The Age of Revolution (PLATO)

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philosophers of the european enlightenment favored
protection of individual rights
democratic governments get their power from
the divine right of kings implies that
the king’s power is absolute
the philosophers of enlightenment hoped to improve human society by
using reason to solve human problems
during the 18th century, the ideas of enlightenment caused
some monarchs to introduce reforms within their nations
the thirteen american colonies opposed the sugar act, stamp act, and tea act because these acts
violated the right of no taxation without representation
the thirteen american colonies declared their independence from great britain because britain
tried to take away the colonists’ rights
which was a basic cause of the american revolution?
britain’s decision to tighten its control over the thirteen colonies
the ideas found in the declaration of independence are based on the ideas of
john locke
the american revolution has been important in world history because it
encouraged later revolutions in other parts of the world
the boston tea party was
a colonial protest against a british law
both the american revolution of 1776 and the french revolution of 1789 were partially caused by
unfair taxes
both john locke and thomas jefferson wrote defenses for
revolution against tyranny
the government of the old regime in france was based on the idea that
the king had unlimited power
the year 1789 is an important date in the history of civilization. in that year
the french revolution began
louis XVI of france called a meeting of the estates-general in 1789 to
save france from bankruptcy
the declaration of the rights of man issued during the french revolution of 1789
provided a justification for the revolution
the reign of terror during the french revolution led to the
execution of thousands of people suspected of treason
as a result of the french revolution in 1789
the political power of the middle class increased
three of the following were immediate results of the french revolution. which was not?
most european nations became democratic
how did the french revolution affect women?
new laws allowed women to inherit property and make divorce easier
what was napolean bonaparte’s policy toward religion in france?
all religions were tolerated
which spanish king was driven from the throne by napolean bonaparte, but later returned in an unsuccessful attempt to regain his latin american colonies?
ferdinand VII
the resentment of which social class in latin america sparked reasons for desire to end colonial rule?
which of the following is a correct statement regarding slavery in latin america?
slaves were used because indian populations were destroyed

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