Tech and Careers chapter 1

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job market
the demand for particular jobs
working at home using a computer
a series of related jobs built on a foundation of interest, knowledge, training, and experience
global economy
has an impact on the demand for particular jobs in various countries
the way you use your time and energy
an organized group that set goals, make decisions, and implement actions within a company
the way in which a group produces, distributes, and consumes its goods and services
practice in which businesses hire other companies or individuals to produce their goods or services
according to the text, americans spend most of their money on
transferrable skills
getting along with people, the ability to communicate with your peers, solving problems, and being able to write well are examples of
when a large bank contracts with a custodial service company to provide janitorial and light maintenance duties for them, they are
service-providing industries
in the united states, most new jobs will be created in
helps create more jobs for americans
many american businesses sell goods to other countries which
the global economy
has eliminated some jobs in the united states
thinking skills
if you know how to leaner and have excellent reasoning skills, you are said to have strong
basic skills
if you have excellent reading, writing, and scientific literacy skills, you are said to have strong
advances in _______ are constantly changing how people work and conduct business
carol chose to be an elementary school teacher because she cares about children and wants to make a ________ to society
people work for different reasons including to earn money, to be around others, and for ____________ which can be defined as feeling good about themselves when they do a job
the owner of the coffee cafe built her experiences of working at several local coffee shops into a _________ by working a series of jobs with various levels of responsibilities
it is important to follow ______ in the world of work in order to know about the changes that might affect your job, career, and future
a pair of jeans, a CD, a bicycle, and a bracelet are all considered _____ or items that people buy
the global economy creates ________ by increasing the number of workers who can do different jobs and the number of businesses who can produce goods and perform services
employers want to hire ________ workers who know how to use the tools of the workplace
good ______ members work well together and are ably to collaborate on projects
todays workforce is becoming more ______ as people from various countries, cultures, backgrounds, and generations all work together in an organization

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