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In a universe that is invariably altering and germinating, engineering environments us all. This essay identifies and evaluates the usage of engineering in the HR section in general and in the enlisting & A ; choice procedure in peculiar. Technology, E-Human Resources and E-HR systems will de be defined foremost. Then, the enlisting and choice procedure will be described along with the different enlisting tools. The different methods of on-line enlisting will be evaluated along with e-selection methods.

The pros and cons of the utilizations of engineering in the enlisting & A ; choice procedures will be discussed in deepness. Finally, a decision will be made.

Human Resources & A ; Technology

Technology harmonizing to ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANICA ( 2010 ) “ isA the application of scientific cognition to the practical purposes of human life or, as it is sometimes phrased, to the alteration and use of the human environment ” .

The past decennary has seen the debut, application, and meeting of engineering in the work force or as some may label it ‘the information revolution ‘ . The information revolution has changed the whole work environment. Most of the undertakings are computerized and companies rely to a great extent on their computing machine systems.

The Human resource section was non immune to such a revolution, the version of engineering in HR lead to the birth of E-Human Resources.

E- Human Resources

ENTREPRENEUR ( 2010 ) defines Human Resources as “ The section or support systems responsible for forces sourcing and hiring, applicant trailing, accomplishments development and trailing, benefits disposal and conformity with associated authorities ordinances ” .

The Human Resources section is the hub of the company. It acts like an advocator for both the company and the employees and is responsible for the employee ‘s wellbeing, benefits, paysheet, hiring, squad edifice, coaching, enlisting and choice… etc.

E-Human Resources on the other manus refers to the application of engineering like the cyberspace in the minutess of the human resources section. ( Lengnick-Hall and Moritz, 2003 ) .

E-HR purposes at running the operations of the HR section swimmingly and expeditiously, by maintaining all necessary information readily available to all directors and employees when needed.

E- Human Resources Systems

The mixture of the huge turning information engineering and the demand for continual betterment of work efficiency was among the major drivers for the development of the E-Human Resources systems. ( Stanton and Coovert, 2004 ; Fletcher, 2005 ) . In other words E-HR systems are a amalgamation between HR activities and information engineering.

Human Resources systems are created by sellers like Oracle and Ascentis, they normally include four faculties: Payroll faculty, Time and Labor Management faculty, Benefits Administration faculty, and eventually the HR direction faculty. The Payroll faculty manages and controls all employees wages and paysheets, while the Time and Labor direction faculties control attending, absences issues. Benefit Administration theoretical account trades with employees benefits and entitlements. While the HR direction faculty helps in the choice and enlisting procedure, more on this faculty will be explained subsequently.

Furthermore, E-HR systems besides include enterprise resource planning system ( ERP ) , HR service Centre ‘s, synergistic voice response, director and employee portals and web applications. ( Panayotopoulou, Vakola and Galanaki 2007 ) . Enterprise resource planning system is used to pull off fiscal, stuffs and human resources both internally and externally.

Overall, HR systems cater for the different demands of the HR section and helps automatize many facets of human resourcing.

Recruitment and Choice

Every concern, endeavor and organisation goes through the enlisting and choice procedure. It is the most of import facet of the human resource direction section, as it provides the organisation with the indispensable resources needed for its operations – the human capital ( Barber, 1998 ) . Recruitment is defined as the activities an organisation undertakes in order to place and pull possible employees ( Breaugh and Starke, 2000 ) . Choice is what comes after enlisting of taking the best campaigner for the occupation out of all the appliers.

The enlisting and choice procedure

Geting the enlisting and choice procedure incorrect is non an option for recruiters, the incorrect individual for the occupation will non merely impact the company ‘s productiveness but it will besides ensue in concern losingss ( book mention ) . That is why most companies follow a slightly standardised enlisting and choice procedure, shown in the figure below.


Organizations mold their enlisting processes or schemes harmonizing to the occupation they want to busy. In order to pull the right campaigners, HR professionals advertise in a certain manner, seek professionals or alumnuss, contact bureaus or utilize the Internet.

Recruitment tools

In a survey by Bernthal and Development Dimensions International, information was collected from members of the Electronic Recruiting Exchange. Among the study inquiries was a inquiry about the enlisting scheme and its effectivity. The findings of the survey show that the cyberspace is the most popular and most effectual enlisting method while employee referrals came 2nd. This shows that although the cyberspace is new and more effectual, it did non replace the traditional enlisting methods.

Figure demoing Berthal ‘s consequences:

Taken from Recruitment & A ; Selection paper by Barthal and Development Dimensions International

Online Recruitment

The cyberspace was non acknowledged as a enlisting tool until the mid 1990s. With the benefits it brought to recruiters, the media described it as the driver behind a ‘recruiting revolution ‘ ( Boydell, 2002 ) . Many companies now have a new place in the HR section ; Online recruiter.

Online enlisting is turning quickly ; both recruiters and occupation searchers around the universe usage it. It can be defined as the usage of the cyberspace to fit occupation searchers with appropriate occupations. In other footings, utilizing the cyberspace to pull possible employees.

Surveies were carried out to understand and quantify how much enlisting precisely is done online. These surveies include: a survey by entire occupations 2004 that shows that two tierces of the organisations in the UK usage occupation boards. While HR focal point ( 2001 ) indicated that more than 75 % of HR professionals use occupation boards in add-on to the traditional enlisting methods. In the USA, Cober and Brown ( 2006 ) found out that 50 % of the enlistings were carried on-line and this figure is expected to increase. Furthermore, a survey by Capelli ( 2001 ) stated that 90 % of the Fortune 500 usage online recruiting. A canvass carried out by The Recruiters Network ( web site ) showed that 45 % of the companies filled 20 % or more of their places through online enlisting ( Charles 2000 ) .

The most effectual and popular online enlisting methods are:

Talent Management Systems

The HR direction faculty mentioned antecedently pursues talent direction. Talent direction is the procedure of pulling and engaging skilled employees, or retaining current employees while assisting them work on their ain endowments.

Talent Management systems perform the undermentioned undertakings: analyze the usage of forces within the company, station occupation vacancies online, review appliers certificates, track demographic informations of campaigners, shop information, automatically communicate and supply information to appliers and many more, depending on the company. Thus talent direction systems are used in the enlisting procedure.

Ad on the company ‘s site

The first, inexpensive measure a company can take to enroll people is to publicize about the occupation offer on its on web site. In a survey by Bartam ( 2000 ) figures showed “ 88 % of companies enrolling 50 or more alumnuss per twelvemonth advertise on their ain web site. ”

Ad on the company ‘s website cuts advertizement costs in newspapers, magazines, and enlisting agenciesaˆ¦etc. the cyberspace is planetary medium, therefore doing it really much easier to distribute the word, while being much more cost effectual. The company can besides utilize Google ad ‘s as a manner to publicize for occupation vacancies within the organisation.

Job Boardss

Job boards are recruitment web sites that lucifer recruiters with the most appropriate appliers ( besides called occupation huntsmans ) through advertizements and occupation posters.

There are plentifulness of occupation boards on the universe broad web ; the most popular include Monster, CareerBuilder and Since these web sites are similar and offer the same service, will be used as an illustration in order to measure and understand occupation boards. is a planetary online enlisting web site. Its web consists of 22 local content and linguistic communication sites.

The traffic on the web site is estimated to be over 25 million occupation seeking users and over 100,000 member companies. Its resume database contains more than 17 million resumes. Two separate surveies by Gutmacher ( 2000 ) and Leonard ( 2000 ) both confirmed that the outgrowth of and resume as frequent hunt words indicates the influence of occupation boards ( ) on web occupation seeking or in other words on-line enlisting.

Harmonizing to ‘s employment index, the month of September 2010 showed a 131 employment index the highest so far.

More interestingly, Wales showed the highest employment in the UK part.

From the figures and information above, it is safe to reason that occupation boards are making good and play a critical function in on-line enlisting. However, a important figure of occupation searchers continue to seek in general hunt engines ( mention ) while other surveies highlighted the function of societal media web sites play in occupation enlisting.

Social media web sites

The past decennary has seen the rise of societal media web sites. It is now non plenty to post your sketch on a occupation board. Social enlisting is now get downing to over shadow the usage of occupation boards and other traditional enlisting methods at some companies ( Levinson 2010 ) . Furthermore, recruiters are spammed with 100s of applications of unqualified forces when posting on large occupation boards which forces them to look for qualified appliers elsewhere.

Findingss from a study conducted by Jobvite ( a enlisting package shaper ) showed that 73.3 % of the companies use societal webs for enlisting, while 9.3 % are be aftering to get down following twelvemonth. Another determination shows that LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are among the most popular societal media webs used by companies for enlisting.


LinkedIn is a professional web, which includes contacts and relationships developed over the years.. LinkedIn provides its users with the agencies of set uping an important resource on their experience and capablenesss, therefore doing users more attractive to recruiters. Currently LinkedIn consists of more than 80 million members from over 200 states.

LinkedIn from recruiters ‘ position is a topographic point that provides entree to different sorts of dependable qualified endowments. “ The chief ground that companies are utilizing LinkedIn is to happen inactive occupation campaigners. Another ground why companies are utilizing LinkedIn, is because referrals from their employees are extremely valued because they typically have a higher success rate ( hence the popular “ employee referral fillips ” ) . LinkedIn helps companies leverage the webs of their employees. ” Kay Luo, Director of corporate communicating at LinkedIn.

Hundred of companies use LinkedIn and LinkedIn corporate solutions to post occupations and beginning campaigners for enlisting. The inquiry is: How does LinkedIn work? For illustration, individual x creates a profile, uploads a image and writes down his accomplishments, capablenesss and experiences. A company seeking for an employee or a recruitment bureau working for that company searches the databases available at LinkedIn, finds individual ten who has the accomplishments required for the occupation. The company so looks at his information and if individual x is the right individual for the occupation, they contact him.

LinkedIn is turning quickly to the extent to which it is about unprofessional non to hold a LinkedIn profile. Sing that executives and employees from the all the fortune 500 companies have LinkedIn profiles.


Facebook is ranked second among societal media sites used for enlisting intents. It is a societal networking site that connects people with their friends, colleagues, household members, and others. Chris Russel, laminitis of thinks that: “ ” Facebook is a talent gold mine. It ‘s filled with 1000000s of inactive campaigners that employers covet. ”

Looking at Facebook ‘s demographics, it has more than 200 million active users. Success enlisting narratives, like the Ernest & A ; Young Facebook group means: if Facebook is utilised right, recruiters can entree and select from a broad spread of gifted campaigners.

They key to Facebook enlisting is to make relationships with possible employees in order to do yourself their employer of pick ( Facebook Recruitment Tips, 2008 )

The figure below illustrates how facebook can be used:


The choice procedure is non easy. An executive interviewed by Forrester explained the choice procedure: “ We have to sift through tonss of sketch ‘s, like snoging toads before you find the prince ” ( Lawrence 1999 )

Hundreds of appliers apply for the occupation, companies so have to filtrate out the suited 1s and filter them even more to happen the right individual for the occupation.

Technology has made the choice procedure easier, nowadays there are legion methods used by companies in order to prove appliers. Some of these methods are:

Applications Database

Applications Database besides known as resume database are computing machine packages used to maintain path of applications. Applications are sent to the database where they are stored, a question incorporating any keyword the company desires is run to happen appliers with the needed specifications. This helps in contracting down the appliers to the most suited 1s.

These plans besides enable companies to direct templet electronic mails and put up interviews without the demand to manually make it, therefore turn outing to be cost and clip efficient.

Online testing and appraisal

Psychometric trials are used to mensurate the applier ‘s capablenesss. It gives the employer an penetration into whether the applier can work good with a group and his ability to manage emphasis and run into rational demands of the occupation.

These trials are normally divided into:

Aptitude trials

There are several types of aptitude trials as shown in the figure below. The type of trial the applier has to sit through depends on the occupation he/she is using for.

Taken from

Aptitude trials measure the abilities of appliers in the country the occupation requires the most.

Personality trials

Personality trials include inquiries about behaviour, feelings and ideas. They are used to analyse the applier ‘s features in order to happen out if the applier has the right features to assist him suit into the organisation, whether its motive, subject, enthusiasmaˆ¦etc.

Psychometries trials are normally presented in multiple-choice formats. The applicant replies straight into the computing machine or an electronic device. The consequences are deliberate consecutive off and compared with the consequences of a control group.

Internet Interviews

Interviews are an indispensable portion of the choice procedure. It gives both the employer and the employee a opportunity to acquire to cognize each other and have a face to confront conversation.

Based on the interview the employer can make up one’s mind whether the applier is suited or non. There are different types of interviews: showing, choice, group, emphasis, panel, and most late cyberspace or on-line interviews.

Online interviews are conducted over the cyberspace utilizing picture conferencing, it is like a normal interview, except the interviewee is non in the same topographic point as the interviewer geographically. Online interviews give the employer the opportunity of carry oning the interview without baring the cost of the applier ‘s transit and the clip exhausted travelling ; this is really effectual in questioning people from abroad.

Mention cheques

When choosing a possible employee, companies check the employee ‘s background for condemnable, medical, recognition records and occupation mentions ( subjected to the presence of the hunt and entree permission ) .

Mention cheques are normally done over the telephone and by electronic mail. There are besides websites offering to carry on employment mention cheques for employment like It claims to verify the employee ‘s individuality ; reference ; condemnable record history ; employment history ; makings and more.

Automated mention cheques make accessing background information quick and easy. The job with mention cheques is permission and privateness issue ; appliers must let the company to make these cheques.

Appraisal centres

With the aid of computing machines and the cyberspace, it is possible to make multi user exercisings like concern simulations. The users of this exercising do n’t necessitate to be in the same topographic point to take portion.

The exercising can be customized in order to include the undertakings the employer wants to measure the appliers in. The exercising is closely monitored and from it the employer can state which user is making a better occupation and who is holding a tough clip get bying.

It is to be noted, that one choice method does n’t replace the other. Different methods have to be applied in order to filtrate the hundred of appliers to the suited 1.

Advantage & A ; Disadvantages of E- Recruitment & A ; Selection

There are two sides to everything. The debut of engineering to recruitment & amp ; choice might be the best thing that happened to HR, but it besides has its reverses.

On one manus, the debut of engineering:

Enabled companies to place a virtually limitless figure of occupation searchers.

Reached people at a planetary degree while traditional methods can merely hold on the local occupation market. ( Chaskelson, 2000 ) , ( Ganalaki, 2002 )

Reduced Ad costs, posting a occupation vacancy on a company ‘s web site or a occupation board costs less than posting it on newspapers.

Reduced the clip taken in enlisting ; it reduced the clip taken to post the occupation vacancy and sketchs can be received on the same twenty-four hours.

Technology besides speeded up the enlisting procedure by automatizing some HR undertakings.

Provided a broad endowment market for companies to take from. iLogos research 1998 shows that the Internet provides better quality appliers as they tend to be better-educated and more computing machine literate than non-users.

Provides 24/7 entree to sketchs and appliers can direct their sketchs at any clip.

Facilitated the usage of databases, cyberspace testing, appraisal centres which help in the choice procedure.

On the other manus, the advantages of engineering are besides its dangers.

Due to the easiness of looking for occupation stations and using online, 1000000s of resumes are sent which makes the screening procedure difficult and clip consuming.

The presence of internet proving makes it easy for anyone to make a trial and station.

Loss of human interaction. A survey by Arkin and Crabb ( 1999 ) shows that executive occupation appliers still prefer personal contact to internet contact.

It ca n’t replace the traditional enlisting and choice methods. Seminerio ( 2001 ) stated many companies might still go on to utilize traditional enlisting services for engaging executive staff employees.

The usage of cyberspace could know apart against non cyberspace users or those who are non good with computing machines.

There are besides some legal issues with e-recruitment and choice. For illustration, use could happen in the usage of cyberspace trials the individual using may be different from the individual taking the trial.

Overall, the advantages of e-recruitment outweigh its disadvantages.


To sum it all up, this essay has discussed and evaluated the usage of engineering in enlisting & A ; choice. Online enlisting has been identified as the most efficient enlisting method, it branches into: Talent Management Systems, Advertising on the company ‘s web site, occupation boards and societal media web. There are some privateness and favoritism issues with on-line enlisting, but it does more good than injury.

The usage of engineering in choice helped automate and do easy the different choice methods. It besides introduced new ways of making the methods like: on-line interviews, maintaining an application database, on-line appraisal centres and cyberspace trials.

I will stop this essay by saying E-recruitment & A ; choice is here to remain and germinate the universe into a much more advanced topographic point of recruiting, which can potentially control down planetary unemployment rates.

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