US History A Unit 4

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Lesson 16 Vocab
What attracted immigrants to the United States?
It was usually for finding jobs, gaining a new home, or because of overpopulation in their home country
How did the first wave of immigrants differ from the second wave?
The first wave was wealthy with an education and work experience while the second wave was the opposite with no education, money or work experience
Why did immigrants settle in cities in their own ethnic communities?
So that they could live with people of their own culture and that shared the same diet and customs
Why did many Americans oppose immigration?
Mostly it was because they were racist whites that feared the immigrants would steal their jobs
How did some nativists in the West show their opposition to Chinese immigration?
By creating things such as literacy test to prove their value or laws like the Exclusion Act
What were the reasons for Latin American immigration to the United States in the late 1800s?
To escape the Mexican Revolution or Cuban conflict
Between 1901 and 1920, which region had the lowest percentage of immigrants?
North and Western Europe
Between 1861 and 1880, which region had the highest percent of immigrants?
Northern and Western Europe
How did immigration from southern and Eastern Europe change between the two periods shown?
It grew to be the dominating percentage
What conclusion can be made about the percentage drop of immigrants coming from northern and Western Europe between 1861 and 1920?
Tickets to America became cheap enough for the poor and uneducated Europeans to come
Lesson 16 Who’s Who
What happened in 1889?
Jane Addams founded Hull House in Chicago
What happened in 1920?
Women won the right to vote
What year did the Federal Income Tax become law?
What year did the Interstate Commerce Law become law?
What year did Grover Cleveland’s presidency begin?
What happened in 1911?
A fire at Triangle Shirtwaist Company killed workers and Sun Yan-Sen became Chinese Republic President
Why were some areas in cities unhealthy?
Due to disease and poor housing
How did settlement houses improve life for people in cities?
They allowed for people to come together and learn to cook, entertain each other, learn English, learn to prevent disease, and whatever else they wanted to put together
What type of corruption existed in many city governments?
Lots of people would take bribes by wealthy buissness owners and give gifts and favors in exchange for their support
How did congress respond to corruption in business?
They passed a law requiring people to take a test on their ability for a job
How did Plessy v. Ferguson affect the rights of African Americans?
It allowed for segregation to continue with no punishment
What was the effect of the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882?
It stopped most Chinese immigration into the United States
Lesson 17 Who’s Who
Describe the details of what you see in the picture on page 498.
An unhappy family of immigrants stand outside of their badly conditioned home
Look at the political cartoon on page 501. What do the people on the right tell you about their attitude towards the African American man?
Based on their appearance they look like racist KKK members blocking a black man from his right to vote
What is the African American attempting to do? How do you know?
He is attempting to vote based on the paper in his hand and the building is marked as \”polls\”
Lesson 18 Vocab
Direct Primary
How did the muckrakers bring about social reform?
They would investigate and expose the problems of the United States
What was the goal of the WCTU?
To make the process of creating and selling alcohol illegal
What improvements were made in local and state governments?
The idea of commissions were created to limit the power of just one person and create subsections of government to run different parts of the city or state
What were African Americans and women fighting for?
African Americans were fighting for equal rights and to be treated as humans and women were fighting for voting rights
Which part of the United States were most of the Public Lands located?
The west
How many states have both public lands and lands sold or otherwise disposed of?
What state is in the middle of the public land and lands sold or otherwise disposed of?
South Dakota
Why do you think most of the eastern states are not considered part of the public domain?
Because they are part of the original colonies
Lesson 18 Vocab
How did president Roosevelt show his support for Progressive movement?
By helping miners earn fair conditions and wages for their work and setting aside acres of land for protection
What was Theodore Roosevelt’s vision of government?
A department of commerce to regulate businesses
What were three Progressive reforms during Taft’s presidency?
He created more national parks, set aside more forestland, and signed the Sixteenth Amendment.
Why did Roosevelt want to defeat Taft in the election of 1912?
He didn’t believe Taft was good enough to take care of US problems
What reforms were made during President Wilson’s administration?
The Nineteenth Amendment, the Adamson Act, and the Keating-Olson Act
Why was the Federal Reserve Act important?
It allowed the government to supervise banks
Read through the \”Meet the President\” Chart on page 509. What were some of Roosevelt’s occupations before becoming President?
He was Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Commander of the Rough Riders, and a politician
Look at the political cartoon on page 511. Based on the cartoon, what do you think Roosevelt’s opinion on Taft was?
He believed Taft wasn’t smart or skilled enough for the job
Look at the map of the United States on page 512. Which state was first to give women full suffrage?
Which states granted women only partial suffrage?
Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri, Illinois, Ohio, Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and North Dakota
Lesson 18 Who’s Who
What happens in 1867?
William Seward signs treaty to buy Alaska
What happens in 1901?
President McKinley is assassinated
What year did the United States enter World War 1?
What year did the Panama Canal open?
What events happened in 1898?
The USS Maine explodes in Cuba, the Spanish-American War takes place, and Hawaii is annexed to the U.S.
Lesson 19 Vocab
Sphere of Influence
Why did Americans begin looking outward during the late 1800s?
They believed it was their duty to impose on other countries
In what ways did the United States begin to expand?
They forced Japan into a trade treaty and bought Alaska from Russia
What role did business owners play in the annexation of Hawaii?
They used Hawaii as a farm to grow sugar cane
What was the Open Door policy in China?
To allow any country to trade in any part of China regardless of sphere of influence
Read the box on page 519. Why did Seward’s purchase of Alaska begin to look better after gold was discovered there?
Because without it, it was just expensive ice that no one could settle in
Look at the political cartoon on page 519. Why do you suppose it depicts former president Lincoln talking to a polar bear?
Because he was an important historic figure to the US who won based off of excessive votes
Look at the picture on page 522. Why are American soldiers marching through Beijing?
They had just ended a Chinese rebellion that killed some of their men
Lesson 19 Who’s Who

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