The American Century – Henry Luce Essay Example
The American Century – Henry Luce Essay Example

The American Century – Henry Luce Essay Example

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  • Published: March 31, 2022
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Thesis statement: America should drop the notion of isolationist and make use of its resources and military might in ending the conflict in Europe because it has an opportunity of affirming its position as a global leader. In his essay, Luce advocates for American involvement in the Second World War by calling for abandonment of the idea of ‘isolationism’ by favoring a greater involvement of the United States in the world affairs (Foner 191). Luce draws his motivation from the need to end the confusion that Americans suffered from when they looked at the rest of the world. The author asserts that despite the fact that the Americans like peace; the future holds nothing than war, disruption and conflict and thus the need for America involvement by taking an internationalism outlook in order to serve as a world leader and


attain a democratic future for its people. The message by Luce is clear in that the author first calls for direct involvement of the U.S in the conflict in Europe by joining Great Britain against Germany. Furthermore and most importantly, Luce’s message informs that the U.S must take the position of the world leader and undertake a complete transformation of the international relations system by adopting a global application of ‘American principles (Foner 191).’

In his message delivered in the essay, Luce targets the American federal government and the American public. The author target to the federal government emanates from the fact that Luce calls for direct engagement in the war if the U.S want maintaining the position as a global leader (Foner 192). On the other hand, targeting the public was for the purpose o

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influencing the public to put pressure on the president and the government to engage in World War II in order to protect American interests. By referring the essay as ‘American Century,’ Luce signifies that it is the century where America is presented with an opportunity of taking over the leadership of world affairs.
Luce calls for promotion of American ideals of freedom as well as democracy across the world not for the benefit of the other countries across the globe, but for the U.S (Foner 193). With freedom and democracy across the globe, it will become easier for the U.S to build a strong foreign policy that presents significant benefits both in the short-term and in the long-run.

The effect of American Century in Luce’s view will lead to economic prosperity of America. That emanates from the fact that where the world experiences peace, freedom and stability, it is easier for the U.S to advance its foreign policy for economic benefits. Furthermore, the target markets of the U.S remains uninterrupted where democracy and freedom is observed. In respect to political consequences, the American Century would lead to significant gain politically if America succeeded ensuring peace across the globe. The reason for political gain emanates from the fact that the American public will develop confidence on the ruling government. Since the American citizens already perceived their country as one built on the basis of freedom and democracy, any action by the government towards ensuring the spread of these American values across the world would serve as a sign of welcome among members of the public. Luce further makes reference to tyrannies while depicting nations against the wish of

democracy that America preached and moves further to argue that the defense that America requires to mount extends beyond the geographical border to defending the principle of democracy.

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