U.S. History Unit 5 Study Guide

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What is appeasement and how does it relate to WWII?
many countries were not ready to fight against Germany so they did whatever Germany wanted until they were prepared to fight. For example to Munich pact between Germany and Britain
What was Munich Pact and why did Britain sign it?
It was between Germany and Britain and it gave Germany Czechoslovakia. Britain gave it up because…
…. Britain was not ready for war
…. Its Allies would not support them
…. its people did not want to go to war over
How did The Treaty of Versailles and Great Depression contributed to the rise of Hitler and The Nazi Party?
The treaty punished Germany too harshly, and the great depression allowed extreme ideas to become popular. For example, Hitler and his party were able to make the extremes very popular.
Understand the political system of Imperial Japan and why/where they expanded their territory
Imperial Japan was a military based country. They did not have enough resources, so they had to expand. Nationalism. Expansion/invasion. They invaded China.
Understand the political system of Fascist Italy and why/where they expander their territory
fascism: a political movement based on an extreme nationalism in which the state comes first and individual liberty is secondary. They expanded to all of Italy, Lybia and Italian southeast Afroca
Understand the political system of Nazi Germany and why/where they expanded their territory
Extreme nationalism, set of political beliefs, authoritarianism, racial purification, unification of Germans and Expansion of Territory. The invaded Poland and Czechoslovakia. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/7e/Second_world_war_europe_1941-1942_map_en.png
Why did the United States pass the neutrality acts and what purpose did they serve (understand what the laws did and why)?
They learned for ww1 that isolationism is good because last time they aided one saide of the war and Germany sunk their ships. They didn’t want to get into another war, like they did in WWI. neutrality acts: legislation passed by Congress in 1936 and 1937 designed to keep the United States out of European conflicts, such as the Spanish Civil War.
Why did Hitler and Stalin sign a non-aggression pact?
Stalin wanted to appease Hitler until he was strong enough to defend himself. Hitler didn’t want to fight a war on two fronts.
Understand that by 1941 nearly the whole of Europe was under the control of The Axis Powers
German armed forces relied on a strategy of blitzkrieg, which allowed them to obtain most of Europe.
Understand the Lend-Lease Act (what was it, what did it do and why?)
The US would lend guns and military equipment, but it would be given back after the war. It was to support the allies without breaking the neutrality acts.
Why did The Japanese attack Pearl Harbor and what did this attack result in?
They attacked because of the embargo on oil to Japan. This resulted in the US joining WWII and bombing Japan.
In what ways did the government increase its control over private businesses in order to organize the war effort? (rationing, WPB,taxes, bonds, OPA)
To manage wartime economy, government creates WPB (war production word). The main job is to convert business to war production. Demand for military supplies went up during the great depression Taxes increase as does National debt. OPA issues price control to curb inflation
What was the internment of the Japanese (understand that it was created via an executive order) and what motivated it?
There was a fear of collaborators. German, Italian, and Japanese nationals, or non-US citizens were declared enemy aliens. They had to register with the government in case special identification cards. They had to turn in all fire arms and cameras they could have and they couldn’t travel more than 5 miles away from home without permission Executive order 9066 issued a massive vacuolation of people of Japanese ancestry from the Pacific coast they were sent to internment camps
What was the ruling/significance of Korematsu v The United States?
It forced Japanese people to go to internment camps.
It was deemed constitutional because during the war some things are constitutional
How did WWII expand the opportunities available to women? In what ways did women contribute to the war effort?
Women were allowed to work in jobs that were previously held for men.
What was the Double-V campaign?
African Americans were fighting against discrimination in America and while fighting in the war
What was the significance of The Tuskegee Airmen?
They were an all black training base for pilotS.
How did black leaders organize to challenge racial inequality in America during the war?
They threatened to march on the capital which led to Roosevelt creating the executive order 8802. This order outlawed discrimination in the army.
What was The United States’ response to Jewish refugees escaping The Holocaust and what motivated this response?
They didn’t help them because of their problems at home. They did not have a lot of resources so they couldn’t help the Jewish refugees.
In what ways did Latino-Americans contribute to WWII?
Thousands of Latino men and women on the Home Front worked on railroads, in mines, shipyard and airplane factories and as crucial agricultural labor.
What role did oil play in WWII?
Germany lost Russian territory, which made them scramble for oil. Japan lost the US’s supply of oil, which made them bomb the US.
What was the Holocaust?
It was the mass murdering of Jews, or anyone that did not fit into Hitler’s standard of a \”perfect person\”
What was the significance of the battle at Stalingrad
It was the turning point of the war. Hitler only wanted the town for the name, but he ended up losing more territory which proved to be detrimental for him.
That is the day when Germany stopped expanding
What was the significance of D-Day?
that is the day when America reclaimed France out of German power
How/When did the Axis powers surrender in Europe?
before the german powers surrendered they sent out a death will. They sent all the jews to death camps to be exucuted.
Understand the significance of the battle of Midway
The battle of Midway was between the US and Japan in the Pacific ocean. It was the turning point for Japan because they were no longer expanding.
What were motives behind the use of the atomic bomb and the debates surrounding its use?
The US did not want to lose soldiers trying to win against Japan, so they tried to ensure victory.
How did WWII and it’s aftermath shape the way America’s viewed isolationism?
They did not like it because they were brought into the war by their own being killed
What is the World Bank and what purpose does it serve?
a bank founded in 1944 by the United States and 43 other nations in order to provide loans to help countries recover from World War II and develop their economies
What is the UN and what purpose does it serve?
an international organization founded in 1945 to further the causes of peace, prosperity, and human rights
What is the UN’s Declaration of Human Rights?
The Universal Declaration was adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations on 10 December 1948. Motivated by the experiences of the preceding world wars, the Universal Declaration was the first time that countries agreed on a comprehensive statement of inalienable human rights.
What were The Nuremberg Trials, what purpose did they serve, and what were their outcomes?
a series of trials in 1945 and 1946 in Nuremberg, Germany, in which an international military tribunal convicted former Nazi leaders of war crimes
What were The Tokyo Tribunals, what purpose did they serve, and what were their outcomes?
A separate tribunal met in Tokyo in 1946 to try Japanese war criminals. The trial lasted more than two years and found 25 defendants guilty. Sixteen received life sentences, and two received lesser sentences. Seven were sentenced to death by hanging, including Hideki Tojo, Japan’s leader for much of the war.
What is a war crime?
a violation of internationally accepted practices related to waging war
What happened to Germany as a result of WWII? How did the Allies exert control and what restrictions were placed on the nation after the war?
Germany was divided into four military occupation zones, one each for the United States, the USSR, France, and Britain.
Germany and Japan did have to disarm and give up the territory they had taken. They also had to pay reparations.
What happened to Japan as a result of WII? How did the Allies exert control over Japan and how was it’s government reformed?
Germany and Japan did have to disarm and give up the territory they had taken. They also had to pay reparations. American general, Douglas MacArthur, was put in charge of the country. Allied soldiers also occupied Japan
What was the GI Bill of Rights? How did it assist veterans? Why didn’t the GI Bills of Rights prove as beneficial for African Americans?
It allowed GI’s to have lower interest rates, they could buy land for cheaper, they got free college, and unemployment money. It allowed veterans to transition back to civilian life. It was not as beneficial for African Americans because they were not allowed to go to many colleges or buy land because of discrimination.
How did the end of WWII impact the job prospects for women in The United States?
many women accepted jobs in the manufacture business expecting them to be temporary jobs. When soldiers came back many women left and went into service jobs

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