors to continue to glow after being struck by an electron beam
What central connection box is used in Ethernet star bus networks
what charges the paper in a laser printer?
Transfer corona
what chip, in modern CPUs, optimizes the flow of information into and out of the CPU?
what class of fire extinguisher should be used on an electracal fire?
class c
What coding standard allows programmers to write databases and applications to locate and access a database without worring about the application or operating system used
what command can be usd to copy entire directories, including subdirectories?
What command can be used to map a share to a drive letter on a computer
Net use
What computer component converts indivual serial buts of data into 8-bit parallel data that the computer can understand
Universal Asynchronous Reveriver/transitter (UART)
What connects to the host controller in a USB Connection
Root Hub
What control panel applet is used to manage printers and faxes in XP?
What controls the point of impact oof an electron beam
What could a computer use to determine a users identity with the most authority?
Biometric Device
what determains the type of case a motherboard needs and provides a maximum expansion slot limit?
form factor
What device allows multiple computers to be viewed and controlled by a mouse, keyboard, and screen
KVM Switch
What device conetrally connects wireless network nodes in the same way that a hub or swith connects wired Ethernet PCs
Wireless Access point
What device enabling cdomputers to talk to each other via standard commerical telephone by converting analog signals to digital and vice versa
what device is used between you and the microphone to minimize certain noises?
condenser microphone
What device typically separates broadcast domains?
what devices often look and feel like standard music keyboards?
MIDI controllers
what did Intel create to go beyond the limits of the traditional 16-bit BIOS?
what did Microsoft, Intel, AMI, Pheonix Technologies, AMD, HP and Apple create in 2005 to improve upon EFI
What do 3-D game programs use to send standard video commands to the device driver
what do most laptops use instead of DIMM?
what do PCs use on the hard drive as an extension of system RAM
page file
What does 1 nit equal
1 candela/m2
What does AGP stand for
Accelerated Graphics Port
What does comptia refer to as a SOHO PC?
Thick client
What does DPMS stand for
Display power-managment signaling
what does DTS stand for?
digital theatre systems
what does excessive disk thrashing indicate?
insufficent RAM
what does FRU stand for?
A fiedl-replaceable unit
what does MIDI stand for?
musical instrument digital interface
What does pressing CTRL+X do when working with a text document?
What does pressing the CTRL+ESC hot-key combination do?
Displays the start menu
What does pressing the F3 function key do?
Opens the search Menu
What does pressing the windows+L key combination do?
Locks the computer
What does the internet corporation for Assigned names and numbers (ICANN) regulate?
Top-level domains
What does the primary corona wire charge?
what does the S stand for in SDRAM?
What does the system restore tool add automatically to restore point?
date and time
What does windows vista use in place of the former My documents, my pictures, and my music folders?
Docuents, pictures and music
What effetively hides all of your computers from other computers on the internet
What enables you to connect to the internet through a PDA, cell phone or smartphone
Delluar Wireless network
What fast expansion card standard has replaced PCI and AGP
What feature allows you to import a new or backup subkey
What feature enables you to copy a file that is in use?
Volume shadow copy service
what feature was introduced in directx version 3 and offered a range of commands to place a sound anywhere in 3-d space?
What frequencies does 802.11n use
2.4 & 5Ghz
What futher actions is required to turn off UAC if you use the system configureation utility (MSCONFIG) and select disable UAC on the tools tab?
what handles the interconnection between most of the devices and the CPU?
What happens to a file or folders permission when it is copied from 1 NTFS partition to another NTFS partition?
The original retains perission and the copy inherits permissions from new location
What happens to the pohotosensitivive coating after the erase lamp exposes the entire surface of the photosensitive drum to light?
it becomes conductive
What hard drive technology typically implements a a 1.8, 2.5, or a 3.5 inch form factor
What has complete control over a folder or file by default?
What hot pluggable external had drive technology uses shielded cable with lengths up to 2 meters outside of the computer
What identifies a computer on a network
IP address
what is a likley problem if the computer beeps constantly when you turn it on?
what is a method of santizing media that does not involve destruction
low-level formatting
What is a method used to correlate IP addresses with more human-friendly designations?
What is a practical application of a topology and other critical standards?
A network technology
What is always recommended before making any major changes to a critical system?
Back up
What is another name for a folder?
What is another name for the Service Set Identifier Parameter
Network Name
What is another term for a virutal machine?
what is applied to the CPU before attaching the heat-sink/fan assembly?
Thermal compound
What is cleanded at the end of the laser printing process?
Photosensitive drum
What is heated by tiny resistors or electroconductive plates at the end of each tube in a inkjet printer?
What is it called when a file or folder gets the same permissions as its parent folder?
What is it called when a hacker goes through the garbage looking for information?
Dumpster diving
what is it called when a sound is placed ina 3-D space?
positional audio
What is it called when a user accesses resources in an unauthorized way?
Unauthorized Access
what is it called when power cuts out completly?
What is microsoft encryption method of choice for providing transparent encryption between the server and the client?
What is not an example of biometeric identifier ( Fingerprints, Retina/IRIS patters, Voice pattern, or PIN)
What is not true for LCDs
They flicker a lot
what is POST?
power-on self test
what is RDRAM also known as?
What is sallys effective permission to a folder if she is a meber of multiple groups and each group has different NTFS permissions to the folder?
Combined permissions of all groups
What is stored int he %SystemRoot%System32config folder
what is the best action to take if a power supply is smokeing or heating up?
stop using it and replace it immediatly
What is the best connection for outputting to television
What is the central connection point for a wireless network working in infrastructure mode
what is the correct humidity range for computer equipment?
What is the default amount of drive space set aside for the Recycle Bin Windows XP?
Varies according to drive size.
What is the default driver signing setting?
What is the default maximum size of an NTFS Dynamic disk
What is the default subnet mas for class A addresses
What is the default subnet masak for Class C addys
what is the delay in RAM response time called?
What is the dvd region code for the USA and CAnada
Region 1
What is the first step of the troubleshooting theory?
Identify the problem
what is the format of a MIDI file?
What is the fundamental link between the user and the PCs hardware
Operation system
What is the gain from a typical WAP
What is the general cable distance limit of an Ethernet Segment?
100 meters
What is the impedance measured in both RG-6 & RG-59 coab cables
75 ohms
what is the line out connector used for?
external device
What is the maximum amount of RAM a computer with a 32-bit CPU and a 32-bit version of Windows can use?
4 gb
What is the maximum distance of a Class 3 Bluetooth device
1 meter
What is the maximum length of a USB cable
5 Meters
What is the minimum number of drives needed for RAID 5
What is the minimum recommended monitor resolution for a budget gaming pc?
What is the MMC that opens the services control panel applet
What is the most common general-purpose connection for PCs?
What is the most common VoIP application protocol
what is the most important hardware consideration in virtualization?
What is the most likey reason a computer would be assigned an IP address within the – range
DHCP Server down
What is the most limiting factor in a hosts ability to run virtual machines?
What is the most widely used standard for receving email
What is the name of the MMC that opens the windows performance tool
What is the official name of the system tray( The area to the far right on the taskbar)?
Notificication Area
what is the practical limit for modern CPU clock speeds?
4 GHz
What is the primary pointing device for a tablet pc?
What is the process of using or manipulationg people inside the networking environment to gain access to that network from the outside?
Social engineering
what is the rate of CD-quality sound captured in stereo at 16-bit depth?
what is the result of increasing the sampling rate for sound capture?
better sound reproduction
what is the southbridge also known as in Intel systems?
input/output controller hub (ICH)
what is the southbridge called in new AMD systems?
fusion controller hub (FCH)
What is the speed of 32x CDRoms drives?
4800 mbps
What is the stardard connector used for UTP Ethernet Installations
What is the storage capacity of a DVD-18 DVD-rom
What is the storage capacity of a single layer bluray disk
What is the storage capacity of the present day 3.5 floppy disk
What is the theorectical maximum range of the 802.11a wireless networking standard
150 ft
What is the tool used to examine and configure the hardware and drivers within a system?
Device Manager
What is the UNC Path for a C: drive that is shared as HOMEBASE on ther SERVER2 computer
What is the unit of measurement, also known as one cycle per second, the expresses the speed of phone lines
what is the unit of measuring current?
What is the wavelength of the blue-violent laser that blu ray uses
what is used to change or remove device drivers in windows?
device manager
what is used to keep a CPU in place?
What is used to write a positive image on the surface of a laser drum?
What is useful for resolving MAC addresses, but eats up bandidth?
What ist he scare range for the windows experence index
1.0 – 7.9
What key would you press during boot up to get to the avanced startup options menue?
What kind of cable does broudband cable use to provide high-speed internt access
Regular Calbe TV Cables
What kind of connector does a legacy serial port use
9 pin DB
what kind of power supply is L-shaped?
What kind of printer relies on a photoconductive process?
What kind of printers tend to have problems with ink dryping out instide the nozzles when the printer is not used for a period?
What kind of printout usually results from an empt toner cartridge
ghost images
what kind of RAM is cache typically made of?
What kind of report should detail what happened and where it happened?
What laser printer component applies a positive charge to the paper which draws negatiely charged toner particiles to the paper?
Transfer corona
what measure describes the relative quality of an input port?
signal-to-noise ratio
what motherboard slot was specifically created by Intel to support video cards?
What must a video card have to support a given combination of color depth and resolution
What must be done to a laser printer drum to make it receptive to new images?
what must you normally accept when installing a windows operationg system
What needs to be vacuumed or replace periodically in a laser printer?
Ozone filter
what newer technology automatically configures CPU multiplers and speeds?
What newer type of dirve partition overcomes the limits of MBR drives
What online tool can be used to check your hardware and software and report compatiblity issues before an upgrade to windows xp
upgrade advisor
What option can you turn off in the xp select logon and logoff options to require users to type a user account name?
use the welcome screen
What part number is used by HTTPS
What pc card type is used for in/output devices?
Type II
what performance-enhancing technique usually voids most manufactures’warranties?
What permission pop up dialog box in windows vista is used to protect both standard users and administrators from doing certain things that could hard a computer?
user account control
What port number is used for sending email
What port numbers are used by FTP
20 & 21
What process is used to determine that someone using a computer is who he says he is?
What protocol uses port number 67 & 68
What protocol uses SSH for the secure transfer of files
what provides support to USB and FireWire on computers?
the chipset
What provides the basic software structure for communication on the internet
What separates the filename and extension?
What service provides the sturcture for the World Wide Web
What should always be done if a user or a technician becomes injured on the job?
Create an incident report.
What should be added to a laser printer to resolve a memory overflow probelm?
what should be the outputs of the hot,neutral,and ground wires?
What should be used to clean LCD monitors
Antistatic monitor wipes
what should you check first whaen a system’s sound isn’t working?
volume control
What should you check first when troubleshooting wireless connectivity issues
Wireless NIC Link light
What should you check if you web browswer refuses to run a Java program
Security settings
What should you do if you cant get a computer or peripheral working in a fairly short period of time?
Escalate the problem
What should you do next if your troubleshooting theory is not confirmed?
Establish a new theory or escalate
What should youenter at a command prompt to see all of your TCP/IP Settings
What shows all of the current network connections windows vista?
What software tool allows you to reset a lost or forgotten password?
password clearer
what statement is true?
DDR3-1066 has PC3-8500 PC speed rating
what technology is desighed to help prevent damage to CPUs when they are installed?
What technology takes the place of a mouse and keyboards in kiosks, PDA and tablets
Touch screen
What tells the computer what part of its IP address is the network ID?
Subnet Mask
what tells the cpu to do with the data in the registers?
instruction set
What term describes any single combination of resolution and color depth you can set
What term identifies how many colors can be displayed on a screen
Color depth
What term refers to internet connectivity that requires a signal to jump from cell tower to cell tower and from your provider to another?
Data roaming
what text file tells NTLDR which OS are available and where to find the boot partition for each of them
What tool can you use in windows to configure and manager hard drives and raid levels
Disk Manaagement
What tool can you use to free up additional space on yuor hard drive
Disk cleanup
What typ eo fwireless network can be used to share files without a WAP
Ad hoc
What type of address consist of four sets of eight binary numbers (octets) separated by a period?
IP address
what type of computer uses the 68-pin micro-DIMM and 144-pin SO-DIMM?
What type of displays use a technology called twisted Nematic (TN)
what type of failure results in the computer failing to boot?
catastrophic failure
What type of floppy drive is used in modern PCs?
3.5 inch
what type of hardware usually uses a three-wire connector supplied by most motherboards
case fan
What type of keyboard connector is used by most modern pcs?
What type of printer works by ejecting ink through tiny tubes?
What type of program leaches bandwitch in networks but isnt destructive by itself?
what type of RAM is used in the CPUs cache?
What type of signal does a computer use to communicate
what type of voltage does a computer use?
what typically connnects a CPU to RAM?
What UAC classifications do digitally signed 3rd-party programs and non-core operating system programs have?
what UL rating should you look for on a surge suppresor?
what unit is used to mesure the capacity of RAM?
what unit is used to mesure voltage?
What unit measures an LCDs brightness
What unit meausers a monitors dot pitch
What unit meausers the brightness of a monitor
what used to be an essential tool for techs but is rarley used today on a dead PC?
POST card
What was the resolution of th eearliest graphics cards
what was the width of the origanal 8088 processors frontside bus?
8 bits
What will happen if the floppy drive calbe is installed backward
The floppy drive will not work
What will happen to your data if you convert a dynamic disk back to a basic disk
Data will be lost
What will the windows update express button donwload onto your computer?
High priority updates
What windows tool can be used to verify a hard disk
Error checking tool
What windows tool is used to partition and format a drive
Disk management
What windows xp tool is used to manager users and groups?
User accounts applet
What wireless technology is often used to connect headsets to smartphones
What word describes the process of cleaning up after a virus infection?
What would be a common reason to edit this registry key
Delete utostarting programs
What would you configure to allow ActiveX controls to run when you visit a website
Security settings of your webn browser.
What would you use to lock down security settings on a single computer in a domain?
Group policy
What would you use to lock down security settings on a single computer in a workgroup?
Local Security Settings
What WPA/WPA2 encryption version uses a radius server for secure authentication
What xp tool can be used to set up scripted installations
setup manager
what’s a method of clearing the CMOS password?
short a jumper on the motherboard
Whats the maximum lenght of a Firewire cable
3 meters
Whats the minimum number of IP address that a router mush have?
when choosing RAM for a modern system, what should you consider first?
when MIDI sound cards play multiple instruments it is called?
when the user loads a program, where is it copied before it is run?
When you create a new file or folder on an NTFS partition you become the ___ of that file or folder?
where are the programs stored when they are NOT running?
hard drive
Where can applets be found?
control panel
Where can you find files that have been deleted?
Recycle bin
Where do 32-bit programs go in 64-bit versions of windows vista and windows 7?
C:program files (x86)
where do modern PCs store CMOS password?
flash ROM
Where do most USB Devices get there power
where does a SCSI host adapter store its BIOS?
option ROM
where does the motherboard store the keyboard controller support program?
ROM chip
where is POST located?
system ROM
Where is the best place to position on omi-directional antenna in your home or office
In the center
Where should you look for WAP Firmware updates
Manufactuers Website
where should you look to interpret diffrent beep codes?
BIOS manufacturer
Whic coax cable connector is used to connect to a cable modem
Whic DVI connector accepts either a DVI-D or DVI-A connection
Whic fully backward-compatible ports are often blue to distinguish them from older ports
USB 3.0
Whic of the following is not a minimum hardware requirement for Vista
Support for directx 8 and pixel shader 1.0
Whic of the following speeds is not typically employed by Ethernet?
Whic of the following statements is not treu?
The gues account is enambled by default in xp
Whic of the following would be more damaging to a CD-RW
Scratching the top of a disc
Whic option restores an updated driver to the original once?
Roll back driver
Whic protocol enables operationg systems and applications to access distributed directories
Whic USB ports are typlically used to interfaced with a PC
Whic VMware product is used on MAC systems?
Whic would be the fastest for a printer
USB 2.0
Which 2 types of finish are available for laptop lcd screens?
Matte and high gloss
Which 7 tool gives you an overview of how a pc has behaved over time, showing important events such as application or OS crashes
Relieabilty Monitor
Which ackup media is slowest and stores data in a sequential order?
Which ackup type does not turn off the archive bit?
Which additional system file is needed if a scsi hard drive is used
Which backup type backs up only files that have changed since the last bakup?
which boot.ini siwth tell sxp to start the reconvery console
Which box would you check on the windows xp properties sharing tab to shop sharing a folder?
make this folder private
Which cabling type uses LEDs
Mutimode fiber
which cache on the CPU is used first?
Which central windows locations provice settings for resolution, refresh rate, driver information and color depth
Windows XP Display & Windows Vista Personaliztion Applets
which chip acts as a clock to keep the current date and the time?
which chip can be reprogrammed to update its contents?
flash ROM
which chip contains the system BIOS and even holds data when the computer is off?
flash ROM
Which chip converts serial data to parallel data
which chip is used to store information that describes specific device parameters?
system BIOS
Which choice will prevent the installation of unsigned drivers?
Which command always navigates the command line interface back o the root directory?
Which command deletes a directory?
Which command is used to create a new directory?
which command line tool is used to change the boot configuration data file
Which command line utility was previously called TLIST in windows xp
Which command shows the contest of the current directory?
Which command will copy encrypted files?
Which connector is typically used in ethernet?
Which connector type has a slight D-Shape?
Which control panal applet is used to configure the overall appearance of the desktop in windows Vista & Windows 7?
Which device is used to perform a loopback test on a NIC
Loopback plug
Which device makes all computers share a given bandwidth?
Which device manager option is used to remove an updated driver?
Roll back driver
Which devies provides common pc ports along with extra feature for dvd drives or pc card slots?
docking station
Which drive letter is assigned to a floppy drive installed on the middle calbe connector
Which edition of windows can only be purchased directly from Microsoft, and includes extra features designed for large businesses?
Windows 7 enterprise
Which element of boot.ini arc naming convention specifies a scsi adapter
Which element of boot.ini arc naming convention specifies the number of th edisk on the adapter
Which feature is not supported by windows vista basic and windows 7 starter?
Aero desktop
Which file does windows look for automatically when you inster a sotware disck?
Which file is the vista/7 boot manger
which file replaces the boot.ini file that was used in older operating systems
Boot configurtion data (BCD) file
Which file system enables a user to adjust the cluster size
Which file system is the most secure?
Which folder or file permissions cn you assign to a windows vista user?
reader, contributor, or co owner
Which folder permission allows you you to do anything except delete files or subfolders?
Which funtion key is for help?
Which High-speed internt technology uses line of sight
Which hyperisor product easily interfaces with network attached storage and storage area networks?
which industry group came up with a non-ATX standard motherboard and power supply called EPS12 V?
server system infrastructure
which installation option is usually initiated by accessing a shared network directory
Which interface requires a ribbon cable and a built-in controller on the drive itself
Which is not a feature of the windows xp performance console
Data collector sets and reports
Which is not a way to start a recovery to restore a computer back to its factory settings
Start the recovery console
which is the electrical component to “wake up” when a computer is turned on?
Which is the successor to APM and specifies global and sleeping power states?
Which key value data type can be used for any form of data
Which key value data type is limited to exactly 32 bits
Which key value data type is limited to exactly 64 bits
which laptop pointing device is most ommonly used today?
Which LCD Components are powered by a high-voltage electrical circuit that can give you a nasty shock
Which log file tracks the complete installation process, registry updates and reboots of a xp machine
Which log file tracks the complete installion process
Which network organization model offers centralized security and control?
Which of the following are important reason to implement virualizaition?
System recovery, Research and testing
Which of the following are not sharing options when configuring homegroups?
which of the following components is read-only?
Which of the following connector types is most commonly used in the back of a PD?
which of the following CPUs are targeted at the mobile device platform?
AMD turion
Which of the following describes software or hardware that converts the commands to and from othe host machine into an entirely different platform?
which of the following DIMMs in used in laptops?
144-pin SO-DIMM
Which of the following displays use analog signals instead of digital signals
Which of the following do not use or require local users accounts?
Which of the following does not require admin level privileges?
coping a file to removable media
Which of the following does NOT require jumper settings
Which of the following hard drive geometry values is no longer relevant in todays PCs
Write precomp
which of the following is a correct statement?
an open case ruins airflow and loses cooling efficiency
Which of the following is a good security practice?
dAssign a complex password to the administrator account
Which of the following is a group of compression standards for both audio and video
Moving picture experts group MPEG
which of the following is a mass storage device?
hard drive
Which of the following is a stripped-down edition of the OS designed to complement the limited role of the netbook?
Windows 7 Starter
Which of the following is a valid NeTBIOS name?
Which of the following is an example of a domain name?
which of the following is an important difference between desktops and mobile devices, in terms of CPU needs?
mobile devices need to consume less electricity
Which of the following is an open source virtual machine manager developed by red hat?
which of the following is correct about the DDR speed rating of DDR400 RAM?
it has a clock speed of 200 MHz
which of the following is equivalent to 1024 bytes?
1 kilobyte
Which of the following is located on the desktop and uses microsoft gadgets?
Which of the following is not a common hard drive speed
which of the following is not a common key or key combination to enter CMOS setup?
scroll lock
Which of the following is not a common type of windows update?
which of the following is not a registry element shown in the registry editor
programming code
Which of the following is not a tab in performance options dialog box?
Which of the following is not a type of USB connector?
IEEE 1394
which of the following is not a version of the small form factor(SFF)?
Which of the following is not a video requirement for running the AREO desktop?
DirectX 8 or better
Which of the following is not a volume type on a dynamic disk
Which of the following is not considered grayware?
Which of the following is the default primary partition for windows
which of the following is the fastest and most popular expansion bus?
Which of the following is the fastest external optical drive interface
Which of the following is the first step a vritual machine takes when it is powered on?
which of the following is the newest ATX power supply standard?
Which of the following operating systems is covered on the current CompTIA A+ exams?
Windows 7
Which of the following optical media types is popular for today’s high-density movies?
Which of the following statement is not true concerning upgrade path to windows vista
Windows 2000 pro can be upgraded to any version of windows vista
which of the following stores data that the CPU actively uses?
which of the following supports booting from a GPT drive
Windows Vista 64-bit
which of the following terms is used to define the first cache that the CPU uses?
l1 cache
which of the following units is used to mesure resistance?
which of the following uses the soft-power feature?
Which of the foloowing transfers data via anoalog signals
Telphone Wire
Which one of the following is not a UAC level in windows 7?
Only notify me when I make changes
Which one of the following is not a valid windows 7 edition?
Windows 7 home starter
Which one of the following is not a valid windows vista edition?
Windows vista profressional
Which one of the following statements is true?
In windows xp the quick launch toolbar is not displayed on the taskbar by default.
Which operating system has built-in software for RAID 5
Windows Server 2008
Which organization established the UTP Cable Categories?
Which OS Sinstall both IPV4 and IPv6 by default
Windows Vista & Windows 7
Which PC combines the requirements of a graphics workstatio and audio workstation?
Video workstation
which player is commonly used to play audio intercharge file format (AIFF) files?
which power supply never turns off?
Which program is commonly used to manager esx?
Vspere client
Which protocol is not suited for larger networks because it is broadcast-based?
Which recovery console command displays the current drive letter mappings?
Which registry root key contains all of the data for a computers non user specific conigurations?
Which registry root key defines the standard class objects used by windows
Which registry root key defines which option is currently being used if more then one option is specified in hkey_local_machine
Which SATA specification runs at 6 GBPS
SATA 3.0
Which servers provide web sites and web pages that users can access
Which setting enables you to adjust the display of date, time, & currency symbols
Which standard defines everything about serial ports
Which statement is NOT true?
a terabye is 10000 gigabytes
which technology allows a computer to run more than one operating system at a time?
which technology enables the CPU to simulate the actions of a second processor?
which term describes the four-step process a CPU uses to execute?
which tool can be used to identify files that can be deleted to gain more hard drive space?
disk cleanup
Which tool comes built in with Windows Vista & 7 and allows you to create video DVDs
Windows DVD Maker
Which toplogy describes the actual layout of the computer network with cables running diagonally through the ceiling space or snaking there way through walls?
Which topology combines aspects of the other other toplogies?
Which topology connects each computer to every other computer via a dedicated line?
Which topology describes how the network is laid out on paper, simmilar to an electronic schematic?
Which topology has all of the computers on the network connecting to a central wiring point?
Which two parts of your PC are much more sensitive to ESD than others?
which type of cache was originally located outside the CPU on the motherboard, but has since been relocated to the CPU for better preformance?
Which type of DVD media has storage capacity of 7.95gb
Single sided, dual layer
Which type of horizontal UPT Cabling should be used to meet TIA/EIA standards
Solid Core
Which type of PC is more likely to require a very high end sound interface?
Digital audio workstation
which type of processor is sometimes integrated with the CPU to handle certain tasks more eficiently, such as video processingg?
which type of soccket package do AMD chips use?
which type of socket package do intel processors use?
Which types of video connectors are common today?
Which utility allows users to view and configure hardware and drivers in a windows pc?
Device Manager
Which verision of windows allows a users libraries to be backed up?
Which verision of windows requires you to select the custom option in windows update to see if youdated device driver are available?
Which version of the FAT file system limits file size to 4 gb
Which version of windows 7 adds support for joining domains?
Windows 7 pro
Which version of windows can create RAID 5 Volumes using dynamic disks
Windows Server
Which version of windows cant bakc up toan optical disk?
which version of windows comes with the memory diagnostics tool which can automatically scan your computer’s RAM when you encounter a problem?
windows 7
Which version of windows lacks the ability to log on to a windows domain, encrypt files and folders and support multiple CPUs?
Windows XP
Which version of windows uses “pinned” application instead of a quick launch?
Windows 7
Which versions of vista come on the installation disc
which virtualation product is used on windows 7 to support windows xp mode?
Virtual PC
Which vista tool replaced the backup program used in xp?
Backup and restore center
Which was the first widely adopted USB Standard
Which windows 7 Enterprise and windows Vista Enterprise feature is not supported by the home or professional versions?
BitLocker Driver Encryption
Which windows version includes the built in ability to burn music and data directly to disc
windows vista
Which windows xp log file tracks each piece of hardware as it is installed
Which windows xp tool can be used to burn data to an optical disk
Windows explorer
Which xp/vista command displays or alters the compression of files on NTFS partitions?
Whicih backup media type is not supported in vista/7?
Who can take ownership of a file away from you and then access the file if own thy it and have prevented all acess to it?
administrator or anyone with the take ownership permission
Who reeives a broadcast sent to the mac address FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF?
Every computer on the segment
Why do laser printers usually use a laser as the light source?
because of the precision
Why might windows only see 924mb of ram in a laptop that has 1gb of ram installed?
Share memory is being used by video
Windows 7 PRO, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions can create a mirror set with 2 drives for data reduncancy. Which RAID level uses disk mirroring
Windows ___ provides access to most of the maintenance, upgrade, and configuration utilitiies?
Control Panel
Windows combines almost all of the snap-ins into an applet in the control panel called?
Adminstrative Tools
Windows Media player allows you to burn what type of files to cds
Windows text based dos like user interface is called the ___ interface?
Windows uses ___ to provide incredibl powerful file and folder protection?
Windows uses a ___ to organzie folders and files?
hierachical director tree
Windows vista ultimate & entriprise editions offter ___ to encrypt entire hard drives?
Windows vista ultimate requires a video card with directx 9 and pixel shader 2.0 support, 128 mb of graphics ram and
a WDDM Driver and 32 bits per pixel
windows xp & vista allow users to create a floppy or usb ___ in cause they forget a password?
password reset disk
Windows XP boot failures occur?
Between the post ends and the loading windows
windows xp home and pro standalone or workgroup only systems run in a specialized networking mode called?
simple file sharing
Windows xp supprts
master oot record (MBR)
Wireless networks use ___ to determine if other nodes are currently broadcasting
Wireless Zero Configureation was first introduced with
Windows XP
works in the background to stop viruses and other malwaare from taking over programs loaded in system memory?
data execution prevention
WPA uses ___to provide a new encryption key for every sent packet
x64 operating systems and software are primarily designed for ___ CPU?
You can decrease ___ on a WAP to prevent others from receiving your wireless signal
You can give or take away other users permission if you the ___ permission?
You can use ___ in windows vista to run a problem program that worked in a previous operationg system?
Compatibility mode
You cannot create a ___ in Vista unless you already have 3 primary partitions
Extended partitions
You may need to change the ___ in cmos to install a new OS from the installtion disk
Boot order
You shoudl adjust the __ if our dot matrix printer characters look chopped off at the same time?
You shoul d___ if your dot matrix printer output is covered with dots and small smudges?
Clean the platen
Your system will autocatically contact microsofts web sites and download critical updates if you enable?
Automatic updates

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