E = hc/(lambda)
Find energy with planck’s constant, the speed of light and the wavelength
rate = k[A]^x [B]^y
rate reaction
A = Ao -(ko)(t)
Zero order rate reaction k = M/sec
At = Ao E^-kt
First order k = 1/sec
rate = k [A] [B]
Second order rate reaction k = 1/M sec
kc= ([C]^c [D]^d)/([A]^a [B]^b)
q = mc(change in)t
Hrxn = Hproduct – Hreactant
(change in)Hrxn = (change in)Hbonds broken + (change in)Hbonds formed
(change in)S = Sf – Si
(change in)G = (change in)H – t(change in)S
P1V1 = P2V2
V1/T1 = V2/T2
n1/V1 = n2/V2
d = m/v
PV = nRT
Xa = na/nT
KE = 1/2 mv^2 = 3/2 k T
r1/r2 = (MM2/MM1)^1/2
(change in)G = G(g) – G(s)
(change in)Tf = kf m
(change in)Tb = kb m
(osmotic pressure) = MRT
(change in)P = Pa^* – Pa
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