Tesla’s Attic

Flashcard maker : Lily Taylor
Where did Nick live before Colorado Springs?
Nick lived in Tampa, Florida before moving to Colorado Springs.
Whiffin’ Wayne was Nick’s father’s nickname when he was previously employed as what?
Nick’s father was a pitcher for the Tampa Bay Rays.
Why does Nick end up at the hospital on his first day in Colorado Springs?
Nick ends up in the hospital on his first day in Colorado Springs because he was hit on the head by a toaster.
What does Nick decide to do with all the junk in the attic?
Nick decides to have a garage sale.
Whose stuff was in Nick’s attic stamped “Property of NT?”
Nikola Tesla’s items were in the attic.
What keeps happening to all the objects in Nick’s attic bedroom?
In Nick’s bedroom the objects always gravitate to the center of the room.
Why does Nick not make the Little League team?
Nick doesn’t make the Little League team because all of his pitches go wild.
What is the name on the business card the man in the vanilla suit gives to Nick at the garage sale?
Dr. Alan Jorgenson is the name on the business card.
What does Dr. Jorgenson give Nick’s dad in exchange for the piece of meteorite and the baseball glove?
Dr. Jorgenson gives Nick’s dad a job with NORAD: North American Aerospace Defense Command.
According to Mr. Svedberg, who founded the Accelerati?
According to Mr. Svedberg, Thomas Edison founded the Accelerati.
What effect does turning on the old stage light at the garage sale have?
The old stage light brings people to the sale to spend a lot of money on seemingly worthless stuff despite the pouring rain.
What does Dr. Jorgenson give Caitlin to drink that makes her tell the truth?
Dr. Jorgenson gives Caitlin Oolongevity Tea to make her tell the truth.
What do Nick and Caitlyn do with the used tea bag after Nick fishes it out of the garbage?
Nick makes and drinks the Oolongevity Tea and recalls what he sold at the garage sale and to whom.
What does Caitlyn buy at the garage sale and what are her initial plans for it?
Caitlyn buys a reel to reel tape player and plans to smash it and turn it into an art project.
What does Caitlin discover the old recorder does?
Caitlyn discovers the old recorder takes the things she says and turns them into what she was thinking and feeling.
Why does Caitlin smash things to make her art?
Caitlyn smashes things because she’s angry.
What does the focus ring on the box camera that Petula bought at the garage sale do?
The focus ring allows the box camera to take pictures at whatever hour in the future it is set to.
Whose darkroom does Petula use to develop the film from her camera?
Petula uses Ms. Planck’s darkroom to develop the film from her camera.
What does Ms. Planck reveal about herself when she gives Petula a pin with a letter A and an infinity symbol on it?
Ms. Planck reveals she’s a member of the Accelerati when she gives Petula the pin.
Where is Mitch’s father?
Mitch’s father is in the Colorado State Penitentiary.
What do Nick and Mitch call the object that Mitch bought at the garage sale?
Nick and Mitch call the object “The Shut Up and Listen.”
What does the Shut Up and Listen tell Mitch’s father?
Shut Up and Listen tells Mitch’s father that his parole will be denied for the rest of his life.
Why did Mitch come to Petula’s house and what happened while he was there?
Mitch found Petula’s lost purse and he kissed her on the couch at her house.
What item does Vince buy and what is it able to do?
Vince buys a wet cell battery that appears to bring lifeless things to life temporarily (like his goldfish).
What killed Vince in Nick’s house?
In Nick’s house the remote control from the Accelerati stops Vince’s heart and he dies.
What odd occurrence happens to Danny at his first baseball game?
Danny catches a meteorite at his first baseball game.
What did Caitlyn put in Mr. Svedberg’s hand after he told them about the Accelerati?
Caitlyn gave Mr. Svedberg a diamond ring from his store that they found in Starbucks.
What is the name of the asteroid headed toward Earth?
The asteroid headed toward Earth is the Celestial Object Felicity Bonk.
What causes the asteroid to stop from colliding with Earth?
Mr. Slate, Nick’s dad, swings the antique baseball bat sending out a shockwave which cause the asteroid to veer off the collision course with Earth.
What is created when all the items from the attic are stacked correctly on top of each other?
When all the items from the attic are stacked correctly they form the Far Range Energy Emitter.

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