People in Kentucky developed Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease like symptoms after eating
squirrel brains

Most non-phylogenetic wildlife classification schemes are based on
distribution and abundace

Sea horses commonly live over
beds of grass

Wide scale poisioning of prairie dogs was undertaken between 1920 and 1970 by the agency now known a
USDA wildlife service

Nutria were originally introduced to
establish a fur industry.

In 1981, a population of Black-footed Ferrets was found near Meeteese in

A hunter from Louisiana, who shot a radio-collared lynx in Colorado, was fined
greater than 18000

“Egging”, means the removal of eggs from snow goose nests will likely be ineffective in managing snow geese because
nests are far from any people

A female snow goose can lose ___ of her body mass producing a single clutch.

is an introduced species in North America that belongs to the phylum Mollusca.
zebra mussel

Currently the market for US caught cannonball jellyfish exists especially in

seahorses are actually
bony fish

The muskrat is a once commercially important native North American ___ that weighs about 2 lb

researches believe that the declines seen in british farmland birds are due to
farming practices

is one of the three most represented phyla of invertebrates listed by FCREPA

As noted in lecture, there are ___ main foraging types (not species!) of gull

The frog most sought after in Big Cypress National Preserve was the___ frog

in one study of british farmland bird reseraches found that about ___% of all european birds are now a conservation concern

In Louisiana, authorities recently hoped to persuade the public to
eat nutria meat

Sponges once were, but no longer are, commercially harvested out of
key west

In deuterostomes the—froms from the blastopore.

__species of kangaroo are only harvested on Flinders Island and Tasmania

although japan supported the one time sale of ivory, the sale was opposed by

Fishers (Martes pennati) have recently been re-introduced to the state of

The fisher re-introductions were funded in part by

The largest population of re-introduced black-footed ferrets (164 individuals) is in
south dakota

Wisconsin deer may have been infected with CWD by eating
protein pellets

Cannonball jellyfish are a good species for commercial harvest because they
have high reproductive rates

White line disease is found in certain — in Florida.

The individuals used in re-introductions of the black-footed ferret came from
captive breeding

BTO researchers found that the ___ had increased to higher numbers than ever reported throughout history
grey heron

Coral reefs are formed by species in the phylum

Phostoxin reacts with ___in the atmosphere to become activated.

Plants are not listed by CITES.

According to the Miami Herald in 1996 people were killing $___ worth of frogs per night.

Lobsters and shrimp are species in the phylum

A pseudocoelom is characteristic of the

Today sponges are commercially harvested in Florida only out of
tarpon springs

the california wildlife protection act banned hunting of
mountain lions

mountain lions have never been known to kill humans

Scallops are members of the phylum

Sea Horses are especially popular in markets in traditional medicine in

By 1984 the Schaus Swallowtail Butterfly was reduced to a total of
70 individuals

is an example of a wildlife classification scheme based on an international agreement

The Schaus Swallowtail butterfly survived because a few individuals wer
none of these (not protected by the NPS, naturally large, or had mated with an introduced species)

the predator defense institue attacked the ___ state wildlife agency over its methods for studying mountain lion population size

The Schaus Swallowtail butterfly was nearly wiped out in 1992 because of
hurrican andrew

Fishers are members of the ___ family

are extremely dangerous species found in the region of tropical Australia.
box jellyfish

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