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you have an executive user who keeps sensitive information about the company on a company owned mobile devices.
Mobile service management software that does full disk encryption.

Mobile service management software that performs remote wipes.

To protect user data on a Windows 7 system, you’ve configured System Restores to automatically create restore points for the C: volume.
No, you need to create a backup of your user data as well.
Boot the system from the Windows 7 installation DVD
bootrec /fixboot
your home computer belongs to a homegroup so that resources can be shared between other computers you have in your home. where would you find the resources that are being shared from other computers?
In the Libraries container in Windows Explorer
You need to install a 32-bit application on a 32-bit version of Windows 10. In which default directory will the application be intalled?
%systemdrive%Program Files
A local dentist has contracted with you to implement a network in her new office.
Implement an all-in-one security appliance
You want to configure UAC so that when UAC prompt is shown, the desktop is not dimmed, allowing you to continue working without responding to the prompt immediately. What should you do?
Edit setting in the Local Security Policy
You have been having trouble with your laptop crashing. You would like your computer to create a memory dump file when it crashes. Where should you place the paging files?
On the system volume
One of the Windows workstations you manage has three user accounts defined on it.
Disable autorun on the system

Set a screensaver password

You need to configure setting for a USB printer that you have just connected to your Windows 7 system. Which option in Control Panel should you use to do this?
Hardware and Sound
Which of the following are steps you can take to avoid having your mobile device exploited by a hacker or infected by a virus?
Lock the screen with some form of authentication

Keep the operating system up to date

You have created a custom library using D:Stats as the path to the library.
Include the D:Reports folder in the Library
You’re using a Linux distribution that uses RPM for package management. Which command would you use to install httpd, the Apache HTTP Server package, and all its dependencies?
yum install httpd
You need to install a 32-bit application on a 64-bit version of Windows 7. Where is the default directory where the application will be installed?
%systemdrive%Program Files (x86)
You have been asked to install Windows 7 on 10 different computers for a new branch office your company is setting up.
What is the surest way to prevent the loss of important information on your mobile device if it is lost, stolen, destroyed, or there is a natural disaster?
configure your device to remotely backup important data to the Cloud.
you use productivity apps on your ipad tablet device while traveling between client sites.
Enable the Erase Data option

Disable the Simple Passcode option

Which of the following are likely symptoms of malware infection?
Renamed system files

Changed file permissions

which command would you use to display a simple list of all process
When you load a partition management utility on a workstation running an OEM version of Windows 7, you notice that there is a hidden partition on the workstation’s hard drive. You decide to delete it to free up space on the drive. Should you do this?
No, this is the system’s recovery partition
you provide
A new laptop was delivered to your home and left on the porch while you were at work. It is very cold outside, and you don’t know how long it has been there. You unpack the computer and would like to know if it is working properly.

What should you do?

Let the computer warm up to room temperature before turning it on
Which printer permission would you assign to a user so that she can pause the printer?
Manage this printer
You have a 64-bit Windows 7 workstation with three shared printers. You want to add drivers for 32-bit versions of the OS. What method would you choose to add the drivers with the least amount of effort?
Add the drivers to your print server in Print Management
Because of how simple they are to set up, yu want to create a homegroup at the office. What is most likely to prevent you from setting up a homegroup at work?
your network location is not set to Home Network

your computer belongs to a domain

Which of the following are true of Libraries?
Each Library can contain multiple folders from different file system locations

A single folder can be added to multiple Libraries

Which security measure can be used to generate and store cryptographic keys?
Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
What category do apps fall into if they have been signed with a certificate?

What category do apps fall into if they have not been reviewed, approved, and signed with a certificate?



You have a computer with a 64-bit dual-core processor that runs the 32-bit version of Windows 7 Professional edition.
Perform a clean installation

Get 64-bit drivers for all hardware

You want to configure UAC so that you see the permission prompt only when programs try to make changes to your computer (not when you make changes).
Disable Secure Desktop
Which of the following actions adds new features and fixes bugs for anti-malware software?
Updating the anti-malware software
Which ACPI power state retains the contents in RAM, but turns all other components off?
Which of the following is most helpful in keeping a computer cool?
Verify that cooling fans are not circulating air in the wrong directions.

Vacuum dust from the system regularly.

Following Windows installation, you enabled the built-in Admin account . You remove the password for this account, You enable remote Desktop on your computer using the default settings.. From home, you try to access your computer using Remote Desktop using the Admin account but you are unable to log on. What should you do?
Configure a password for the Admin account
You have booted your Windows 7 workstation into Safe Mode and enabled Boot Logging. To what file is the boot logging information now being written?
You manage 2 computers with the following user accounts:

-Wrk1 has user accounts Mary and Admin. The Mary account does not have a password set; the Admin account does.
-Wrk2 has user accounts Mary and Julia. The Mary account has a password set; the Julia account does not.

You are working from Wrk2 and would like to access a shared folder on Wrk1. What credentials should you use to access the shared folder?

Type Admin for the username and specify the password
A VPN is used primarily for what purpose?
Support secured communications over an untrusted network
You have a Windows 7 computer connected to a small network that is not part of a domain. You want to see the computers and printers on the network. Which feature would you use?
Which of the following best described the use of Libraries in windows?
Special folders that group files and folders, possibly stored in both local or network locations, into a single logical folder
Which of the following protocols can your portable computer use to connect to your company’s network via a virtual tunnel through the internet?


Which of the following Mac features is used to launch apps, switch between running apps, access the Trash, and also to access specific folders.
A small business named Widgets, INC. has hired you to evaluate their wireless network security practices. As you analyze their facility, you note the following using a wireless network locator device:

-They use an 802.11n wireless network
-The wireless network is broadcasting a SSID of Liksys
-The wireless network uses WPA2 with AES security
-Directional access points are positioned around the periphery of the building.

Based on this information, what should you recommend your client do to increase their wireless network security?

Disable SSID broadcast

Change the SSID to something other than the default

Which tool lets you to automatically start an application or run a script based on triggers?
Task Scheduler
Which option in Control Panel is used to review your Windows computer’s status and resolve issues?
Action Center
You are in charge of desktop support for a small company. The company has two locations in the same city, but they are several miles away. You get a call from a user who is having problems with an application. He tries to describe what he is doing in the application that is causing the problem, but you can’t understand what he might be doing. What should you do?
Establish a Remote Assistance connection and watch what the user is doing
Your computer has a single hard disk with a single volume used by the C: drive. You have previously upgraded the disk to a dynamic disk.

The disk has run out of disk space. You need to add more space to the C: volume.

You add a new hard disk to the computer. What should you do to add space to the C: drive?

Create a mount point using space on the second disk.
Which installation method is best for large numbers of computers with the same hardware configuration?
Disk image
Which techniques are used in a pharming attack to redirect legitimate web traffic to malicious web sites?
Exploiting DHCP servers to deliver the IP address of poisoned DNS servers

Changing the host’s file of a user’s computer

Besides protecting a computer from under voltages, a typical UPS also performs which two actions?
Conditions the power signal

protects from over voltages

Which option used with the copy command makes sure that all copied files are written correctly after thy have been copied?
Several users have forwarded you an email stating that your company’s health insurance provider has just launched a new web site for all employees to access the site they are told in the email to click a link and provide their personal information. Upon investigation, you discover that your company;s health insurance provider did not send this e-mail. What kind of attack just occurred?
You have a folder on your Windows 7 computer that you would like to share with members of your development team. users should be able to view and edit any file in the shared folder. You share the dofing and give Everyone Full Control permission to the shared folder. Users connect to the shared folder and report that they can open the files, but they cannot modify any of the files. What should you do?
Modify the NTFS permissions on the folder
you have installed anti-malware software on a computer that only you use…What should you do next to make sure that there aren’t any existing files on your system that are infected?
Run a full scan

Download the latest definition files

Which aspects of virtual memory can you configure on a Windows workstations?
Maximum size of the paging file

Location of the paging file

Which Windows tools would you use to browse the file system on a drive?
File Explorer


Windows Explorer

You are a security consultant and an organization has hired you to review their security measure. They are chiefly concerned that they could become the victim of a social engineering attack. What should you recommend they do to mitigate the risk?
Teach users how to recognize and respond to social engineering attack.
While booting your Windows 10 system, you see an error message indicating a service failed to start. You research the error and find that another service must be started first before this service can start. Which tool could you use to configure the dependent service to start automatically?
Service console
How can you keep a Windows 10 system from automatically restarting after a critical system error occurs?
Use the Disable automatic restart after failure option on the Advanced Startup Options menu.
You’re using a Linux distribution that uses RPM for package management. Which command would you use to install httpd, the Apache HTTP server package, and all its dependencies
yum install httpd
Which installation method is best for large numbers of computers that share the same hardware configuration?
Disk image

Network installation

You have a workstation running Windows Vista Business edition that you would like to upgrade to Windows 10 Enterprise edition. you want to perform the upgrade with the least amount of effort and cost. What should you do?
Purchase a full version of Windows 10 ; perform a custom installation
While reviewing video files from your organization’s security cameras, you notice a suspicious person using piggy-backing to gain access to your building. The individual in question did not have a security badge. Which security measure could you implement to keep this from happening in the future?
Which of the following networking devices or services prevents the establishment of VPN connections in most situations?
A user reports that he can’t send print jobs to a specific printer. You go to the user’s computer and reproduce the problem. What should you do next?
Determine if anything has changed
Besides protecting a computer from under-voltages, a typical UPS also performs which other actions?
Protects from over-voltages

Conditions the power signal

Where system root is the C: drive, what is the path to the system files that hold user profiles in Windows 10?
You want to make sure that you always have the latest patches installed on your workstation for an order entry application created by DataComLink corporation. What should you do?
Configure the application to automatically download and install updates as they are released.

Check the DataComLink Website regularly for patches and updates to the software

On a Windows 10 workstation, you want to use the Storage Space features to create a logical drive.
Storage devices

Pools of storage

Storage spaces

If a folder exists on an NTFS partition, what is the minimum permission neede by a user to set any security permissions on the folder?
Full Control
Which of the following is an important aspect of evidence gathering?
backing up all log files and audit trails
You have an application that renders videos used in your online business. You want to make sure that the application continues to receive adequate attention from the system CPU, even if you open other applications. How can you adjust the amount of attention given to that application?
Use Task Manager to modify the process priority
You have been asked to draft a document related to evidence gathering that contains details about personnel in possession and control of evidence from the time of discovery up through the time of presentation in court. What type of document is this?
Chain of custody
You want to install Windows 7 on a mirrored disk array. you run the motherboard disk configuration utility and create the RAID1 array, then configure the BIOS to boot from the installation disc. the Windows 7 installation runs but does not detect the RAID array. what should you do?
During the install, browse to and select the appropriate driver for your RAID controller when prompted where you want to install Windows.
Which of the following tools can you use to start the Print Spooler service if it is currently stopped?
Net start

Service Console

Task Manager

How can you reformat a drive from FAT32 to NTFS without losing the existing data?
Use the convert command at a command prompt
You just created a snapshot of a virtual machine while it was running. What information is saved in the snapshot?
The current contents of the virtual machine’s CPU registers.

The current contents of the virtual machine’s RAM.

Which of the following are safety benefits associated with encasing cables that run across the floor?
Reduces tripping accidents

Prevents wear

Which of the following is an advantage of the exFAT file system over NTFS?
Lower memory and processor resource use
Which of the following best describes spyware?
It monitors the actions you take on your machine and sends the information back to its originating source.
Which component of Windows 7 prompts the user for credentials or permission to minimize the dangers of unintended software installation?
User Account Control (UAC)
you used system restore to automatic protect your system using restore points. you also use back up and restore in control panel nightly is this enough
no you need to create a image of your windows system as well
Which of the following statements are true regarding administrative shares?
To connect to an administrative share, you must use the UNC path

By default, Windows automatically creates an administrative share for every volume.

You’ve just installed a wireless access point (AP) for your organization’s network. You know that the radio signals used by the AP extended beyond your organization’s building and are concerned that unauthorized users outside may be able to access your internal network. What can you do to protect the wireless network?
Configure the WAP to filter MAC

Use the WAP

You have an extra disk on your system that has three primary partitions and an extended partition with two logical drives. You want to convert the partitions to simple volumes, preferably without loosing any data. What should you do?
Upgrade the disk to a dynamic disk
A user reports that his machine will no longer boot properly. After asking several questions to determine the problem you suspect the user unknowingly downloaded malware from the internet, and the malware corrupted the boot block. Based on your suspicions, what actions could you take to correct the problem?
Boot from the Windows 7 installation DVD and use the Recovery Environment to run a startup repair. // Reimage the machine
What is the best way to protect a computer from power spikes during an electrical storm?
Unplug the computer from the AC outlet.
One of the program s that launches automatically at Startup is causing your Windows workstation to lock up. You have examined the Startup folder, and the problem application is not present. Which Windows utility should you use to prevent the program from starting automatically
Task Manager
You just purchased an iPad tablet device. You want to synchronize your photos, music, email, and contacts from your Windows 7 PC to the device. How can you connect the device to the PC?
USB cable

Wi-Fi wireless connection

You have a computer where a removable disk drive has been formatted with NTFS. You want the drive to use FAT32 to be compatible with more OS’s. The drive is currently configured using drive letter D:. What should you do?
Back up the data on the D: drive. Reformat the D: drive using FAT32. Restore the data.
A user is trying to log into her notebook computer. She enters the correct password for her user account, but the system won’t let her authenticate, claiming the wrong password has been entered. What’s causing the problem?
She has turned Num Lock on causing numbers to be sent from the keyboard instead of letters.
You need to format a 64GB flash drive as a single volume. Needs to support quick removal, minimize memory and processor use which file system do you use?
What is a program that appears to be legitimate application, utility, game, or screensaver and that performs malicious activities surreptitiously?
Trojan Horse
What is the purpose of the Microsoft Management Console?
Provide a shell for running snap-ins

Provide a common user interface for performing administration tasks

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