Working With Families Essay
Working With Families Essay

Working With Families Essay

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  • Published: January 20, 2022
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Working with families and children can be challenging just as it can be rewarding. It requires an individual to endure and deal with life stresses of the people with the hope that the people will get better. Their past experiences of therapists, social workers, and psychologists have an impact on their career choices and the ability to deal with challenges. They thus will decide early on their chosen career paths which can be reflected in day to day living. Adolescent years are important as children will easily show their talents which are necessary and evident professions they later choose.

Historical events shape the attitudes of people which affect their choices in life. Sad events make individuals realize the importance of they have. My aunt’s history changed after she witnessed and felt for the 911 victims. The family, as she realized is an important source of r


efuge that no one would not wish to loose. Encouraging and promoting the stability of families through encouraging married couples is, therefore, important. Marriage partners also need to understand the importance of family and unity. Marriage couples need to understand the importance of having each other and upholding family values. My aunt’s compassion nature increased after realized the gap for the families related to victims.

Marriage provides an individual with a transformative and remarkable experience that marriage and family therapists can use to lead more meaningful lives and to help others with family and marriage problems. An individual learns to show compassion and resilience in marriage, and such can use the values in the performance of professional duties like counseling and motivating. Empathizing with clients, for instance, is help in creating rapport

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All the experiences an individual goes through shape their attitudes and perspectives towards life. Past experiences can also cause anxiety among individuals. Helping careers require more than the theoretical framework and work experience. Personal values acquired through different events in life are necessary for providing better intervention services.

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