What is Demography?

What is Demography?
scientific study of human population
Who coined the term?
Achille Guillard; Demos – people
Graphein – to write about
What is population size?
How many people are there (in a certain area)
What is population growth/decline?
How does the number of people change over time
What are population processes?
Fertility, Migration, mortality.
What is population distribution?
Where people are located and why
What is population structure?
the distribution of people in a certain area, differentiated by their age group
What is population characteristics?
the things that puts people alike in a given area.
Demography is related to almost everything and shapes the world but it does not determine the world. T/F
What is geodemographics?
the study and grouping of the people in a geographical area according to socioeconomic criteria, esp for market research.
____ people are has a tremendous influence over ___ they are.
where; who
How is demographics applied to politics?
# of seats in the House of Representatives; the influence of population and government programs; elections
Apply demography to social planning
Used for services within the communities – education, sanitation, economic development
What is carrying capacity?
the number of people that can be supported given the resources of an area and the way people living in this area use these resources.
What are the 3 concepts of marketing demography?
segmenting markets, targeting, and cluster marketing.
What is segmenting markets?
tailoring products and services to a specific demographic group
what is targeting?
aiming the advertising of a product or service to a specific demographic group
what is cluster marketing?
relating demographic information about people to information about where they live.
Who is the father of demography?
John Graunt