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Tj’s father’s name is ?
John Paul Jones
who has a television buff andspecially loves ______ It is the first clue about the book’s title
anything about whalews.
Tj agrees with Simet to swim. But he says he will not swim alone, he wants a _____ So Tj recruits at the __________ with flyers on car windshields
Partner/Team; river
The first person to respond to Tj’s flyer is______. He has a huge vocabulary and uses it. He sys he will have a response for Tj within __ hours
Daniel Hole; 40
The next person to respond the flyer is ______. He is a______ and a _______though he as to trevael find steroid free competitions.
Tay -Roy Kibble; musician; bodybuilder
The next day , TJ is talking to _____ in the lunch room, trying to convice him to join the team when, _____ and his friend show up to hassle him. Coach______ the head of football, intervenes.
Chris Coughlin; Barbour; Benson
After school, _____ finds TJ in the computer lab and after they joke aroud, calling Mike barbour and his friends _______, tell shim he will seim with him in the soft winter
Chris; Gorillas
________ heads the alumni group called the _____ . They raise money for the boy’s athletic teams. Not one former _____ athlete belongs to the group.
Mr. Morgan; female
Rich Marshall wants to make sure has a ______ attached to the baby deer so
TJ tried to shelter the ______ with his body, but Rich Marshall shot it out from under him anyway.
For the next 5 days, TJ wore the _____ clothes to school
_______ stood up for TJ when the principal , Mr. Morgan, asked them to intervene.
His dad
TJ wakes up at _____ AM for his first workout at the gym called_____.
2:30; All Night Fitness
When TJ enters the _______ after his workout he meets a man who is _______ at the gym. He works at both ______ and ____ to pa his son’s tuition.
Sauna; sleeping; wendy; burger king
_______ weighs 287 pounds, is 5’8, and is a member of the swim team.
Simon DeLong
______ is nondescript, medium height, brown hair, and has no distinguishing characteristics. He is a member of the swim team.
Jakie Craig
______ walks with a limp and no one knows why. He is a junior and looks very angry. HE approaches TJ in the hallway and tells him he wants to be a simmer.
Andy Mott
_______ is TJ’s therapist from childhood. They are still friends. She is one of the very few other people in town who are not white. She gets away with calling TJ “________” because of it.
Peanut head
TJ is in love with ______ . TJ met her the summer he was trying to become an expert _____ and _____
Carly Hudson; Water skier; wake boarder
The first night TJ meets Carly her, she shows up with ____ at a dance
Mike Barbour
Carly’s self described greatest talent is ____. She has a lot of experience from having t do is so often for her mother and brother.
TJ’s father became a _______ because he thought it would help him see the world and get paid at the same time.
On July 27, 1968, TJ’s father spent time with a _____ at her home. While her mother was watching her baby, the baby crawled up under TJ’s father’s truck When TJ’s father drove away, it killed the baby. This was the _____ moment of his life.
widow; most defining
The only income TJ’s father makes is by repairing ____ at his home. All other work, eh does for free. It usually involves helping children.
classic motor cycles
TJ’s father also volunteers as a _______ for the state. He was trained to represent the best interestsof cildren in court.
Gaurdian ad Litem
All the guys except _____ begin showing up for the morning workouts
Andy Mott
TJ comes up with an idea to solve the space problem at All Night Fitness . While 4 guys are swimming three can be working out on a ______tied to the wall.
surgical tube
____ works at interim coach for the boys since he cannot sleep through their loud music
When TJ walks in on a play therapy session in Georgia’s house, we first meet ______ a little girl with TJ’s skin color.
Heidi spends time at the sink, trying to scrub off _____
skin color
Georgia as TJ sign a _____ so that he can ” work” for her.
Confidentiality Oath so that he can “work” for her.
Heidi’s parents are Alicia Marshall and _____
Rich Marshall
In college, Alicia began dating a black football player, named Willis Stack. Alicia got pregnant and then Willis left because ______
he was parallyzed and didn’t want to cause them any hardships.
After Willis left, Rich Marshall began to date Alicia and let her believe that no one would have her baby. He made her change Heidi’s name from Felicia to Hedi because it was the “_____” name he could think of
Heidi has two ______. she is not allowed to play with them or their toys.
Chris actually likes “simming” on the ______ better than swimming in the water because he can hear the music better. He lies _____ music.
bench; Christmas
Interim Coach Oliver created a “_________” system for working ut.
One summer, while TJ was visitng the neo-Nazi “summer camp,” he saw ______ chatting with some of the “officers.”
Rich Marshall
Icko is Interim Coach Oliver’s new _____
At the beginning of Chapter 7, ______ finally shows.
Andy Mott
Andy Mott is missing a ____ , which is why he limps.
________ has the most overall talent, after TJ.
Tay -Roy
Simet wants Icko to be ______
his assistant and get payed
Andy Mott is the king of _______
Before the beinning of each athletic season, Cutter H.S holds a school-wide ___
The person driving the car following TJ is _____
Judy Coughlin
In fifth grade, the class’s teacher sat the children by grades. The student with the highest grade sat in the front left seat. The student with the lowest grade sat in the back right seat. _________ was always dead last.
Christ Coughlin
Everyone is still showing up for two practices a day. At one point, Chris sneaks over and touches Andy’s ______ under the bench.
Everyone except _____ sits in the first three rows of the bus.
Andy Mott
To earn a letter each team member will have to make their _____ at every meet
best time
Before they get there, Coach Simet desribes the _____ so it won’t b unfamiliar or strange.
Simon DeLong is afraid of being ______. To avoid this, ______ volunteers to swim with him, figuring the crowd would rather look at a one-legged swimmer than a fat one.
called fat; Andy Mott
At the end of their first swim meet, they have all earned some ___
One the way home from the mete there is a ____ the bus ends up hitting a ____ as a result.
blizzard; rick wall
When asked who they would kill if they got one “freebie” Simon says says___
The first bus ride home is described at the end of the chapter as _________
therapy session
__ wrote a newspaper article about the swim teams escapades with the snowstorm and the first meet.
TJ challenges Mile Barboura and some of his friends to a ____
After the incident with Mike Barbour and Rich Marshall, TJ goes ____ for lunch
At home TJ finds his father crumpled in the dark bedroom watching a video of ____ and sobbing
When TJ gets back to school, he runs into ____ again. He tells TJ that Simet “jumped ships” on the team and that they will, indeed have to ___ in order to letter
Mike Barbour; improve time
What TJ likes more than the swim meets, which are all going well, are the ___
bus rides
Toward the end of the semester through the team is swiming well, they are beginning to have trouble with _____.Andy Mott is “in danger ” of passing one class.
Each simmer helps in the goal of raising grades. When grades are posted, the swim team as the _____ cumulative average.
2nd highest
___ is going to be living with the Jones. Alicia lefter her and the boys with ___ for an entire afternoon.
Heidi; Rich
When Heidi spills ____ on the floor, she is immediately fearful. TJ’ss father, instead of yelling, actually _____ with her.
fries’ spills his fries too then eats them off the floor with her
___ shows up at TJ’s house, drunk, and “needing” to see Alicia. He accuses TJ of sleeping with Alicia. He has a ____ tucked in his belt.
TJ’s father comes running down the stairs with a ____in his hand .
baseball bat
Abby identifies Rich Marshall as a ____ and then warns TJ not to get involved with him. Men like Rich do not give up .
TJ’s father admits that he usually has a rying episode when he starts feeling
goodwe find out that Rich Marshall’s ___ was rough and mean
we find out that Rich Marshall’s ___ was rough and mean
TJ’s father said at one point he started to wish he was a ____ because at least they know what it is to be a ___
All the simmers after the second round of meets look forward to the ___ as if they’re vacations
road trips
Andy mott lost his leg to ____ , which he describes as ___
Gangrene; Rot
Andy wants to pay ____ 40 dollars for two ____ of him. Andy has A _____ in Birmingham, Alabama.
Tay-Roy; pictures; girlfriend
Later, Dan Hole admits he has also sent pictures of ___ to his girlfriend.
______ finally figures out the letter jacket “scheme” and talks to TJ about it at the school dance after the swim meet.
Coach Benson
____ is Carly’s friend and was hurt by ___
Kristen;Mike Barbour
When Mike Barbour finds out that Carly told ___he’s rough with women, he got very angry He told her she could make it up to him by ___
Kristen;having sex
Wen Kristy doesn’t want to, Mike Barbour shouts at her to “____!”When she doesn’t, he contiually ____ her arm.
dtip’ punches
When TJ tries to find Mike Barbour in order to ___ him, he ends up getting a ___ for his driving
When TJ gets home, ____ is awk and talks to him
Abby says Kristin was most likely brought up by a father who believes exactly what ____ believes, which is why she’ll never charge him with assault
TJ’s father says if TJ tries to fight Mike Barbour, Mike will immediately turn it into a ____ issue and respond by ____ someone else
racial; hurting
TJ says that his father should have been born a ___
Abby did as promised. After ___ midnight visit, she called the school and he is no longer allowed there during school hours
Rich Marshall’s
TJ gets called ito ___ office. __ is also there
Morgan’s ‘ Cach Benson
Coach Benson says ___ tells a different story about Kristin Sweetwater. Mike & Kristin are ___
Barbour;are back together.
Mike Barbour has a full ride to the ___
Coach Benson threatens the swim team with another ____
_____ is also in foster care with Heidi. She is also staying with the Jone’s
Rich has a ____ against his kis, Alicia, and TJ’s family
restraining order
Both TJ’s father & Alicia assert that Rich ____ where she is very soon
will know
By the time they get to the conference meet, ____ the simmers are assured of lettering.
All of
______ has never won the all- sport championship because although they have the “big” sports like football and baseball, they’ve always fallen down in the _____. They’ve never had a _____
Cutters’ sports like gymanstics, soccer, and cross country; sim team
Tay-Roy likes___
Kristen Sweetwatr
Both TJ and ____ will be playig at ___
The spokane and Wenatcheeswim coaches have approached TJ to be on their summer teams They think he could makethe ___ with proper training.
Olympic trials
Chris’s times would win him 4th place if he was ____ years old. He has taken to ____ to the crowd when he’s done.
11-12; blowing kisses
___ is the only simmer to continue after conference eet. All the other simmers will swim against him for pratice.
___ killed a baby by squeezing his stomach. He ___ another shaking it. He did___ in prison.
Rance Hskins; blided; 3 years and a month
Rance tied up ____ to a heater. He was there almost ___
Motts leg; 24 hours
All the simmers have____
letter jackets
The Athletic Council meets the ____ after the conference meet. Simet brings ___ with him
Monday/sime coach; TJ
The chairperson of thecouncil is___, which means he doesn’t get to -__ unless there is a tie.
Benson; vote
In the end, thre is no vote, because Simet asks for the official ____ concerning the rules
Athletic Council
WHile Tj swims continuously, the other guys swim in a ___ style so that TJ is challenged
For the past two weeks, TJ’s house as been getting a lot of ____ that end in hang ups. They assume it is ___
phone calls; Rich
One night, after Rich as been calling repeatedly, TJ and his father go t ohte 7-11. There, they find Rich and it is obvious that he has been _____
Simet borrows a ____ for the trip to state that the whole team can go
If Tj wins just ___ two events, it will place cutter in the top then. Tj could do that all by himself.
TJ makes a deal with ___. If TJ wins his final race, Benson will vote for the ____ for swim team.
Benson; letter requirements
While the team was gone, the council ____ on the requirements for the swim team.
TJ knows he can ___ the last race
Simet says he will take the letter jacket debate out of the school and right into ____
TJ wants the swim team boys to join him at _______
TJ finished ____ in his final raceat state
TJ purposely ____the last race
TJ says that ___ can race ___ to decide whether or not the team gets their letter jackets
Barbour; Chris
Alicia takes Heidi and the boys to see ____ one day after calls, acting contrite and saying that a man should be allowed to see his osns.
That night, Rich starts calling the house every ten minutes. TJ’s father has had enough and decides to ____ Rich’s movements.
Record (tapes)
Heidi uses a ____ to scrub her skin. She says ____ toldher to do that.
Brillo pad; daddy Rich
TJ’s father finally meets up with Rich at ____. TJ joins him, worried that there will be too many of Rich’s friends there.
____ is at Wolfy’s to back up Rich.
_______ races Mike Barbour at All-Night Fitness. ____ wins the race.
Chris Coughlin; Chris
Chris Couglin wins the ______ award at the winter sports banquet. Simet says he doesn’t know an athlete in the world with more ____ than Andy Mott.
Most inpirational;courage
The boys receive their ____ at the end of the year at a large assembly. During the middle of the assembly, Andy Mott takes off his ___. The crowd falls silent.
jackets; keg
____ does notearn a letter jacket. Chris gives Tj ____
TJ;brian Coughlin’s jacket
Tje team quickly bows out of participating in Hoopfest, so TJ gets a team together consiting of :____,_____, and _____ as an alternate
Tj’s dad, Simet, Mott
Tay-Roy is now dating __________. Mike Barbour is not happy about it.
Kristen Sweetwater;
At the end of the first day, TJ’s team, the Slam -Dunking Meren, is set to play the ___ , Mike and Rich’s team.
Though they are not orginally going to attend Hoopfest ___ and _____ end up going. ____ says she;ll come along for support.
Alicia; Hedi; Georgia
Athe end of the game, _____ wins.
Slammin Merman
After losing, ____ retrieves a gun from his car and aims it at ____ . LTo save her, ____ jumps in front of it, taking the bullet.
Rich; Heidi; dad
______ actually tried to stop Rich.
The little boy under the truck’s name was ____. His mother’s name was ____
Tyler Couples; Stacy Couples
Tj’s father says he doesn’t want TJ spending one minute on ____
TJ drivs to ______ , the town where the wido is from
new meadows, Idaho
Tj disvovers that Stacey as a ____named _____. TJ thinks he may be his brother
son; kyle
TJ disvovers that Kle loves _____ and _____
_____ has a life sentence with no possibility of parole.
____ lives on the edges of the Jones’ property
T.J. stands for :______
The Tao Jones
Tj’s ethnicity is _____ and ___
black, japanese, ; white
Tjs biological moteher’s name is ____
TJ’s adoptive mother work as ____ and is named ____
lawyer; Abby Jones
The Tao is actually a real ____ and a ___
religion; book
TJ qualified for the junior Olympics in ____ when he was ___ years old.
2 simming events; 13
TJ’s Eglish teacher’s name is ___
At Cutter High the Shroud of Turin is ____
letter jacket
The school bully is ___
Football and basketball at Cutter High are coached by Coach____
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