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The nurse is explaining the four steps in DNA replication to a client who has developed MRSA. The nurse knows the client has understood the explanation when the client places the four steps of DNA replication in what order of occurrence? Click and drag the options below to move them up or down. Choice 1. Relax Choice 2. Unwind Choice 3. Replicate Choice 4. Migrate
1,2,3,4. The first step in the DNA replication process is relax. The supercoil is relaxed by the enzyme DNA gyrase (also called topoisomerase II). The second step in DNA replication is unwind. After the supercoil is relaxed, the enzyme DNA helicase unwinds the two strands.: The third step in DNA replication is replicate. The enzyme DNA polymerase adds the precursor bases to replicate the original DNA and form new DNA strands. The fourth step is migrate. The two newly formed strands are interlocked until the enzyme topoisomerase IV frees them to migrate to opposite sides of the cell, where they are segregated into the two daughter cells.
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