?Tragedy at Lumba’s Bend
?Tragedy at Lumba’s Bend

?Tragedy at Lumba’s Bend

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  • Published: October 8, 2017
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Five work forces were killed early this forenoon by a prematurely-exploded blast. Words flew fast in the small town, and before long there was a crowd gathered near the scene of the accident. However, non one of them could come really near because the stones and Earth on the mountain side still rolled every now and so. We know were working in the mines did non yet know that there had been an accident. We merely came to cognize of it when we are holding our muss. Possibly it was either Demetrio’s pack or Pito’s pack that had perished, but as yet we could non be certain. After the muss we fell to work once more, but many of those who were personally acquainted with work forces of Demetrio’s or Pito’s pack could non work really good. I myself was a great friend of Demetrio, and I could non maintain my ideas off from him. When my displacement came, I crawled out of the hole and found that several of my friends had already volunteered to delve out the organic structures. Equally shortly as we entered the small town, we were met by a figure of aroused adult females and kids. They told us that merely one of Demetrio’s work forces had escaped decease, and even he was in a really serious status.

He had been taken to the hospital….So it was truly true that Demetrio had died. We passed by the hut where we boarded, and I felt a stab. I could merely gaze vacantly at the old adult female who was looki


ng out of the window. She was our occasional washer adult female, and now she had brought a clean suit to the hut so that by the clip Demetrio’s organic structure was found we could easy alter his apparels. My comrades saw her besides, but non one of us broke the silence. Alternatively we hurried to the store where the company kept it tools, and asked for implements. There were already a figure of work forces unearthing the mountain side, and they were working with ferocious hastiness. But as there was still a know what to make, for she merely stood there precariously, trembling and widly gazing about. She was really pale and her eyes had the vacancy of an idiot’s expression. Her frock had been ripped in topographic points, and her hair hung in upset. For a clip, she seemed to pass on the same enervation to us, and we stood soundless and alert, as if waiting for her first move. Her shortness of breath were turning weaker and weaker. Finally, they were merely similar distracted suspirations. But after her eyes came to rest on us, standing at that place mutely watching her, she broke into a loud tantrum of crying.

She all of a sudden knelt down on the land, covered her face with her custodies, and cried louder. Some of the work forces approached her and tried to quiet her, but when soothing custodies were laid on her shoulders, she flung them off and shouted that she be left entirely. For a clip we did no

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cognize what to make with her. Later on, nevertheless, her parents came and cajoled her Io traveling back to town. She walked between her parents, shouting like a kid. By twilight we had found merely two organic structures. One was that of Busio. The other was so well disfigured that it was non recognizable as yet. We put the organic structures on stopgap stretchers and carried them to the small town. A representative from the company met us in the small town and took attention of the organic structures. With him was an embalmer from the funeraria in town who began to embalm the organic structures so that they would last until the company received word from the households of the dead work forces as to what was to be done with the organic structures. A auto from the funeraria came to the small town and carried the dead to town. It is the policy of the company to indemnify the household of a worker who meets with an accident while working for the company.

The company pays thirty pesos to the household that is willing to allow the company bury the dead. But if the household wants to hold the organic structure, the company shoulders the transit of the remains to the household, but does non experience obliged to pay any more money. Normally, nevertheless, it sends five or ten pesos as a kind of solace to the bereaved household. We watched the auto velocity off, and when we could non see any longer, we talked about the accident. I moved from one group to another, unable to do up my head to travel place. And even though they talked largely about the accident and I was get downing to believe that I could non stand it any longer, yet I could non travel anyplace else for I did non desire to be entirely and be left to my ain ideas. Possibly it was merely my imaginativeness, but I seemed to feel that the ambiance in the small town had become baleful and subtly implicative of decease.

The small town was normally quiet, as if these workers who labored in changeless danger had been brought excessively near to the world of their danger. The adult females were so queerly subdued. I hastened off from them and went to the hut where I boarded. I thought I could kip easy after such a fatiguing twenty-four hours, but I was mistaken. After I had put out the visible radiation, the darkness oppressed me and I seemed to hear the external respiration of Demetrio beside me. I hurriedly relighted the kerosine lamp, but even the visible radiation could non chase away my jitteriness, so I slipped down from the house and went to an open-all-night eating house. There were many people at that place and they talked aloud. I was glad when at last the weak gleam of morning broke on the skyline. Outside the eating house, the streets were already thronged with work forces traveling to the mines. The work forces who had been in the constitution besides came out, some traveling place

to kip and others traveling to work. I ate my breakfast, and when I went out I fell in with a clump that was traveling to delve out the dead. By the center of the afternoon, we had extracted the last organic structure.

This with two others we had antecedently found were placed in the waiting auto sent by the funeraria and taken to town. I had seen Demetrio’s taken from under a immense bowlder, and in some parts it looked as if it had been ground to a mush. Even before the rock had crushed him, he had already killed by the blast. One of his weaponries had been torn off and his face has been so maimed that alternatively of a face, he had blackened, natural mash of flesh. The sight of him greatly unnerved me and some of the work forces who dug with us turned away.

Pepe, who had been at a distance from the others of Demetrio’s work forces when the accident occurred, was non so dreadfully mangled, but he was a hitch as if all the castanetss in his organic structure had melted… . After the auto had left, we easy wended our manner back to the small town and returned the implements we had borrowed. In reply to the wires sent out the company after the accident, two of the households replied that they would allow the company bury their dead. One of the work forces who died did non hold any household and cipher seemed to cognize where he came from either. Demetrio’s married woman replied that she would hold his organic structure, and Pepe’s remains were taken by his married woman.


Turns out Sadly for the characters frequently with most of them deceasing.

Fictional characters:
Demetrio’s pack
Pepito’s pack
Old woman-an occasional washer adult female