Yallop 1.08

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Unified communications (UC)is a business trend and that seeks to:
Simplify and integrate all forms of communications
You make it a point to send email messages which is an instant messages that are considered “safe for work.” This is a good way to ensure that your messages:
Will not be constructed as sexual harassment
Which of the following behaviors would be considered unethical?
Using your personal Facebook page to make disparaging remarks about your boss
Which of the following statements is true about Voice over IP (VoIP)?
VoIP is voice information delivered in digital form as packets of data using Internet protocol (IT)
Which of the following behaviors is considered to have the most personal risk associated with it when using social media?
Agreeing to meet someone in person after getting acquainted on Facebook
Why should you avoid typing emails messages in all capital letters?
Because using all capital letters connotes shouting her anger
Which of the following Internet communication practices is unethical but not illegal?
Asking another user in a chat room for personal information
Which of the following would be considered an effective Internet communication when posting messages to a newsgroup?
A message that is pertinent, appropriate and brief
When you sign into your instant messaging Service your online status is advertised to the people on your contacts list. What does this scenario represent?
You and other parents are attending back to school night at your son school. During his presentation about this years curriculum and goals your sons teacher talks about the dangers of the Internet. Which of the following should he include in his recommendations to the parents?
Urged the parents to warn their children to never provide personal information over the Internet
Some Internet practices are illegal whereas other practices may be legal but are still unethical and should be avoided. Which of the following practices is both legal and ethical?
Trying shareware for free and paying for it only after you decide to keep using it
Which of the following is an example of ethical Internet behavior?
Citing information you find on the Internet that you using your own work

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