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Durable Medical Equipment Foundations Of Professional Nursing Nursing
HESI Case Studies–Management-Management of a Medical Unit (Sean Young) – Flashcards 28 terms
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Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Durable Medical Equipment Fine Motor Skills Nursing
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Durable Medical Equipment Long Term And Short Term Short Term Goal Short Term Goals Timeline
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Durable Medical Equipment Incision And Drainage Information Theory Medical Terminology Medical/Clerical Assisting Problem Focused History Services And Supplies
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Durable Medical Equipment Evaluation And Management Codes Fine Needle Aspiration Information Theory Third Party Payers
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American Medical Association Durable Medical Equipment Medical Decision Making
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Durable Medical Equipment Evaluation And Management Information Theory Medical Decision Making Medical Terminology
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Durable Medical Equipment Human Immunodeficiency Virus Medicare And Medicaid
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Durable Medical Equipment Healthcare Reimbursement Lump Sum Payment Minimum Data Set Prospective Payment System Relative Value Scale
HIM2350C FINAL EXAM 49 terms
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Durable Medical Equipment Evaluation And Management Codes Information Theory Medical Coding And Transcription Medical Decision Making Medical Terminology
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Acute Care Hospital Diagnostic And Therapeutic Durable Medical Equipment Hospital Managed Care Plan Managed Care Plans Wages And Salaries
Chapter 6; Chapter 8 Medicare-Medicaid Prospective Payment Systems for Inpatients – Flashcards 24 terms
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How is durable medical equipment (DME) reimbursed in the HHPPS?
ME is excluded from the per-episode HHPPS reimbursement system and is reimbursed under the DME fee schedule.
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-Helps cover services provided by doctors and other healthcare providers, out patient care, home healthcare, and durable medical equipment -helps cover some services to prevent illness or detect it @ an early stage when treatment will work best (ex. pap tests, flu shots, and screening mammograms)
Medicare Part B (medical insurance) Voluntary; consumer pays a premium (annual deductible and 20 % copay)
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Home medical equipment (HME) companies (durable medical equipment (DME) companies)
provide services by a technician, respiratory therapist, or a qualified nurse
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Durable medical equipment (DME)
Reusable physical supplies ordered by the provider for home use.
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The Medicare durable medical equipment, prosthetics/orthotics, and supplies (DMEPOS) fee schedule was established by the Deficit Reduction Act of 1984.
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an example of durable medical equipment is a gauze pad
Durable Medical Equipment is covered by
durable medical equipment number
Medicare providers who charge patients a few for supplies and equipment, must bill Medicare using a DME number. These claims are NOT sent to regional fiscal intermediary but to another specific location.
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