Technology in Action

Which is NOT a technology that has been used to deliver assistance during times of crisis?
QR codes
Artists interface with technology often, but cannot yet
Use software to suggest plot endings
People who do not read emotion easily in others hope for new progress in the field of
Affective Computing
Studies reveal that human motivation is fostered by
All of the above
Collaborative consumption is when people get together to
Increase the use of a single product by sharing access to it
Social Networking tools
played a part in revolutions in 2011
Computer forensics uses computer systems and technology to
Gather potential legal evidence
IT is the abbreviation for
Information Technology
Which allows retailers to respond to consumer buying patterns?
Data Mining
The crisis of a growing digital divide is being addressed by
The next Einstein project
Researchers believe that microchips may one day restore sight to the blind.
QR codes let companies track your past purchases and customize offers for you.
Supercomputers can accurately forecast tornadoes within minutes.
Criminal investigators may find evidence on a computer, but the evidence cannot be used in court.
Many modern museums offer WiFi networks and multimedia downloads to their patrons to enrich their experience
What is a Gigabyte
One billion bytes
The type of computer that might help run your refrigerator or car is:
An embedded computer
What enables your computer to connect with other computers?
Network Interface Card
Which is NOT a built-in-input device for a notebook?
Optical Mouse
To add additional ports to your computer, what do you need?
An expansion cord
Which holds the instructions the computer needs to start up?
Which is TRUE about mainframe computers?
They support hundreds of users simultaneously.
Which is NOT important to consider when buying a printer?
What type of microphone is best for recording a single voice?
What type of storage device can you use to transfer digital data between your computer and devices such as digital cameras?
Flash Memory Card
Data and information are interchangeable terms.
The hard drive is an example of a nonvolatile storage device.
Ergonomics is important only with desktop computers, not mobile devices.
LED and LCD monitors are considered Legacy Technology
False, they are still being used today!
The clock speed of the CPU is the only measure of a processor’s expected performance.
Which is NOT true about the internet
It was developed as an additional means of commerce
What do you need to read, send, and organize e-mail from any computer?
A web-based e-mail account
Which is NOT an example of social networking?
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a blog?
Blogs are private and require password access
Which of the following is true about plug-ins?
Plug-ins are necessary for viewing most web graphics
What feature is a list of pages you’ve visited within a Web site?
Breadcrumb trail
Which is NOT part of a search engine?
Subject Directory
When using the Internet for research, you:
Should evaluate sites for bias and relevance
Which of the following is not an Internet protocol
eBay and Craigslist are examples of what kind of electronic commerce?
The information in e-mail is no more private than a postcard
A search engine that searches other search engines is called a SuperSearch engine.
A green shaded address bar on a Web site indicates that the Web site is secure.
Each time you connect to the Internet, your computer is assigned the same IP address
In the Web address, Facebook is the top-level domain
The minimum set of recommended standards for a program is known as the
System Requirements
Software that is available on-demand via the Internet is called:
Web-based software
What type of software enables you to create dynamic slide shows?
Which is NOT an advantage of using software suite?
The programs integrate easily with programs from other software suites.
Image, video, and audio editing software belong in the category of what kind of software?
Multimedia Software
What kind of software is responsible for back office operations such as billing and inventory?
Enterprise resource planning
Which of the following is true about open source software?
The program can be changed and freely distributed.
A small program that groups a series of commands so they will run as a single command is called a:
Which program can you use when you are taking notes in class?
All of the above: SoundNote, EverNote, and OneNote.
What is another name for Software as a Service (SaaS)?
Web-based application
A macro is a small program that groups a series of commands so that they run as a single command.
When you need help with software, you should use the program’s help features or manufacturer FAQs, not online help like podcasts or YouTube videos.
System Software include the operating system and utility programs.
A Software suite is a group of programs bundled as a package.
When you buy software, you then own it and can do anything you’d like with it, including giving it to a friends to install on their machine
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