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Which section of a company handles things like hiring, firing, and benefits?
Human resources
Which of the following is a business that might need personal liability protection for its owner?
A doctor’s office
Which type of corporation is the standard, normal type of corporation?
C corporation
What is quality control?
Procedures to control the quality of your product
Which stage of a business is the stage when a business person might hire new employees?
Start stage
Selling mittens during the winter is an example of which type of utility?
Time utility
An automobile company with a team who builds cars, a team who tests cars, and a team who sells cars is organized in which way?
By process
A bakery that has high standards for its desserts is demonstrating which factor of success?
Which of the following is something a business person might do during the Operate stage of a business?
Carry out sales, promotion, marketing, and advertising plans
Which of the following might experience a factor of failure related to expansion?
A hair salon that hires new employees immediately after it opens

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