Theme Park: Marketing the Magic

Theme Park
an elaborate attraction that goes to great efforts to create the illusion of another place, world, or culture using landscaping, architecture, music, food, and characters, rides, attractions, and exhibits.
Purpose of a Theme Park
The purpose of a theme park is to immerse the customer in an alternate, to suspend disbelief, and accept the alternate world that has been created for them.
is defined as any prop, set, or material used in creating a themed environment.
Amusement Park
An amusement park provides a number of attractions meant to entertain customers, but does not follow any particular theme.
the creation and maintenance of satisfying exchange relationships.
Marketing (2nd Definition)
is also the process of developing, promoting, and distributing products or services to satisfy customers’ needs and wants.
is a basic necessity, such as food, clothing, or shelter.
is any unfulfilled desire.
Marketing Mix
also known as the 4 elements of marketing, describes how a business blends together the decisions of: Product, Price, Place (Distribution), Promotion
whatever a business offers to customers to satisfy needs and wants.
The place element of the marketing mix refers to the location of the theme park.
is the amount customers pay for the product
Group Package
offer special ticket prices to members of a group when tickets are purchased in large quantities.
Season Pass
is a theme park or amusement park ticket that allows unlimited admission for one year.
discretionary income
is the amount of money customers have available to spend after paying for necessities.
is defined as any activity used to inform, persuade, or remind people about the business’s goods or services or improve its public image.
is the possibility of loss or failure.
Risk Management
is any strategy used by the theme park to prevent or reduce risk.
Themed Restaurant
A themed restaurant is an eating place in which the theme of the restaurant takes priority over everything else.
Target Market
is a specific group of customers an organization wants to reach.
Themed Attraction
A themed attraction is a destination that focuses on a single subject, time period, or historical event.
Themed Hotel
A themed hotel is designed around a particular couture, country, place, character, movie, subject, or historic period.
Global Marketing
Global marketing is a marketing strategy that targets markets throughout the world, it has become an essential business practice for growth.

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