World History- Chapter 32

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The Germans first successfully used blitzkrieg in an attack on?
Douglas MacArthur
The mastermind of the island hopping strategy.
The main target of the Kamikazes.
The group that was tried at the Nuremberg Trials.
Where were the atomic bombs dropped?
Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Which of the following battles marked the final German offensive?
Battle of the Bulge.
The event that tuned the tide in the Pacific for the Allies.
Freedom of Trade
The Atlantic Charter was a declaration of the?
The Soviet Union signed a non-aggression pact with?
Who was the Western commander of the Allied forces in Europe?
Dwight D Eisenhower
T/F; The Allies plan for the victory over the Nazis was to attack them on two fronts.
T/F; The strategy of the Island hopping was to bypass weak points and attack strong ones.
False; Opposite
T/F; The German defeat at Stalingrad was attributed to Russian troops and winter.
T/F; The most famous Concentration camp was at Dresden.
False; Auschwitz.
T/F; The goal of the \”Final Solution\” was genocide of people the Nazis deemed inferior.
Where did the Allies open the second front in Western Europe?
Normandy, France.
Great Britain and France entered the war because what country was invaded?
The leader of the Free French was?
Charles De Gaulle.
Who masterminded the Japanese naval strategy in WWII?
\”A date that will live in infamy\” describes what?
Pearl Harbor
Who led efforts to draw up a Japanese constitution?
Douglas MacArthur
Who led victorious British troops at El Alamein?
Bernard Montgomery.

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