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Michelangelo believed ________ to be the finest and most challenging of all the visual arts.
A sculpture intended by the artist to move is called ________ sculpture.
a kinetic.
Which type of arch, which is made up of stones that are progressively stepped inwards, was used by the ancient Babylonians and Mycenaeans?
Corbeled arch
This architectural construction method consists of two uprights and a crossbeam.
Even though it is a freestanding sculpture, Sculpture of the Lady Sennuwy was made to be displayed in what fashion?
With its back to a pillar or wall
Which style of church architecture emulates the architectural style of the ancient Romans and uses rounded vaults and vaulted aisles in its plan?
This artist took a urinal, turned it on its side, made some other slight alterations, and presented it as an art object titled Fountain.
Marcel Duchamp
The ancient Romans perfected this type of arch and often used it in their architecture
Which ruler of Renaissance Florence commissioned Giambologna to sculpt a symbol of the city’s strength to create a favorable image?
Francesco de’ Medici
What is one of the main reasons that the creation of the Olmec colossal heads is so impressive?
they were created without metal tools
In the nineteenth century, this material became both less costly and more widely available for construction.
all of the answers
Vaults that have an exposed structural beam protruding from them for decorative purposes are called ________.
rib vaults
The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living, by Damien Hirst, is an example of the broad range of materials that can be used in a work of art. It presents a ________ suspended in a tank of formaldehyde.
Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater cultivates an organic relationship between the building and its location by:
all of the answers
This building material is a mixture of cement and ground stone.
Another name for freestanding sculpture is ________.
in the round
What method of sculpture is the artist using when they assemble component parts in order to create an artwork?
This sculptural process is the act of creating an environment that a viewer will experience within a space
This is the large central space of a Romanesque or Gothic cathedral.
Over time, exposure to the elements can add this surface coloration to metals. It can also be created with the use of chemical preparations.
This type of arch was integrated into Gothic architecture in order to help direct the worshiper’s gaze upward.
The visionary church leader Abbot Suger sought to intensify the spiritual experience of worshipers by revolutionizing church architecture. He was instrumental in establishing the architectural style known as ________
Objects found or already existing outside of the context of art, which are used as component parts in a work or to create an entire sculpture, are called ________.

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