2- Hospitality Facilities Management and Design

asset manager
An official of the property who serves as a combination of owner representative, investment manager, financial and marketing consultant, and project engineer.
Capital expenditure; expenditures for capital items such as FF&E and building systems.
computerized facilities/maintenance management system (CFMS/CMMS)
Computerized maintenance scheduling recordkeeping, and archiving systems that streamline the “paperwork and dispatch” of maintenance and repair.
contract maintenance
Maintenance performed by contract service companies.
control schematic
A document showing the relays, timers, fuses, switches, and basic wiring of controls within equipment.
emergency/breakdown maintenance
Maintenance required for problems that either create an immediate negative revenue effect or are likely to create a negative revenue effect if allowed to continue. Also called reactive maintenance.
equipment data card
A card used for all major pieces of equipment to record facts and information of importance for maintenance purposes
facilities benchmarking
A continuous-improvement initiative of developing numerical and other standards to allow comparison of a given facility to itself and to other properties or facilities.
guestroom maintenance
A form of preventive maintenance involving the inspection of a number of items in the guestroom, minor lubrication of doors and other equipment, repair of obvious small problems and, when needed, the initiation of work orders for more substantial problems or needs.
inventory record
A maintenance recordkeeping system that keeps track of the equipment and other items in physical inventory.
material safety data sheets (MSDS)
OSHA-mandated forms that informs employees about potentially hazardous materials used in the workplace, how to work safely with these materials, and what to do in case of an accident. Vendors and suppliers of hazardous materials must provide and MSDS for each product. These forms must be available to employees.
A practice in which facilities services are provided by contract service firms rather than by in-house staff.
Property Operation and Maintenance. One of two principal cost entries (with utilities) in the hospitality industry detailing ongoing costs of operation following construction of the facility.
predictive maintenance
Maintenance that uses sophisticated technological methods to increase operational life and target preemptive corrective actions by using diagnostic-based maintenance planning.
preventive maintenance
Maintenance stressing inspections, lubrication, minor repairs, or adjustments, and work order initiation. Generally performed using manufacturers’ information as a guideline.
preventive maintenance instructions
Maintenance instructions derived from experience, input from vendors and suppliers, and information from various professional and technical organizations. May contain a listing of parts or equipment required to perform each task.
preventive maintenance schedule
A schedule for maintaining elements of the building that are critical to guest satisfaction, overall property image and marketing, safety and security, and the performance of other departments’ duties.
repair order
A document used to initiate requests for maintenance services. Also called a work order.
room data card
A card used to record information concerning the basic characteristics and major elements of an individual guestroom.
rooms checklist
A checklist used for guestroom (preventive) maintenance, usually listing all the items in the guestroom and providing a brief indications of the type of inspection, lubrication, or cleaning activity to be performed.
routine maintenance
Maintenance that pertains to the general upkeep of the property, recurs on a regular basis, and requires relatively minimal skill or training to perform (for example, grass mowing, leaf raking, snow shoveling, carpet and floor cleaning).
scheduled maintenance
Significant maintenance requiring advance planning, a significant amount of time to perform, specialized tools and equipment, and high levels of coordination among departments.

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