A Long Way Gone Study Guide Chapters 1-11

Which Village did Ishmael and Junior grandmother live in?

Who did they meet in Mattru Jong?
Gibrilla, Kaloko, Khalilou

How many days in total was the town of Mattru Jong in hiding?
22 days

What was the town that was twenty or so miles to the northeast of Mattru Jong where the rebels were stationed?

What does RUF stand for?
Revolutionary United Front

What are the two ways to enter Mattru Jong?
By road and by crossing the river

Why did the boys decide to return to Mattru Jong after the first rebels attack?
To get Money to pay for food

One boy died while crossing the swamp with the second group that contained Junior. How did he die?
Rebels opened fire on him because he was too slow because the bag he was carrying was too big

How did the boys get food, after people in the new village refused to sell their food due to being scared of the next attack and running out of food?
They stole it while people slept

How many boys were in the group after the big attack?

What did they chase the boy for?
2 ears of boiled corn

Who ended up giving them corn?
The boy’s mother

Why did the old man leave Mattru Jong?
To look for his family

What food were the boys treated too after they were untied?
They were treated to cassava and smoked fish

How did Junior act after they left the village?
He was very quiet, played with a stone, and looked at the ground

What did the unripe oranges that Gibrilla’s aunt gave the group of boys symbolize?
They symbolized desperation

How did music save the boys’ lives?
A boy recognized them from previous performances

When Ishmael had nothing to carry, what did he put in his pocket?
Unripe oranges

What happened when Ishmael encountered a family?
They were afraid and suspicious of him

What was Ishmael chased by in the forest?
Wild pigs

Who helped Ishmael and the group of boys get directions?
An old man

How many boys did Ishmael meet up with after getting out of the forest?
6 boys

Describe the fruit that Ishmael found in the forest.
It smelled like a mango/orange and looked like a melon

What did the man in the hut do for the boys?
He tended to their injuries and gave them food.

What did Ishmael have to do to free himself from the rebels?
He had to perform for the chief

What animal do the boys eat, even though they see it as a bad omen?
They ate a crow

What did him and Junior fight over?
The hammock

Name one cloth that the women wore at the ceremony of his birth.
Beautiful patterned cotton skirts, dresses, shirts, lappei, and head wraps

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