6 Strong Acids and 6 Strong Bases

What are the 6 strong acids in chemistry?

Strong acids dissociate completely into their ions in water, yielding one or more protons (hydrogen cations) per molecule. There are list of six strong acids and bases:


Hydrochloric AcidHCl (Strong Acid)
Hydrobromic AcidHBr (Strong Acid)
Hydroiodic AcidHI (Strong Acid)

Nitric AcidHNO3 (Strong Acid)
Perchloric AcidHClO4 (Strong Acid)
Sulfuric AcidH2SO4 (Strong Acid)
Lithium HydroxideLiOH (Strong Base)
Sodium HydroxideNaOH (Strong Base)
Potassium HydroxideKOH (Strong Base)
Calcium HydroxideCa(OH)2 (Strong Base)
Strontium HydroxideSr(OH)2 (Strong Base)
Barium HydroxideBa(OH)2 (Strong Base)

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