1960-Space Race APUSH

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Election of 1960
Richard Nixon – Republican
John F. Kennedy – Democrat
Johnson Rule
Running for 2 offices at the same fime
John F. Kennedy
Youngest man ever elected president
Why did Nixon lose the 1960 election?
Kennedy looked better than Nixon on television; Kennedy sold himself better than Nixon did
Bay of Pigs
CIA operation to overthrow Castro; try to start a revolt in Cuba in an attempt to overthrow Castro and the communist government
Fidel Castro
Defeated Mitesta; announced that Cuba was going to become a communist country
Who starts the Bay of Pigs?
Dwight D. Eisenhower and when he leaves office it becomes Kennedy’s job
Nikita Khrushchev
Soviet leader
1961 Construction of the Berlin Wall
Divided east and West Berlin; nicknamed “check point Charlie”
Oct 1962 Cuban missile crisis
Soviet Union supposedly placed nuclear missiles in Cuba
John F. Kennedy
President of the United States of America during the Cuban missile crisis
Nikita Khrushchev
Soviet leader during the Cuban missile crisis
Fidel Castro
Leader of Cuba during the Cuban missile crisis
Problem with Cuban missile crisis?
We told the world we were spying on them
Results of the Cuban missile crisis?
Red phone
Taking missiles out of Turkey
November 22, 1963
Assassination date of John F. Kennedy
Dallas, Texas
Place of JFK’s assassination
Lee Harvey Oswald
Accused of shooting Kennedy
Jack Ruby
Man who shot Oswald
John Conally
Governor of Texas; sat in the front seat and was also shot
Warren Commission
Government investigating agency investigating the Kennedy assassination
Earl Warren
Head of the Warren Commission
1957 Sputnik
Russian satellite
1st manmade satellite in space
1961 Yuri Gagarin
1st man in space
1st man to orbit earth
1957 NASA
National Aeronautics & Space Administration
1958 Explorer 1
1st US satellite
New Frontier
Kennedy’s promise to get a man on the moon before the decade is over; space program
Mercury Program
Man in space
Single austronauts getting into space
May 1961 Alan Shepard
1st American in space
Feb1962 John Glenn
1st American to orbit earth
On the Ohio state quarter
Friendship 7
John Glenn orbits in this ship
Gemini Program
To prepare for moon landing
3 man crew
1965 Edward White
1st man to walk in space
Apollo Program
Put a man on the moon
3 man crew
July 20, 1969 Apollo 11
1st mission to land on the moon
Why’s this important?
Beat Russia to the moon
Made it before the decade was over
Neil Armstrong
1st man to walk on the moon
Buzz Aldrin
2nd man to walk on the moon
1972 Apollo 17
Last mission to the moon
Harrison “Jack” Schmitt
Last man to walk on the moon
25th amendment
Presidential disability
Puts VP in charge of the Pres goes away or under
Created due to the Cuban missile crisis

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