The Spanish-American War 10.2

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Jose Marti:
Political activist who worked for Cuban independence, launched 2nd revolution in 1895, used techniques of guerrilla warfare to destroy American- owned sugar mills, plantation, This Cuban poet and journalist launched a Cuban revolution in 1895
Valeriano Weyler:
General sent from Spain to Cuba to restore order in 1896, the butcher, puts cubans in concentration camps, This general forced Cubans to relocate to concentration camps, where thousands of them died.
Yellow Journalism:
Reporting in newspapers and magazines that exaggerates the news in order to make it more exciting, endures readers, A sensational style of writing that exaggerates the news to lure readers and increase sales
William Randolph Hearst:
to blame for the war, used yellow journalism, angered the american people, He is believed to be one of the causes of the Spanish-American War, stating, “You furnish the pictures, and I’ll furnish the war!”
U.S.S. Maine:
U.S. warship that exploded in a Cuban harbor in 1898, sent to pick up U.S. citizens, Spain is blamed, cause for war, Soon after this was destroyed, the United States declared war on Spain
George Dewey:
U.S. naval commander who led the American attack on the Philippines, He was the naval commander who led the American forces that steamed into Manila bay and destroyed the Spanish fleet.
Rough Riders:
Fighting unit led by Theodore Roosevelt in Cuba, A volunteer cavalry unit that fought during the Spanish-American War, led by Theodore Roosevelt
San Juan Hill:
Location of an important American land victory in Cuba, Theodore Roosevelt was declared the hero of this, even though he and his units played only a minor role inits capture
Treaty of Paris:
The treaty that ended the Spanish-American War, Not only did this end the war, but America received Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines for $20 million
De Lome Letter:
Its criticism of the American president caused American resentment toward Spain to turn to outrage
How did Cuba’s two wars for independence affect American business interests?
Cuba’s two wars for independence affected American business interests by
– keeping America from doing business with them because they still supported slavery and the U.S. were not going to interfere.
– Destroyed American- owned plantations and sugar-mills
What two events led Americans to call for war against Spain?
Events that led Americans to call for war against Spain:
– William Randolph Hearst/ yellow journalism
– U.S.S. Maine explosion
-Lome Letter
What three territories did the United States get from the war with Spain?
Territories the United States got from the war with Spain
– Puerto rico(given to by Cuba)
– Guam(given to by Cuba)
– Philippines (for 20 million)
Classify what treaty ended The Spanish- American War.
The Treaty of Paris ended The Spanish-American War.
All the territories the US gained due to Imperialism
The Philippines, Guam, Caribbean Island, Cuba, Puerto Rico
William Randolph Hearst quote
You furnish the Picture and Ill furnish the war.
Who sparked Cuba’s second Independence?
Jose Marti
What happened to Cuba’s pros and cons.
Jose Marti, a cuban poet and journalist in exile in New York, organized a guerrilla campaign destroy Americans-owned property in Cuba in order to _______
Provoke US intervention in Cuba
Who told the artist Frederic Remington, “You furnish the pictures and I’ll furnish the war.”
William Randolph Hearst
What was included in the da Lome Letter?
Criticisms of President McKinley
What war ended with the Treaty of Paris of 1898
Spanish- American War

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