3263- Restaurant Management

What is the busiest time for restaurants?
A restaurant with a million dollar sales volume per year can generate how much in profit before taxes?
$150,000 – $200,000
A fully equipped, 100 seat restaurant, costs how much per seat?
$6,000 – $10,000
The highest original investment comes from?
The building
The highest overall risk comes from?
The building
How many jobs does the NRA predict will be added to the restaurant industry by 2020?
1.3 million
What is a franchise?
A branded product that the owner sells and markets under a contract
What restaurant is credited to be the first franchise?
Howard Johnson’s
What did Boulanger believe was the cure to all illness?
What did restaurant owners say helped most in “getting where you are today?”
Hard work
Which refers to the restaurant where food, drink, and service are usually leisurely and expensive?
Fine dining
What are the responsibilities of a franchisee?
Hiring employees and operating the store
What concept has the most sales of all segment ratings?
What are economic factors that differentiate fine dining from the average restaurant?
Meal prices, rent, and labor costs
What ethnic restaurant is the largest category?
What should theme restaurants be located near?
Tourist attractions
What are the benefits of economic of scale?
Reduce food, labor, and overhead costs
Where is pizza native to?
Which of the following is not a part of the franchisee setup?
Paying the payroll
Which of the following is not an advantage of independent restaurants?
Greater advertising clout
A restaurant concept is devised to interest a certain group of people called a?
Target market
Which of the following would be considered a knockout criterion?
Located behind two buildings
A restaurant has two potential values?
Real estate value and value as a profit generator
Surveys show that X% of all table service customers arrive in pairs?
40% – 50%
Which of the following is not part of the planning process of concept development?
Who will train the staff
In drawing up a restaurant mission statement, the following features should be explicit?
Market served, kind of food served, ethical standards
Luxury/table service require X sq. ft. per seat while cafeterias need just X?
15-20 & 10-12
A concept is strengthened if it immediately establishes a X that is vivid and remembered?
Which of the following is incorrect: Don’t open a restaurant unless?
You love to cook and your friends love your food
The magazine Restaurant Business publishes an annual restaurant growth index, the purpose is to list?
The best/worst places to open a restaurant in the US
The difference between the sales price and cost of an item is?
Contribution margin
What is not a consideration in menu planning?
Capabilities of the servers
Which menu separates similar entrees?
What should be front and center in the restaurant business?
Generally, there should be X amount of entrees?
Consistency in food prep is achieved by?
Standardizing recipes and cooking procedures
To ensure ingredients are available, fresh, and priced right, restaurant operators should?
Take advantage of seasons when items are at their lowest price and best quality, use ups and downs in food prices and overcome them by seasonal or daily menus, and use frozen foods when fresh foods are not available
Two main menu pricing strategies?
Using a comparative approach of price and multiply by the ratio necessary to achieve a food cost percentage
Prime cost is?
Food and labor
Prime costs should be X% of sales?
55% – 60%
Costs associated with turnover?
Recruitment costs and replacement costs
Some rules for restaurant success are?
To have a simple but delicious menu, to hire wait staff with great personality, and restaurant location/parking
Kitchen flood are usually covered in?
Sealed concrete and tile
Food is prepared individually vacuum packed, and refrigerated for future use. This is known as the X method?
Sous vide
X determines the equipment?
The overall object of restaurant layout planning is to?
Minimize the number of steps taken by waitstaff and kitchen staff
Because some restaurants go out of business, used equipment is X available from restaurant dealers?
Almost always
The X is simply a tank holding heated water in which hot foods in pots are placed to keep food warm?
Bain marie
If your restaurant operates with a profit margin of around 5% you’ll need about X worth of sales to earn $450?
Restaurant equipment has a life expectancy of?
10 years
After being purchased, restaurant equipment drops X% in value?
Which of the following is not a category of kitchen equipment?
Selling the food
Define ergonomics?
Reduce staff fatigue and discomfort
What is the biggest energy use in the common kitchen?
Traditional range/convection oven
Which of the following is not a practical use for a microwave?
A X is a nonprofit institution that is able to provide restaurant food and supplies at a lower cost than profit-oriented purveyors?
The amount of food to be purchased can be built into the purchasing system based on?
Past records
The points that indicate more food should be ordered are called?
Reorder points
Written standards for food that are based on a forecast of sales are called?
Food specifications
In the usual restaurant, who decides on product specification and selects purveyors?
Manager, in consult with the chef
Temperatures when receiving fresh/frozen meat should be?
X are the most expensive items served in most restaurants?
Which grade is used for the best meat product available?
The purchasing cycle consists of?
Product specification, par stock and reorder points, supplier selection, order placement, receiving, storing, and issuing
The length of time an item can be stored without appreciable loss in quality or weight is called its?
Shelf life
The first step in putting together a purchasing system is to determine the?
Food standards
The X grade of meat is popular in supermarkets?
Which of the following represents a sustainable practice when purchasing food?
Purchasing beef and pork raised in pastures vs. confined in enclosed spaces
Food cost percentage should be calculated?
The formula for food cost percent is?
(Cost / sales) x 100
The normal pouring cost for beer is?
The beverage pouring cost is X of beverage sales?
23% – 25%
What does the product mix show?
How many items were sold
What are the categories of payroll and related costs?
Variable and fixed costs
In full-service restaurants, the largest variable is?
Labor costs
A daily flash report shows?
Daily sales
The cost of food sold divided by food revenue is?
Food cost percentage
What is the wine pouring cost?
26% – 30%
Profit makes up X% of total revenue?
3%- 9%
What is the first thing restaurant managers do?
Forecast to see how many guests are expected
According to the text, job specifications?
Identify the qualifications and skills needed to perform the job
The US Department of Labor, Wage, & Hour Division deals with?
Sex and age
At age X teenagers may legally work at any job?
Which approach to task and job analysis must be used in new restaurants because there are no existing employees to analyze?
Which can be converted into job instructions?
Task analysis
A chef is responsible for X% of food costs?
Minors of what age cannot work before 7am or after 7pm on school days?
14 & 15
Only about X of all restaurants employ anyone with the title of chef?
The most effective way to check an employees reference is to follow up by?
A job X lists the education and technical/conceptual skills a person needs to satisfactorily perform the requirements of the job?
Today there are X people with disabilities in the US?
43 million
When an organizational chart is said to be flat, that means?
They have fewer levels
Which of the following questions are not allowed during an interview?
How old are you
The X model views restaurant managers as coaches, they are engaged in informal training much of the time?
Manager as coach
The word manage implies?
Purpose and mobilization or resources for given goals
Employee X programs deal with perspectives, attitudes and feelings about the restaurant, the job, the customers and the boss?
Which does the behavior modification theory urge?
An immediate reward for desired behavior
Which training mat hod allows the learning to be absorbed and avoids fatigue?
Spaced training
Behavioral scientists urge that?
Specific behavior emphasized rather than general praise
According to experts, an employer who is irritated and unhappy with an employee’s behavior should?
Tell the employee about it
Using part-time employees can be a drawback except that?
Employers do not have to pay for benefits
Much of labor turnover occurs within the first few X of employment?
Experience has shown that the most practical and immediately beneficial way of training restaurant employees is the X method?
Hands on
What is the first goal for an orientation program?
Explain the company history, philosophy, mission, goals and objectives
Psychologists tell us that inserting constructive criticism between two X softens the criticism while at the same time working the criticism?
Favorable comments
When a guest is seated, the number one rule for a server is?
Greet the guest within one minute
Many licensed usual and upscale restaurant have beverage sales of X of total sales?
25% – 30%
By definition, an upscale general retail license authorities the sale of?
All types of alcoholic beverages namely, beer wine and distilled spirits—for consumption on the premises
Red wine gains its color during which process?
The typical restaurants percentage cost for wine is?
When developing a wine list, the selected varietals of white wine could include all but which of the following?
Pinot noir
Beverage sales yield X as food sales?
More profit
Over the years, experience has shown that?
Red wine is best served with beef, lamb, game or duck
Which statements is not true?
Dram Shop Laws make it possible for servers to sue intoxicated guests for any accidents
Under third party liability?
The servers are responsible for any accusations
In the food and beverage industry it is estimated that X of employees will steal regardless of the control in place?
Grapes for making wine are harvested in the X, after they have been tested for maturity?
Most restaurants use the back bar to add atmosphere by displaying the?
Premium brand liquors
The margin of profit on a fountain drink is?
X assumes that customers change and that they want new menu items, new atmosphere, and sometimes new service?
In the marketing plan, goals need to be set for the 4 P’s, which are ?
Product, price, place, promotion
The most atmospheric restaurants are those with a?
The location of the restaurant is generally to be of X importance?
The “S” in SWOT analysis stands for?
Which are 3 typical market segments?
Geographic, demographic, behavior
When analyzing the competition it makes sense to do a X which shows how your restaurant compares to its competition?
Comparison benefit mix
When combined, prime costs should not go above X of sales?
Which conveys to the customer the best face or image of the restaurant, what people like most about it, or how it stands out from the competition?
Marketing efforts are most needed during?
Low periods
Which are the types of demographic?
Age, sex, family life cycle, income, occupation, education, religion and race
The Affordable Care Act schedules to go into effect in?
January 2014, 50 people
Which partnership have complete liability, but full management rights?
General partnership
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