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Across The Globe Behavioral Targeting Business Model History Long Term Relationship Social Networking Sites
IS Chapter 10 TB – Flashcards 80 terms
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Behavioral Targeting Business Management Internet Printing Press World Wide Web
MIS Chapter 10 Quiz – Flashcards 35 terms
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Behavioral Targeting Business Model Implement The Solution Long Term Relationship Printing Press Social Networking Sites Systems Analysis
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Across The Globe Behavioral Targeting Economics Electronic Data Interchange Management Information Systems Product Design
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Behavioral Targeting Federal Law Graphical User Interface Look And Feel Policies And Procedures
OMIS 350 EXAM 2 – Flashcards 30 terms
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Marketing to consumers based on research of the entire process consumers go through when making a purchase is termed: A. shopper marketing. B. behavioral targeting. C. retailing research. D. test marketing. E. a benefit and lifestyle study.
A. shopper marketing.
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6) ________ is the step of the decision-making process in which the consumer checks her memory and surveys the environment to identify what options might solve her problem. A) Product evaluation B) Behavioral targeting C) Problem recognition D) Problem screening E) Information search
Information search
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Zephyr Corp. manufactures air purifiers. It comes up with an idea for a new range of air purifiers called alpha purifiers. Before launching the range of purifiers, Zephyr lets some people try out the product and then collects feedback from them to identify any problems with it. Which of the following is best exemplified in this scenario? A. Curbstoning B. Concept testing C. Perceptual mapping D. Behavioral targeting E. Branded “black-box” methodology
B. Concept testing
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Which of the following is a technique that is used to picture the relative position of products on two or more product dimensions important to consumer purchase decisions? A. Retailing wheel B. Optical scanning C. Store image studies D. Perceptual mapping E. Behavioral targeting
D. Perceptual mapping
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6. Apex Corp. asks its consumers to determine how they perceive the similarities and dissimilarities among relevant product attributes for a group of competing brands. In this case, Apex Corp. is most likely using the technique of _____. A. concept testing B. behavioral targeting C. perceptual mapping D. bivariate regression analysis E. analysis of variance (ANOVA)
C. perceptual mapping
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Behavioral targeting & location-based advertising
reveal activities and lifestyle choices that consumers might prefer to keep private.
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network behavioral targeting
__________ is considered the most invasive
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12) The goal of behavioral targeting is to increase the size of the audience to whom the advertiser can market a product.
Answer: FALSE
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