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Samuel Clemens
Mark Twain’s real name
heartbroken, disappointed Aunt Polly, witnessed murder, saw wrong person go to jail
Give 4 reasons why Tom ran away to Jackson Island.
Mother scolded him for drinking a type of cream
Why did Joe join Tom on his pirating adventure
Boiled ham and trifles
What did Tom bring with him to Jackson Island?
Side of bacon
What did Joe bring with him to Jackson Island?
Skillet, Half-cured leaf tobacco, corncobs
What 3 things did Huck bring with him to Jackson Island?
the Black Avenger of the Spanish Main
Tom’s pirate name
Terror of the Seas
Joe’s pirate name
The Red-Handed
Huck’s pirate name
This technique is used by the people in case of what event?: Shoot cannon over water and take loaves of bread with quicksilver in them and set them afloat
2 sycamore barks
What did Tom write his messages on?
going swimming
At supper in chapter 1, what does Aunt Polly suspect Tom did instead of going to school?
Told on Tom for his shirt
Why does Tom threaten to lick Sid just after supper in chapter one?
They got in a fight
What do Tom and the “new boy” do after Tom runs out of our own house in Chapter 1?
Guilted them into it
In chapter two, how does Tom convince his friends to help him whitewash the fence?
Throws dirt clots
In Chapter 3, how does Tom take revenge on Sid for telling on him the night before?
Joe Harper
Who is the “bosom friend” who plays general with Tom in Chapter 3?
New girl
Why does Tom begin to show off in front of Jeff Thatcher’s house?
Won’t admit that she was wrong
Why doesn’t Aunt Polly admit her error after having punished Tom mistakenly for breaking the sugar bowl after supper in Chapter 3?
How does Tom acquire the tickets needed to win a bible?
Asks for the first two disciples
At the end of chapter 4, what Scriptural question does Judge Thatcher put to Tom?
David and Goliath
Who does Tom think are the first two disciples?
Peter and Andrew
First two disciples
The bug and poodle incident
In Chapter 5 what event bring the minister’s sermon to a dead standstill?
Sick just thinking about school
At the beginning of Chapter 6, why is Tom miserable on a Monday morning?
He can do anything he wants
On the way to school, Tom meets Huckleberry Finn. Why do the other boys envy Huck?
He wanted to sit by the girls
Tom is late for school. Why doe she admit to the schoolmaster that he had stopped to talk with Huck?
He drew a house on his slate
When Tom and Becky sit together, what does Tom do to impress Becky?
Mentions Amy Lawarence
In Chapter 7 Tom and Becky spend the lunch hour together. What “blunder” of Tom’s upsets Becky?
He doesn’t get to see all of his marbles
In Chapter 8 why is Tom so surprised when he digs up the marble that he had buried underneath a rotten log?
Get rid of warts
In Chapter 9 why do Tom and Huck meet in the cemetery?
Rob the grave
While the boys are hiding, three men arrive at the cemetery. Why have Muff Potter and Injun Joe come to the cemetery with Doc Robinson?
Unconscious and drunk
A quarrel erupts and Injun Joe kills Dr. Robinson. Why doesn’t Muff know who really killed Dr. Robinson
Vow to keep mum
What vow do Huck and Tom take at the tannery?
Muff Potter
Who do Huck and Tom see at the tannery?
Small comforts
In Chapter 11 Tom feels guilty about Muff Potter’s imprisonment. What does Tom do to “ease his conscience” about remaining silent after Potter is accused?
Tom fed it to Peter
In Chapter 12 Aunt Polly doses Tom with a horrible concoction called “Painkiller.” What brings this treatment to an end?
Feels bad because they stole things
Why do Tom and Huck have trouble falling asleep their first night on the island?
Places one in pocket and one in Joe’s hat
At the end of Chapter 14, what does Tom do with the two notes that he writes on the sycamore bark?
How much they miss them and how good boys they are
What Is being discussed at Tom’s house in Chapter 15?
Kisses Aunt Polly
What does Tom do before he leaves Aunt Polly’s in Chapter 15?
Tom, Joe, and Huck
In Chapter 17 what disrupts the funeral service?
dreamed about her and the family
In Chapter 18 Aunt Polly is disappointed to know that Tom spied on her without leaving any sign that he was safe. What does Tom do to reassure Aunt Polly that he loves her?
Wants to make her jealous
In Chapter 18 when he returns to school, why does Tom “pretend no to see Becky?”
She’s afraid he’s lying again
Why is Aunt Polly reluctant to look in Tom’s jacket at the end of Chapter 19?
Ink on spelling book and ripped page in anatomy book
Tom is unjustly punished twice in Chapter 20. For what offenses is he punished for?
Got religious
What happens to the people of St. Petersburg while Tom is sick with the measles?
tells muff’s lawyer and the court
In Chapter 23 how does Tom finally relieve his troubled conscience over the jailing of Muff Potter?
scared he will come after him
Why does Injun Joe “infest” all of Tom’s dreams, according to the beginning of Chapter 24?
Deaf and dumb Spainard
How is Injun Joe disguised at the Haunted House?
Stairs break
What prevents Injun Joe from discovering Tom and Joe at the haunted house?
Tom Sawyer
mischievous, protagonist, mother is dead, under care of his aunt
Aunt Polly
Tom’s aunt/guardian, gullible, has a hard time disciplining tom, religious, kindhearted
St. Petersburg
in 1840s, setting, based off of Hannibal MS, on Msp. River.
Tom’s half brother, tattletale, not looking for trouble
Small colored boy
New Boy
Wears fancy/”citified” clothes, cocky, sore loser
Skipping school/church
Big Missouri
Steamboat on Msp. River
Ben Rodgers
1st boy Tom tricked to work for him; impersonated steamboat; Tom’s friend; gave Tom apple
What you are required to do
What you want to do
Amy Lawrence
Tom’s old girlfriend
Adored Unknown
small, blue-eyed, blond girl that Tom liked
Joe Harper
Bosom friend of Tom’s; played military
Type of flower given to him by the Adored Unknown
Tom’s older cousin; goody-goody who enjoys church
Judge Thatcher
County judge from Constantinople, 12 mi. away
Mr. Walters
Superintendent of Sunday school
Jeff Thatcher
Nephew of Judge Thatcher; Tom’s friend
Widow Douglas
fair, smart, well-to-do, lives in mansion on Cardiff Hill
Willie Mufferson
“Model Boy” hated by boys; snob
Rev. McSprague
Becky Thatcher
Adored Unknown, nice girl
Huck Finn
Tom’s not supposed to hang out with him, bad, son of town drunk, all boys envy him
Hoss Williams
Dead man, recently buried
Brass Knob
Tom’s “chiefest jewel” or the top of an andrion
Cardiff Hill
Hill that overlooks St. Petersburg, Widow Douglas lives there
Robin Hood
Game Tom plays with Joe
Muff Potter
Town drunk, accused murderer of Doc Robinson
Injun Joe
Murderer of Doc Robinson as revenge for a misdeed done by his father
Dr. Robinson
Killed by Injun Joe; Went with Potter and Joe to rob grave
Place where hides are tanned into leather; Huck and Tom run there from the cemetery
Pine Shingle
Where Tom and Huck wrote the oath to keep mum
The family cat who is given painkiller
Liquid Fire
Jackson’s Island
Island in the middle of Msp. River, 3 mi. South of St. Petersburg where boys camp
Area in church for holding unused materials
Senery Harper
Joe’s mom
Alfred Temple
New Boy who Becky uses to make Tom jealous
The Spelling Book
Alfred Temple intentionally spilled ink on this
Mr. Dobbins
The schoolmaster who wanted to be a doctor but was too poor
Welshman and Sons
Widow Douglas’ neighbor
McDougal’s Cave
Where kids went after their picnic
Mr. Jones
The Welshman’s real name
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