(11) The Bureaucracy

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charged with regulating business
a section of a Cabinet department
chief administrator of the federal bureaucracy
the President
structure of federal bureaucracy
like a pyramid (head – at the top, federal agencies – base)
Executive branch
where most of the federal bureaucracy is found
the Executive Office of the President
The individuals and agencies responsible for directly assisting the President. Main responsibility is to advise the President. Most work in the White House.
a commission
type of unit that is charged with regulating business
a bureau
a section of a Cabinet department
the agencies of the executive branch that make up the Cabinet
line agency
An agency which performs the tasks for which the organization exists. Carry out public policy by performing tasks with the help of staff agencies.
staff agency
Help line agencies meet their goals by advising, budgeting, planning, and managing.
press secretary
supplies White House news to the press
the chief of staff
key member of the White House considered to have the most influence over the President
West Wing
Part of the White house, houses the president’s office(oval office) and the senior staff of the president.
the Office of Management and Budget
agency within the Executive Office of the President is responsible for preparing an annual report showing income and expenses
the National Security Council
a staff agency that advises the President about the safety of the country
the Council of Economic Advisers
agency that helps the President prepare the annual Economic Report to Congress
Office of Policy Development
provides advise to the President on domestic affairs
the Council on Environmental Quality
agency within the Executive Office of the President is responsible for how natural resources are used
The Office of the United States Trade Representative
advises the President on issues relating to foreign trade
Executive Branch
It has 15 executive departments that do the work of the federal government.
the Department of Interior
executive department that is responsible for managing public lands and national parks
largest executive department
Department of Defense
the Department of Treasury
executive department that is responsible for producing currency, borrowing money, and managing the public debt
the Department of Labor
executive department that was created during the Industrial Era in the early twentieth century
secretary in an executive department
A secretary is the leader of an executive department
the Department of Agriculture
Not an original executive department. Food and Nutrition services are a part of this department.
the Cabinet
The President’s traditional group of advisors. It came about to fill a need. It has grown over time. It is not mentioned in the Constitution. Most members come from the President’s political party.
approves the heads of Cabinet departments
main sources of advice for the President
the Cabinet and Executive Office of the President

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