4.1 How are Elements Organized?

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law of octaves

  • (Discovered by?)

  • (John Newland)
  • elements in a given row have similar properties that repeat every eight elements.

Problems w/Mendeleev’s ;Periodic Table

  • (How many elements are included?)

  • contained gaps
  • elements weren’t in order of atomic mass
  • (63)

Henry Mosely’s Way to Arrange Elements

  • (What else did he create?)

By atomic number, not atomic mass

  • (the modern definition of atomic number)

periodic law
Elements are arranged by thier atomic #s and elements with similiar properties occur regularly
valence electron
Electrons in the last energy level

group (two other names)

  • (what do they have in common?)


  • (the same number of valence electrons)

period (two other names?)

  • (what do they have in common?)


  • (same number of occupied energy levels)

(Order of scientists who have made contributions to the periodic table?);

What did each do?

Newland (law of octaves)

Mendeleev (arranged into table by atomic mass)

Mosely (rearranged by atomic number)

(how many natrual elements?)

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