Visual Element – Space Answers

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Mass is the ________(1)________, where as depth is the ________(2)________.
(1) effect or degree of bulk,density, or weight a 3-dimensional form;
(2) apparent distance from front to back in a piece of artwork
___________ is the use of value to create the illusion of depth.
In the above painting by Salvador Dalí, entitled Persistence of Memory, which of the following objects do not occupy positive space?
the ground
Objects in a composition occupy ____________.
positive space
Negative space is particularly important and highly utilized in creating ____________
[not] landscapes
The art of using and understanding space involves _______________
all of the above.
In Van Gogh’s Starry Night, he incorporated symbolic expression, using the visual elements of art, through all of the following actions, except which?
The artist has created the piece so that the negative space overpowers the positive space.
The painting above is called The Holy Family, by ______(1)_______, who is considered a master of ______(2)_______.
(1) Michelangelo;
(2) modeling
This artwork is called the Raft of the Medusa, painted by Géricault. All the visual elements incorporated by Géricault lead the eye to which primary focal point?
the man waving the flag
_____________ is the area of dark created when an object blocks light.

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