AFI 24-101, Passenger Movement
What publication would you consult for guidance for issuing and processing travel documents for
Air Force personnel?
Joint Federal Travel Regulations (JFTR)-
Uniformed Service Personnel, Volume 1
What publication contains travel and transportation allowances for uniformed service members?
Military Personnel Flight (MPF)
What agency creates and validates PCS travel orders?
the TMF passenger clerk will make the reservation with
the AMC PRC through the GATES
What agency creates the actual reservation for AMC passenger travel?
AMC category B (patriot express) or category M
What mode is the first choice for arranging official international travel for a member?
Passenger clerk
Who is the focal point for every customer needing to arrange official travel?
Explaining documents while looking at them upside down
When briefing customers, what should become second nature with practice?
Neat, clean, and orderly
What aspects should the passenger travel office adhere to when briefing customers?
Circuitous travel
travel by a route other than the one that would normally be prescribed by the TMF
between the places involved
What mode of travel is recognized by the Air Force as the normal means of transportation?
The most important factor to consider in selecting the travel mode is “material savings in productive
What is the most important factor to consider when selecting a travel mode?
This is always the first choice because the aircraft is purchased by
the trip (plane-load lots), regardless of how the seats are utilized.
Why is AMC category B always the first choice to route personnel to OCONUS destinations?
Coach class is the only class of travel offered by bus companies
What is the only class of travel offered by bus companies?
Official Airlines Guide (OAG)
Where are the schedules of certified air carriers published?
The TMF passenger clerk
Who normally makes reservations for passengers traveling to overseas areas via AMC?
The MPF may forward the request to the TMF, or the member will personally hand-carry the request to the
After the MPF briefing, what does the traveler do to request a port call?
The only times you will usually call PRC on the phone is to find out when future flights will be
loaded in the system, or to request PRC reallocate seats.
What is the only time you will usually call the PRC on the phone?
By the traveler directly through the CTO
When official travel is CONUS to CONUS, how are reservations made?
AMC category M
What category of travel is travel on an actual military aircraft such as a C-5 or C-17?
DD Form 139, Pay Adjustment Authorization; DD Form 1131, Cash Collection Voucher
What two forms do travelers use to pay for excess transportation costs?
individuals, groups, and human remains
List the three categories of travelers
commercial air
What is the normal mode for transportation for human remains?
government transportation
request (GTR)
What document is being phased out and being replaced by other payment methods?
AFI 24-101, chapter 4
Where is official guidance found for use of the IBA, CBA, and unit card?
Any locally developed form or DD Form 730, Transportation Requests and/or Tickets, Receipt for
Unusued-Including Unused Meal Tickets
What would you use to document the receipt of an unused meal ticket?
Unique control numbers (UCN)
What is used to keep track of space confirmed passenger reservations on AMC flights?
AMC travelope
What is issued to each passenger traveling via AMC airlift that contains specific instructions
pertaining to the flight?
DOD 4500.9-R, Defense Transportation Regulation, Part 1, Passenger Movement.
Which publication prescribes policies and procedures and assigns responsibilities for DOD
activities to perform passenger travel functions?
Commercial, GSA
international city-pairs
What is the second choice in the DOD’s order of precedence for passenger travel?
A United States flag carrier that is DoD disapproved
Which is not an alternative within the DOD’s order of precedence for passenger travel?
the passenger clerk should improvise his or her delivery
In regard to traffic management, what should the passenger clerk do when conducting group
The area should also be neat, clean, and orderly.
In regard to traffic management, when briefing, the briefing area should always be?
Material savings in productive time
What is the most important factor to consider when selecting a travel mode?
AMC, category B
Which category of air travel must you use, if available, for personnel traveling on official orders to overseas OCONUS locations?
Which mode of travel is very limited within the CONUS and does not serve many small cities and towns?
Category Z
Which category of air travel is the MOST EXPENSIVE?
Blanket TDY Orders
Which type of TDY orders is issued to a member to authorize FREQUEST TRIPS?
12 months
Military dependents must have SEPERATE DEPENDENT TRAVEL ORDERS when traveling more than how long?
when an AD member is in OCONUS and must travel on EMERGENCY LEAVE, which publication REQUIRES USE OF GOVERNMENT TRANSPORTATION if reasonably available?
72 hours
How many hours prior to a proposed GROUP MOVEMENT date must you forward the application to SDDC for routing?
Which computer system would you use to make an AMC PASSENGER RESERVATION.
UCN – Unique Control Number
Which IDENTIFIER would you use to track a space confirmed AMC passenger reservation?
Besides the GTR, there are THREE OTHER METHODS to pay for official travel, which is not one of those three methods?
IBA – Individual Billing Account
For individual travelers, what is the PERFERRED METHOD of payment for commercial travel?
Within HOW MANY DAYS after the TMF reveives the bill must the CBA payment be made to the bank?
Unit Card
Which method of payment for official travel is intended for use in certain GROUP TRAVEL?
AFJI 24-231
Which publication is titled OPERATIONAL POLICIES AND PROCEDURES – NTS HHG and contains block by block instructions for completeing DD Form 1164?
AFJPAM 24-226
Which publication titled IT’S YOUR MOVE, Provides information to members about hhg and information about filing claims for any loss or damage?
What is used as the official standard and primary source for MILEAGE for personal property movement cost computation?
PPCIG – Personal Property Consignment Instruction Guide
Which publication is published by SDDC in 2 VOLUMES, and is used to determine special instructions or restrictions for personal property shipments?
Which personal property shipping office is manned by members of MORE THAN ONE DOD component?
17,000 LBS
What is the PCS hhg weight allowance for a member in the grade of E-9, WITH DEPENDENTS, who has been selected as the Chief Master Sergeant of the AF?
500 lbs
For AF members, what is the UB allowance for an E-5 doing a PCS on an UNACCOMPANIED tour OCONUS?
Which publication lists general information such as identifying codes and contact info about CONUS INSTALLATIONS and is used when counseling members on personal property shipments?
20 measurement tons
What is the maximum authorized SIZE for a POV being shipped under valid orders?
40 cubic feet
How many CUBIC FEET are in one measurement ton?
Which form titled PRIVATE VEHICLE SHIPPING DOCUMENT AUTOMOBILE is used as an inspection form at the VPC?
18,000 lbs
What is the authorized hhg weight allowance for eligible heirs of a DECEASED AD member?
A member is doing a PCS and will have an UB, NTS, Designated location, New PDS. How many applications for shipment of personal property will be prepared (DD form 1299)
AF Form 9, Request for purchase
When a service is not procured with a PPGBL or service order, which document will be used to PAY FOR SERVICES?
7 lbs per cubic foot; 11 pounds per cubic foot
When actual weights for personal property shipments are not obtainable, what CONSTRUCTIVE WEIGHT will be used for hhg when authorized in writing by the TO?
Code 4
Which shipment code DOES NOT REQUIRE A DD Form 1384 (TCMD)?
The one with the lowest rate
When a shipment of personal property is to be packed and placed into NTS, WHICH CONTRACTOR IS CONTACTED FIRST and offered the shipment?
Which module in TOPS GENERATES MOST OF THE FORMS necessary for all sevices after only a on time entry of data.
Which module in TOPS PORVIDES IMMEDIATE AVAILABLITY of member and carrier information to accomplish delivery storage or tracing?
DPM – Direct Procurement Method
Which method of shipping personal property does the government MANAGE THROUGHOUT EVERY PHASE?
Code 2
Which code of service identifies and applies to the DOMESTIC MOVEMENT of hhg IN CONTAINERS from origin to destination residence?
Code T
Which code of service applies to international movement of baggage when the carrier provides packing and picup at origin and then DELIVERY TO AMC WHO PROVIDES PORT TO PORT TRANSPORTATION by air and then the carrier provides delivery to the destination residence?
$1.25 per lb at $0.64 valuation
What is the ADDITIONAL SHIPMENT INSURANCE CHARGE for domestic shipments of personal property?
Addition transportation charge
In additional to miles and net wt, what additional factor must be considered when computing BASELINE RATES for domestic personal property shipments?
Code 7
When computing rates for international shipments, which codes will usa a SINGLE FACTOR RATE to compute transportation charges?
Prior to the date the services are to be performed
When is a DD Form 1164 furnished to the contractor?
By Contractor, service, appropriation, and alphabetically by name
How are HANDLING OUT INVOICES listed in the TOPS printout?
Local Finance Office
Where do you FORWARD INVOICES after reviewing the quarterly storage invoice printout generated by the TOPS?
The destination PPSO receives and advance copies of the PPGBL, orders, and DD forms 1299
What usually HAPPENS FIRST in the inbound peronal property process?
Upon request at any point during the shipment process
When are CARRIER REQUIRED TO PROVIDE ITV for DOD peronal propert shipments?
DD Form 1131
Which form is used for personnel who must PAY EXCESS COST, but are no longer in pay status?
Destination PPSO
Who is responsible for counseling members on the EXCESS COST REBUTTAL process?
50 percent
What is the STATED INSPECTION GOAL for all inbound and outbound personal property?
LOI & TO acceptance letter
What 2 items in the CARRIER PERFORMANCE FILE are retained as long as the carriers has DOD approval?
DD Form 1780
Which form is titled shipment evaluation and inspection record is used to EVALUATE AND PROVIDE a record of the carriers performance on each shipment offered?
Preventive Actions
Environmental COMPLIANCE Program
Which DoDefense-wide program ensures present operations COMPLY with all environmental standards?
INSTALLATION Restoration Program
Which DoDefense-wide program IDENTIFIES, and is responsible for INVESTIGATING, and cleaning up past waste disposal or hazardous waste storage site?
Demonstrate current procedures
Which is the best way to establish WORK METHODS?
What is the key management activity in the LIFE-CYCLE APPROACH to project management?
The FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT structure consists of how many groups?
How often does the FWG convene?
GAS – Graduate Assesment Survey
What evaluation document uses three core questions that pertain to WHOLE PERSON ASPECT of that airman?
CFETP – Career Field Evaluation Training Plan
Where does the REQUIREMENT FOR A CDC and its content come from?
Which skill level can be awarded after satisfactorily completeing 2T051 CDC?
Which organization PUBLISHES AND ISSUES the CDC?
What document is the comprehensive education and training document that identifies LIFE CYCLE education training requirements, training support, etc. for a specialty?
CFM – Career Field Manager
Who ensures development, implementation, and MAINTENANCE of CFETP?
AF Form 623, Individual Training Record
Which is used to document, monitor and maintain a COMPREHENSIVE RECORD of an Air Force member’s training?
Individuals Supervisor
Who is responsible to ensure training records reflect CURRENT QUALIFICATIONS AND TRAINING REQUIREMENTS for duty position?
CMOS – Cargo Movements Operations System
What mandatory computer system supports all Air Force traffic management FREIGHT FUNCTIONS?
GTN – Global Transportation Network
Where are ELECTRONIC MESSAGES SENT when released from the CMOS for cargo and passenger movement in active and exercise modes?
With electronic receipt of shipment information from the source activity
When does the AUTOMATED outbound cargo process begin?
IDS – Integrated Deployment System
The CMOS is part of what composite system that helps support world wide CONTINGENCY OPERATIONS?
Which system automates shipment processing at AERIAL PORTS and contributes data to GTN?
Power Track
What INTERNET PAYING SYSTEM allows commercial business to business trading partners to accomplish preaudit invoice payments?
AFMC – Air Force Material Command
What MAJOR COMMAND pays for much of the transportation of AF sponsored cargo?
What part of DTR pertains to CARGO MOVEMENT?
AFJI 24-210
What publication establishes uniform policy for military services for PACKING HAZMAT?
A demand or requirement for movement is required
What ACTION BEGINS the cargo movement process?
What mode of transportation requires WATERPROOF marking and labeling?
DD Form 1149
What form is used to accomplish a NON-MILSTRIP shipment?
DD Form 1348-1A
What SHIPPING DOCUMENT is produced by SBSS for most cargo?
TP – 1
What transportation priority is assigned to material that has a supply priority designator of 03 and no project code?
TP – 4
Which TP is assigned to a shipment that is non-air-eligible and is moving by MILITARY AIRLIFT deferred air freight from overseas to the US?
999 (MICAP)
Which RDD code identifies the shipment have the MOST URGENT need?
Serviceable & Unserviceable
What are the two most common MATERIAL CONDITIONS?
Block 18
Which BLOCK should you sign when in-checking items on a DD 1149?
What is the material condition of MOST CONSOLIDATED shipments?
NMFC – National Motor Freight Classification
What publication is used to classify material moving by PUBLICH HIGHWAY?
What FORMULA is used to determine the breakpoint for each shipment when using the NMFC?
Public Highway
The preffered mode of transportation for most LOW PRIORITY shipments within the CONUS?
CRAF – Civil Reserve Air Fleet
What PROGRAM do commercial air carriers participate in as part of the DTS?
AFI 24-201
What AF pubs outlines the SHIPMENT PLANNING PROCESS?
When planning a shipment, the commercial mode probably not chosen for a TP 3?
DD Form 1348-1A
What form is used MOST OFTEN as a shipment planning worksheet?
Code A
Which air DIMENSION CODE from the DTR indicates a shiment is not a consolidation and does not exceed 72 in in any dimension?
Code B
Which mode code from the DTR part II indicates the mode is motor and LTL?
What Category of AA&E has the HIGHEST sensitivity?
8 hours
Within how many hrs is the MTMC required response time for DRO of TP 1?
10 Days
Within how many days is the MTMC required response time for IRO OF NONEMERGENCY shipments?
Which hazard is considered the HIDDEN HAZARD common to all packaging shops?
Rotating Blades
Which is the LEADING HAZARD in the packaging environemnt?
Mishaps on the job involving HAND TOOLS are usuallly the result of?
Occupational health criteria for mechanical MHE
Personal issues such as jewelry
AFOSH 91-66 GENERAL INDUSTRIAL OPERATIONS contains informations on?
Identify the hazard
What is the FIRST STEP in the operational risk management process?
Which term means DETERIORATION OF MATERIAL due to electrochemical or chemical attack resulting from exposure to natural or induced environmental conditions?
What basic method of preservation uses DESSICANT?
Backing ply
Which layer of heat sealing barrier material provides STRENGTH?
What is the MAX TEMP of heat sealing operations?
40-80 PSI
What is the ideal RANGE OF PRESSURE needed to get a seal w/o forcing the thermoplastic out?
Rate of recovery
Which characteristics of cushioning is the TIME IT TAKES the material to return to its original shape?
Bound Fiber
Which type of cushioning material is made by NATURAL HAIR?
Water-Resistant cellulose cushioning
Which type of cushioning material has the advantage of good performance in COLD TEMPARATURE?
DD Form 1348-1A
What common document often lists an SPI FOR ITEM SHIPPED?
What item CHARACTERISTICS dictates the cushioning, blocking and bracing required?
Fiberboard Box
What type of containers can be BROKEN DOWN and stored lying flat, thus saving space?
They are stronger
What is the PRIMARY ADVANTAGE of wooden boxes over FB boxes?
III – Medium density hardwoods
Of the 4 wood groups, which is most useful for making BOX ENDS AND CLEATS?
30′ x 9′ x 7′
What maximum outside dimensions (in ft) are most DESIRABLE FOR CRATES?
For at least how many trips should CAT 1 – LONG LIFE containers should be used?
For atleast how many trips should CAT 2 – SHORT LIFE containers should be used?
What column is the key to INTERPRETING THE SPI?
Ensure containers are available at a moments notice
The primary purpose of the RCP is?
What should you use in BLOCKING AND BRACING operations to provide an opening for dessicant?
If container is 30″- 48″, how many girthwise bands should you apply?
The GENERAL RULE for deciding bow many bands to use on a wooden box is to use one band at least every?
Surface Preparation
What is probably the most important factor in MARKING MILITARY SUPPLIES?
10 cubic ft or larger
As a general rule, you should apply TWO LABELS if the container measures?
What TYPE OF REACTION takes place when you mix isocyanate and resin, the two components of foam-in-place packaging?
What type of foam is well suited for use as cushioning material for lighter, MORE DELICATE ITEMS?
What type of foam is most suitable for BLOCKING AND BRACING material?
Polyethylene film
What would you use to PROTECT AN ITEM and prepare it for the foam in place process?
Some electrical devices are so sensitive they may be DAMAGED BY ELECTROSTATIC as low as?
15,000 volts
Moving synthetic textiles, polyurethane, fiberglass, rubber, or other such common materials can result in ELECTROSTATIC VOLTAGES up to?
49 CFR
What publication has tables that indicate minimum requirements for PLACARDING trucks carrying HAZMAT?
DD Form 836
What form is used to CERTIFY HAZMAT moving over public highways by mil motor vehicles?
TPFDD – Time Phased Force Deployment Data
What DOCUMENT LISTS BY OPERATION PLAN all unit type code a wing tasked to support and indicat times, movement data, and modes of transport?
ICCTM – Interstate Commerce Commision Transportation Mobilization orders
What types of orders are self triggering and become effective upon PROCLAMATION OF CIVIL DEFENSE emergency by the president?
Base Support Plan
What INSTALLATION LEVEL DOCUMENT is designed to support unified and specified command wartime operation plans, as well ass major command supporting plans?
Installation Commander
Who is responsible to establish a BASE SUPPORT PLANNING COMMITTEE?
What program can assist commanders in validating, approving, and documenting the NEED FOR ADDITIONAL PERSONNEL resources to support installation level requirements?
What TERM describes using people in other than their assigned control AFSC duties?
Supplier support agreement managers office
The office of primary responsibility for a SUPPORT AGREEMENT PROGRAM is the installation?
Federal Aquisition Requisition
What publication directs procurement contracting officers to OBTAIN ADVICE TO?
When offers from contractors are opened
When does the procurement contracting officer begin EVALUATING SOLICITATION?
Resource Advisor
Who is the FOCAL POINT for squadrons funding issues?
Combat Logistics Support
What SQUADRON is composed of military personnel in selected maintenance, supply, transportation, and logistician AF specialties?
What type of team can be deployed for RAPID AREA DISTRIBUTION SUPPORT requirements?
Governor, Commonwealth or possesion
Who has command of NONMOBILIZED ANG units?
Major command or field operating agency office of primary responsibility
Who validates requests for AIR RESERVE COMPONENT augmentation?
DD Form 1384 (TCMD)
What is the primary form used to ENTER CARGO INTO DTS?
GBL – Government Bill of Lading
What form although phased out, is STILL USED FOR FOREIGN CUSTOMS CLEARANCE?
MTMC – Military Traffic Management Command Operations Center
Which organization is responsible for managing the DOD worldwide cargo TDR and analysis system?
SF 361
What is the most commonly used to REPORT TDR?
TAC code – Transportation Account Code
What is the FOUR DIGIT DESIGNATOR used to identify the appropriate service, agency, foreign military sales country, or contractor responsible for funding DTS charges?
Base local unit O&M funds
What type of funds pay for lateral support BETWEEN CONUS AF BASES?
AFMC – Air Force Material Command
Which major command maintains a website to DETERMINE PROPER TAC assigned based on assigned stock number?
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