Word Chapter 2 Flashcard

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A note reference mark signals that an explanatory note exists at the bottom of the page as a(n) ____
By default, the Normal style places ____ points of blank space after each paragraph.
By default, the Normal style inserts a vertical space equal to ____ line(s) between each line of text.
current date. page number, current time
Headers and footers can include text and graphics, as well as the _____.
Each time the _____ key is pressed, the paragraph formatting in the previous paragraph is carried forward to the next paragraph.
horizontal ruler
Although you can use a dialog box to indent paragraphs, Word provides a quicker way through the ____.
The _____ feature automatically corrects typing, spelling, capitalization, or grammar errors as you type them.
The rule is to press the SPACEBAR ____ time(s) after periods, colons, and other punctuation marks.
A(n) ____ is a placeholder for data whose contents can change
A tag name is an identifier that links a(n) ____ to a source
lines, characters, paragraphs
The Word Count dialog box displays the number of words as well as the number of _____ in the current document
map, memo, letter
Which of the following is a bibliographic source?
When the same word is used in multiple locations or a word is used that was not quite appropriate, a thesaurus can be used to look up a(n) _____, or a word similar in meaning.
A(n) ____ is a book of synonyms
Some ____ available in the Research task pane include a dictionary and, if you are connected to the Web, a search engine and other Web sites.

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