The Westing Game comprehensive questions ch 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 & 24

he wants to call Mrs. Baumbach a different name because she was calling turtle Alice
Why does Turtle want to call Mrs. Baumbach a different name?

She was Mrs Baumbach duaghter. She died of pneumonia.
Who was Rosalie and how did she die?

Because flora was complementing her Daughter
Why does Turtle want to kick someone?

To follow otis amber
What is Doug Hoo’s assignment?

Sydelle polaski
Who is the mistake?

Turtle says the music soothes her throat
How does Turtle explain having a radio in school?

He thinks theo put the letter in the wrong bathrobe
How does Chris think the envelope got in his bathrobe?

He made Sydelle pulaski an heir instead of sybil pulaski
What is Westing’s mistake?

Because he set off a bomb by angela
Why did Crow think that Mt. Hoo was a mutilator of children?

Who is referred to in Theo’s letter?

Because he is wearing paper inersoles
Why don’t Dough’s feet hurt anymore?

He had an accident with his chemical fertilizers
Why is Theo in the hospital?

Mr theodorakis and violet wasting were sweethearts
What is the Theodorakis-Westing connection?

Who is Mrs. Westing?

That the bomber was Turtle because on the back was her paper with her name on it
What does the note in the elevator show/indicate?

to protect Angela
Why does Turtle set the bomb?

Angela is the bomber and Turtle was trying to protect Angela
What does Judge Ford realize from Turtle’s confession?

That the clues are in America the Beautiful
What do Sydelle and Angela realize about the clues?

Mrs. Hoo
Who is the burgular?

Because Angela was trying to hurt herself when she was already perfect
Why does Turtle think her mother would be upset if she knew who the real bomber was?

Dentures in the cabinet
What does Turtle notice at the dentist’s office?

A war dummy
Who does the judge think was in the coffin?

Because he had facial injuries
Why would it be difficult to recognize Sam Westing?

Otis Amber
Who is Sam Westing?

Judge Ford is dressed like an African princess
What is unusual about Judge Ford’s appearance?

Everybody has changed, they are truthful
What is unusual about some of the descriptions (positions of characters)?

He is looking for someone with plastic surgery because they could be Sam Westing
Why is the judge asking questions about plastic surgery?

Who is the answer to the question?

Who will get killed?

That they played as a team, share their clues, and share the inheritance
What does Theo suggest the heirs do?

Sandy McSoutherns
Who does Judge Ford think is Sam Westing?

Otis Amber and Angela Wexlar
Who are the people who matter to Crow?

Crow, poison
Who killed Sandy and how?

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