Vocabulary Workshop Level B Unit 13

(n.) a violent stirring or movement; noisy confusion, excitement, a stirring up of public enthusiasm.
synonyms – disquiet, uneasiness, upset
antonyms – peace of mind, composure, calm

(v.) to say suddenly or without thinking.
synonyms – blab, let slip

(adj.) arranged in order of time of occurence.
synonyms – in time sequence, consecutive

(n.) a face, facial expression; (v.) to tolerate or approve.
synonyms – support, condone
antonyms – disapprove of

(v.) to make or become smaller, reduce in size essay writer life hacks.
synonyms – lessen, decrease, dwindle
antonyms – increase, enlarge, augment

(v.) to please greatly; to charm, put under a magic spell.
synonyms – delight, thrill, bewitch
antonyms – bore, nauseate, disgust

(v.) to change continually; to move up and down.
synonyms – waver, seesaw, oscillate
antonyms – stay put, remain unchanged

(v.) to bring up, give care to; to promote, encourage; (adj.) in the same

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family but not related by birth.
synonyms – support, nurture, cultivate
antonyms – stifle, smother, quash, discourage

(v.) to humble oneself, act in a fearful and servile way; to lie face downward; to indulge in something base or unworthy.
synonyms – crouch, cringe, wallow

(n.) work done by hand; a trade requiring hand skill.
synonyms – manual art, artisanship

(adj.) extremely funny, causing loud amusement.
synonyms – highly amusing, side-splitting
antonyms – boring, dull, heartrending, humorless

(v.) to set on fire, cause to burn; to heat up, excite.
synonyms – inflame, light, kindle
antonyms – quench, extinguish, douse, put out

(n.) the great size or importance of something.
synonyms – extent, immensity
antonyms – smallness, unimportance, insignificance

(adj.) large and heavy; great in size or scope.
synonyms – bulky, immense
antonyms – flimsy, frail, thin

(adj.) of or like a mother.
synonyms – protective, sympathetic
antonyms – paternal

(v.) to lose in interest, attraction, or effectiveness; to become tiresome; (n.) a dark covering, something that conceals.
synonyms – birem weary, gloom, shadow
antonyms – intrigue, fascinate, light, brightness

(adj.) well thought of, having a good reputation.
synonyms – reliable, respectable, trustworthy
antonyms – shady, unsavory, questionable

(v.) to love and respect deeply, honor greatly.
synonyms – esteem, cherish
antonyms – scorn, disdain, mock

(n.) a narrative of heroic exploits; a long, detailed account.
synonyms – heroic tale, epic, chronicle

(adj.) dull, boring; old-fashioned, hidebound; lumpy, thick.
synonyms – stuffy, tiresome, blah
antonyms – forward-looking, avant-garde, progressive
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