Test 2 Chapters 5-8

Flashcard maker : Lily Taylor
Using the term crippled in business communications is an example of___?
The “you” attitude.
Disability bias.
Emphasizing the positive.
None of the above.
Identify the voice in the following sentence: “Based on negative client feedback, the marketing department abandoned the campaign.”
State of being.
For effective document design, you should ___?
Fit as much material as possible on each page.
Balance the space devoted to text, artwork, and white space.
Use a mix of several typefaces and type sizes and include a variety of decorative touches to make the pages look more interesting.
Do all the above.
“Visible to the eye” is an example of ___?
The passive voice.
Obsolete language.
A cliche.
E-mail hygiene refers to ___?
All the efforts companies make to keep e-mail clean and safe.
A nationwide movement to do away with information overload.
The absence of slang and informal language in e-mail messages.
None of the above.
In the body of a request message you should___?
Give details and justify your request.
Beg the reader to grant your request.
Give your sales pitch.
Do all of the above.
“Although employee morale is high, excessive turnover rates continue to be a concern” is a ___?
Compound-complex sentence.
Compound sentence.
Simple sentence.
Complex sentence.
When it comes to paragraph length, ___?
Keep all paragraphs to fewer than 60 words.
Use long paragraphs if you want your document to look more inviting.
Use long paragraphs with detailed information for direct-mail letters.
Use one-sentence paragraphs only occasionally, for emphasis.
One of the greatest drawbacks to using podcasts in business is ___?
The difficulty of finding people with good speaking voices.
The challenge of scanning back and forth to find specific parts of the message.
They require costly, specialized equipment you’ll need to purchase regardless of the production quality you want.
All of the above.
In closing a request for a recommendation, you should include ___?
An expression of appreciation.
The full name and address of the person to whom the letter should be sent.
An indication that you’ve encloseda stamped, preaddressed envelope.
All of the above.
In general the word “you” should be avoided when you are assigning blame for a problem.
“Our needs may change, but not as drastically as she suspects,” is a complex sentence.
Abstract words should be completely avoided in business writing.
One advantage of justified type is that it makes a message look more personalized and less like a form letter.
Skilled business writers keep all their sentences as short as possible.
To draw attention to important points or terms italic is more effective than boldface.
E-mail should never be used for external communication.
To create the most basic podcasts, inexpensive equipment is all you’ll need.
A routine positive message should never include negative information.
Plain Language is a style of writing used primarily for communicating to those who do not have a college degree.
Today’s powerful grammar checkers can easily determine whether your document states your message correctly and communicates it clearly.
One advantage of blogging for business is that it enables one to stand out from the crowd.
It is not necessary to ask someone’s permission before listing his/her name as a job reference.
When composing a draft, you should never skip to another section of the document until you’ve finished the current one.
The middle section of a message had the greatest impact on the audience.

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