Writing a Research Paper Quiz 2.3

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One shortcut for finding good sources Is:
a library database
One of the essential steps to keeping a research paper free from plagiarising web sources is to:
Add quotation marks to the passages you copy and paste from web sources
Which of these questions is too factual to be considered worth exploring for a research project?
Which countries successfully use wind energy?
A research proposal for a research paper______
guides the writing of the entire paper and is an effective way to manage your project
What is the best way to manage information when writing a scholarly research paper?
Choose several reliable sources, and keep a record (called a working bibliography) of each source you use.
When choosing a question for your research paper, look for one that is:
focused: not too broad nor too narrow
When looking for evidence to make your point, the information should be:
relevant, reliable, recent
As possible entry points in a conversation, choose questions that are:
focused, challenging, and grounded
What is one very important step you need to take before starting the research paper?
set a schedule
How many body paragraphs should a research paper have?
as many as you need to prove your thesis statement
A record of each source you read or review is called:
a working bibliography
Which of these questions is too speculative to be considered a good entry point into a conversation about your research topic?
Is it wrong to share pornographic personal photos by cell phone?
What are three important steps you must go through before submitting a research paper?
researching, drafting, and revising
Which of these questions is the best jumping off point to writing a research paper?
How has the widespread use of antidepressant drugs affected teenage suicide rates?
What is the definition of a source as used in research paper writing?
Any form of information or reference that provides ideas, examples, or evidence, like articles, books, documentaries etc.
One way to think like a researcher is to:
become well informed through reading and evaluating valid sources, preferably from library databases.
What makes a source scholarly?
It is written by experts and is usually peer-reviewed
A topic worth exploring for a research paper is one that is ____________________
not too narrow or too broad and speculative
When writing your research paper, you will start off by posing a question worth exploring, such as one that is:
What is the most important difference between a research paper and a simple essay?
A research paper is an extended essay, which uses outside sources with documentation.

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