The Working Poor: Invisible in America

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Reading this chapter of “Work doesn’t Work” from the book of “The Working Poor: Invisible in America” was a very interesting reading, but stories that I hear too many times very often. Like the three ladies in this story it gives a great example of how the struggle remains for many Americans, and it doesn’t matter the color or race you are. For Christie, Debra, and Caroline they had many of differences which included they had low paying jobs and they lived their lives on a check to check daily basis.

They all three wanted a better life but the system didn’t allow them to do so. When it came to wanting more and to have a job that paid more they wanted it, but for whatever reason it just didn’t have for them. All of the women had issue with stress because of where they were in life, which was close to poverty. Unlike Christie and Debra, Caroline did complete some kind of higher education, but did it really help her? No, Caroline was in no better position than the other two ladies accept for the fact should owned her own house.

In her mind that wasn’t really true because of the first and second mortgages she owed the bank. Some of the things that I thought were difficult challenges for these women were the obvious for Christie, and Debra they were not very motivated to have more, learn new skills and do what it took for them to have a better life. I think for them they had the mindset that may have been passed on from maybe their mothers. They didn’t like where they are in life but they don’t seem to be doing much to make a difference and be a better example for their children.

Caroline on the other hand had bit of a different problem with why she wasn’t more successful in her life, and I think it was appearance. She was an educated woman but because she didn’t look the part she was turned down a lot for jobs that could have made a big difference in her life. I was very happy for her later in her story how she made the decision and got herself some false teeth. Even at her age I believe Caroline will see the difference it will make in her life and any future she may go on.

Changes that need to be made for these women are simple but they have to be willing to make the changes and do what it takes so they won’t be a statistic. For Christie and Debra I think they need to get some kind of trade and set a goal not to rely on the welfare system. Be role models for their children so they will grow up knowing that they can have more and they don’t have to fall into a system that was only designed for those who need temporary help and not long term dependency. I think Caroline is on the right track which is maintaining a better appearance.

Getting her mouth fixed was a very important first step in doing this she just needs to make sure that she is doing all of the other things that can be vital on first impressions. One thing in reading this story that I can’t sympathize with is when people complain about their situation but don’t do what it takes to make their situation better. A saying that I love that I feel people should grasp hold of is “when you know better, do better”. If this can be kept somewhere in their mental box settling for welfare would be something for a moment and not for years.

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