World history Jeopardy questions

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What was the name of the legislative government started by Czar Nicholas II?
Area of Czechoslovakia Hitler too over because they spoke German
Lenin’s plan to rebuild Soviet’s economy; a temporary version of capitalism; after civil war
What was the main purpose of the N.E.P. (New Economic Plan)?
Descendants of the Dutch settlers
Who were the Boers?
When Otto von Bismarck wanted to rid of all Catholics to weak church’s influence in Germany; caused him to lose his job
What is kulturekampf?
December 7, 1941
Date of Japan’s surprise attack on Pearl Harbor
The cold war
The period of political tension following WWII
British insensitivity to Indian customs
What caused the Sepoy Mutiny?
Conflict over territory
Immediate cause of France Prussian War
Battle of the Marne
German advance toward Paris in WWI was halted at?
Where did the Industrial Revolution begin?
England’s vast empire
\”The sun never sets on the British Empire\” signifies?
To cause chaos in Russia, which would make them pull out of WWI
Why did Germany send Lenin back to Russia?
Need for raw materials and markets
How did Industrial Revolution encourage imperialism?
To prevent another Western invasion
Why did Stalin build a buffer (\”Soviet bloc\” – satellite countries) after WWII?
Mohandas Gandhi
Man who influenced Martin Luther King
Class struggle (Proletariats vs. Bourgeoisie)
To Marx, who was responsible for all important changes
Real politik (Machiavelli) – ends justify means
Philosophy Otto Von Bismarck subscribed to
Adam Smith
Father of Laissez-Faire?
Withdrawn Russian troops from WWI
What might Kerensky have done differently that would have prevented Bolshevic Revolution?
Contras (anti-communists of Nicaragua); against Sandinista
In Latin America, which organization did the U.S. support during the 70’s and 80’s
German plan to avoid a two-front war with Russia and France
What was the Schlieffen Plan?
Francis Joseph
Monarch of dual empire, Austria-Hungary
Name of the working class who, according to Karl Marx, was oppressed by the middle class
Sicily and Napes (Southern Italy)
Garibaldi’s forces were able to take control of…

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