U.S. History 2.07 Quiz

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Which was an argument in favor of U.S. Imperialism?
Imperialism would make the United States economically competitive with other nations
What was one argument made against U.S. Imperialism?
It violated America’s anti-colonial principles
What was one cause of the Spanish-American War?
The belief that a Spanish mine had blown up the battleship Maine
What was the outcome of the Spanish-American War?
A quick U.S. Victory
How did many Americans respond to the declaration of war with Spain?
Many men volunteered for military service
Which remained independent of the United States?
How did the United States acquire Puerto Rico?
What was the purpose of the Open Door policy?
To provide the United States with access to trade with China
Theodore Roosevelts philosophy of foreign policy was summed up by his admonition to \”speak softly and carry a big stick.\” Which would Roosevelt oppose?
Reducing the size of American military forces
Which best describes William Howard Tafts \”Dollar Diplomacy\”?
Exerting American foreign policy influence through business
What were Woodrow Wilsons goals for U.S. Diplomacy?
To promote world peace through American influence
Which president most likely said these words in one of his speeches?
\”The American people must either build and maintain and adequate navy or else make up their minds definitely to accept a secondary position in international affairs…\”
Theodore Roosevelt
What message was Woodrow Wilson trying to send from the excerpt?
\”Come, let us be comrades and soldiers yet to serve our fellow-men in quiet counsel, where the blare of trumpets is neither heard nor heeded and where things are done which make blessed the nations of the world in peace and righteousness and love.\”
Nations should listen to one another and get along.

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