2a Hoisting license

What is the purpose of the swing gear on an excavator
It connects the car body to the tracks
Who is responisble for inspecting a trench before anyone goes in it
The equipment operator
What is the prefered sling angle
The top of the spoil pile is called
The crown
A four footbdeep trench requires an additional ladder for each _ of open trench
Materials mist be kept back from the edge of the trenxh a minimum of
Two feet
When can inspector revoke a hoistinf licence
Failure to pay excise tax
Who developed the ma crane hand signals
Ansi / asme
Dot stands for
Department of transportion
When do you do your walk around of the equpiment
Before you start it
In the one to one sloping ratio what does the 2nd one represent
Depth or verticle rise
On a track machine the gears should be where
In the rear
When load leveling when do you deploy your stablizers
Before you make the lift
When backfilling an excavation you should use a
Small lift , shade the ditch
In the state of MA what criteria require a hoisting license
More than 500lbs
Height greater than 10ft
Bucket bigger than 1/4 yard
What tyoe of saftey system isnused on de-energized circuts
Lockout tag out total de energization
In what time should you contact departmant of public safety if a death occurs
Withen one hour
How many lbs in 1 ton
All welding and cutting on hoistinf equipment shall be done in accoradance with the requirments of what
Aws Asme codes
What items should be checked on a daily basis
Fluid levels, hoses tires belts horn backup system brakes and controls
What action does a signal person intend the operator to preform if he extends his arm at shoulder height makes a fist with his hands and sticks his thumb up
Boom up
What type of protections should be given to operators
Protection from weather
Saftey glass
Heat in cold weather
Over head protection
What law governs hoisting equipment in state of ma
Chapter 146 of general laws 530 cmr section 6
How do you test the load brake on a LULL
Lift the load just off the ground and return the boom handle to the neutral postion
How do you find the weight of a load
Shipping papers
Data tags
Use a scale
Calculate weight
What must be stamped on all load rating plates
Serial number of unit
The boom of the unit you are operating comes in contact with an energized power line theres no sign of any other danger such as fire what should you do
Stay in cab until lines are de energized
Can you prohibit the dept of saftey from comming on your property
Before digging anywhere who do you call and how much notice
Dig safe 811
30 days
How is the fuel of a diesel engine ignited
High heat generated by compression
Fuel under pressure
What do you do if uou machine comes in contact with an overhead or under ground power line
Stay on machine
Warm people to stay away
Try to break the contact
Call power company
Notify public saftey within 1 hour
What do you do if you dig up a gas line
Extinguish all open flames and lights
Keep people away
Evacuate the building in tje area
Do not bury the leak
Call utility company
Call police and fire department
Notify dept of public safety
How many cubic ft in a yard
How much does acubic ft of concrete weigh
How much does a cubic ft of steel weigh
What does a class 1c hoisting license cover in ma
Any type of ewupiment that has a boom without wire rope
Which of the following cannot be used for lifting
Nylon slings chain or wire rope
How far away do you put the spoil pile
2ft away is osha minimum
How far away from the edge of an excavation should you position the machine
1- 1.5 times the depth of the excavation minimim
What is the defination of a trench
A narrow excavation not motr than 15 ft wide or 5ft in depth
How do you protect workers in a trench
Working radius or load radius is defined as the distance from what to what
The center of rotation of the crane to the center of the load
How do you get buried worker out of a hole
Hand dig
Can you lift workers out of a hole
At what depth is it required to have a ladder ramo or stairs in the trench
How many ladders are required in a trench
1 every 25ft
When is it permisable to work under a load
What is the primary purpose of stabalizers
Provides latersl stabalization for the unit
What should you do if someone enters your area if safety
Stop and ask them to leave
What do fuel injectors do
Deliver fuel under high pressure to the combustion chamber
What type of material should all hooks and shackles be made from
Drop forged steel
Do you need a hoisting license on private property
Do you need a fire extinguisher on a hoisting machine
Yes 5lb be type
What governs the hydraulic hose under pressure
Pressure relief valve
Can you tighten a hydraulic hose under pressure
Is it mandatory to wear a seat belt
Yes if it is equipped with a rops system
What are the two major components in a ROPS system
Seat belt
Roll over protection can or bar
Why is the load kept as low to the ground as possible when traveling
Good visibility
Good stability
Whenever possibly what is the best way to work on a slope
Up or down the slope
Keep loads low to the ground
What position should the bucket be in when traveling
Low to the ground
Rolled all the way back
If you cannot see where the work is being done , do not move the machine unless what
You have a qualified spotter
What do you do with open holes or trenches at the end of the day
Back fill
French surround with 6ft min and no holes bigger than 4 inch
A crack in the windshield is okay as long as
It causes no visible distortion that would interfere with safe operation
What should you do when working on a public way
Police detail
Roadway flagged
Set up cones
Set up barricade
Set up warning signs
What should you do with the equipment when you leave the work area
Park on firm level surface
Chock wheels
Secure the equipment
Remove keys
Can an internal combustion engine be operated in a confined space
Yes if the area is ventilated
Who is allowed on a lift truck other than operator
No one
What is the purpose of a thimble at the end connection
Protects wire rope, maintains the diameter of the eye
What is the purpose of dig safe
To locate and mark member utilities
What is the minimum distance between your machine and an overhead power line
10ft up and up to 50,000 volts
When not in use what positions should the moving parts of the machine be placed
Lowered to the ground
Who is responsible for the safe operation of the machine
The operator
What is a tag line
A line used to control the loads being handled by hoisting equipment
When can you carry a load over people
What should you look for before starting work
Soft soil
Wet areas
Power lines
Under ground storage tanks
Who is allowed on the backhoe other than the operator
No one
At what intervals should your equipment be insepcted
Monthly for rigging equipment
90 day complete inspection
When do you need a gas test
Whenever you open the ground and smell gas
Lost three things that are required when you refuel a machine
No open flames withen 25 ft
Fire extinguisher nearby
Ground the nozzle before refueling
List the 3 main superimposed loads you should be aware of
Weight of spoil pile
Weight of the machine
Traffic adjacent to work area
What is the best way to load a truck
Driver side of truck
Square to the truck body
Driver in truck
How should you carry the load with front end loader
Bucket low to ground
Bucket curled all the way back
How close to a marked utility can you dig with a machine
18 inches to either side of the mark
Dig safe requires hand digging in the safety zone
When should you couple the brakes
When driving on public roads
Loading and unloading on trailer
What is a slow moving vehicle placard
Red triangle orange center
25mph max
What type of hoisting license do you need to operate a manlift
None if it only handles people
What type of hoisting license do you need to operate excavating equipment
Valid drivers license
2a,2b, 2c
What is considered to be a quick exit from a trench less than 25′ in length
Slope at one end
Stairs cut into end of trench
Stairs or benching not and option in c soil
What is shoring
Mechanically reinforcing the side the side walls of the trench to prevent cave ins
What are out riggers
Side extensions that add lateral stability to the machine
Can blocking be placed under outrigger beams
No only under the jack pads
What are dipper stick extensions used for
Are used to give the backhoe additional digging depth
What does the articulate mean on a wheel loader
Bends in middle
What is the safest way to enter and exit a backhoe
Facing vehicle step down or up
Use hand and foot holes
Using 3 point rule
When filling in a trench is it advisable to use the side of a backhoe buckets in answering motion
Don’t use side of buckets
Scoop the fill up
Push it with front of bucket
How should you position the bucket when loading from a stockpile
Bucket parallel to the ground
What is a clutch disconnect
Applies wheel brakes and disconnects the torque converter at the same time
What is load radius
The horizontal distance from the center line of the rotating equipment to the center of gravity of the load
Governs the lifting capacity of the machine
The shorter the radius the more the machine can handle
What must be done before persons are permitted to work underneath or between parts of construction and or demolition equipment which are suspended or held apart by the use of slings or hoist
The equipment must be blocked or cribbed in place
What is the minimum number of positions thy must be on all load charts for boom cranes
What must be done before starting demolition of a building
Call dig safe
Make sure the building is empty
All utilites should be disconnected
How often must hoisting licenses be renewed
Every two years
Beside your hoisting license what should be in your possession
Valid drivers license
What precautions must be taken when working in trenches
Proper shoring
No standing water
Gas test as necessary
Is it allowable to undercut the sides of a trench
No it may cause collapse
V the trench
What are the parts of a wire rope clip
U bolt
When terminating a wire rope the saddle goes on what side of the wire rope
The live or loaded side
How do you position a lull for lifting
Level on a firm bearing surface
What is the stability triangle
The distance between the two front wheels to s point on the center of the rear axle
How do you shut down a Diesel engine
Shut off fuel supply
How do you shut off gas engine
Shut of ignition
How do you shut off runaway diesel
Shut off air supply
What is the difference between a two cycle engine and a four cycle engine
Two cycle fires on every revolution of the crankshaft
4 cycle fires every other
What are the major components of a hydraulic system
Relief valve
Open port control
Lines and hoses
What weights do you add to determine the actual weight of the lift
Any load handling device
When Removing a battery from a Diesel engine which terminal do you disconnect first
What is the difference between the hydraulic system on a crane and the system on a front end loader
Check valves on a up lift Pistons on cranes
When traveling cross slop with a front end loader and you starts to tip what should you do
Place bucket on ground
Steer down hill
What is the fulcrum point of a forklift
Front axle
When operating a forklift the center of gravity must remain where
Inside the stability triangle
What is the angle of repose
The angle of the spoil pile to the ground
How does the fuel in a gas engine ignite
Combustion caused by spark
What does a governor do on an engine
Limits rpm
What is the weakest part of a hydraulic system
Why would you replace a hydraulic hose
Bad end fitting
Excessive external wear
What would cause the controls to feel spongy
Air in the system
Low fluid
Kink in line
Bad filters
Too many Rpms
What is an excavation
Hole in ground
When carrying a load on a fork truck what position should the forks be in
Close to the ground
Rolled back all the way
Industrial fork trucks have what type of steering
Rear wheel drive
What department enforces the hoisting laws in ma
Department of public safety engineering sections
How do you gain traction when driving a backhoe loader up a hill
Add material to bucket
What do white lines flags or stakes mean in work area
Pre mark lines for dig safe
If you cannot get all of your out riggers out all the way what should you do
Reposition the equipment before trying to make the lift
What precautions must be taken when working in the bacon it’s of overhead power lines
Proper barricades or warning signs
Notify the power company
Maintain proper clearance from the lines
What type of steering systems are found on industrial fork lifts
Rear wheel all wheel of crab steering
When preparing to hoist a load where should the hook be positioned
Directly above the loads center of gravity
As you boom down the leverage of the load on the crane will do what
Where is the load center located on most industrial lift trucks
Genrally 24 inches forward of the load backrest