Tangerine: Summer Reading

1.What city is the Fisher family leaving? Were are they moving instead?
The city the Fisher family is leaving is Huston. They are moving to Tangerine County, Florida.
2.What scene does Paul remember while he is waiting for his mother in the driveway of their old home?
The scene that Paul remembered while he is waiting for his mother in the driveway of their old home is when he started to remember what happened. He was on his way home when he heard something like a predator snarling as Paul described it. “It” turned out to be a black car that had a man hanging out of the passenger window with something like a ski mask on and was holding a baseball bat in both hands as if he was to use it as a murder weapon another way Paul described the baseball bat as. The car was getting faster and faster and the man was leaning farther and farther out the window when he took a swing at Paul with the bat and Paul jumped off his bike to doge the blow and landed head first on the grass and jumped off his bike the wheels still rolling and ran home with the sound the car made stuck in his head. When he got home he blamed the whole endeavor on his brother Erik.
3.What surprises Paul about the way Florida looks?
What surprises Paul about Florida is it is a lot more flat and has a lot more farm land than expected and no tangerine tress even though the place is called Tangerine.
4.When Paul gets to his new town he sees tangerine trees burning. Why are they on fire?
When Paul first to his new town he sees tangerine trees burning. They are on fire to clear land is how his mother told him then Paul asked why don’t they use it to build houses and other types of buildings his mother answered with that they don’t think you can build with them they don’t have much other use than for growing fruit.
5.Describe the muck fire burning behind Paul’s home.
The muck fire behind Paul’s new house was like a fire but it was actually a bunch of smoke from when lightning hit the field and started it or that’s at least how Wayne described it.
6.How does the football coach feel about Erik’s joining the team?
The football coach felt that Erik would be a great part of the team because they were depending too much on just one player named Antione.
7.How does Paul feel about getting special attention at school because of his visual handicap?
Paul feels really mad that he is not treated like a regular person because he keeps getting special attention at school because of his visual handicap even though he can see just fine.
8.Paul is legally blind, yet he plays he plays goalie in soccer. how does he do when he plays with the guys for the first time?
Paul is legally blind but he still plays goalie so how does he do when he plays with the guys for the first time? Well the guys don’t really know how to kick real well so he has no problem blocking them.
1.What excuse has Paul always given people about why his vision is so poor?
The excuse Paul has always given when people ask about why his vision is so poor is the story his brother says that happened which was that he stared at an eclipse directly even though he doesn’t remember that.
2.Who is Kerri? How does Paul feel about her?
Kerri was the person designated to guide Paul around. Paul felt that she was very nice to not lead him around once he asked her to.
3.Why does Paul have a hard time believing the story his brother told him about how he damaged his vision?
Paul has a hard time believing the story his brother told him about how he damaged his vision because he doesn’t remember it.
4.Aside from playing football, what do Erik and Arthur do for fun?
Aside from playing football Erik and Arthur like to go mud running.
5.What special equipment does Paul have for his eyes when he plays sports?
The special equipment that Paul has for his eyes when he plays sports are indestructible special prescription goggles.
6.What is unique about Mr. Donnelly’s house?
The unique thing about the Donnelly’s house is that it has been struck with lightning three times and it’s for sale too.
7.What is Lake Windsor Middle School’s policy on how many kids can be on the soccer team?
The Lake Windsor Middle School’s policy on how many kids can be on the soccer team is fifteen.
8.What does it mean to be “on the bus” in regards to the soccer team?
To “be on the bus” in regards to the soccer team means that you can go to all the away games because you maybe be on the team but you might not go to all the away games because the buses are very small.
9.How does Mike Costello die?
Mike Costello died because he was struck by lightning.
10.What does Joey Costello desperately try to do when he runes over to his brother’s dead body?
Joey Costello desperately tries to get Mikes shoes when he runs over to his brother’s dead body.
11.How does Arthur benefit from Mike’s death?
Arthur benefits from Mike’s death because now he gets to be in the spotlight.
12.How does Paul say he would feel if his brother died?
Paul would feel relived, safer, and sorry, too if Erik died.
13.What does Paul’s mother what to change about football practice?
Paul’s mother wants to change the football practice to no longer be in the afternoon because of the lightning that time of day.
1.What nickname dot he guys on the soccer team give Paul?
The guys on the soccer team give Paul the nickname of Mars because of his goggles.
2.Why is Paul kicked off the soccer team?
Paul is kicked off the soccer team because the insurance will not cover his visual handicap.
3.What does Joey tell Paul about the reputation to kids on Tangerine Middle School soccer team have?
Joey tells Paul about the reputation the kids on the Tangerine Middle School soccer team is that they have serious gangs most of the kids carry guns they are real gangsters.
4.Why does Paul get called to the principles office with the other boys from the soccer team?
Paul gets called into the principal’s office with the other boys from the soccer team because the soccer coach gave them ticks to a carnival were they were later informed by the Sharif’s office that the world’s freak show had been vandalized by a group of soccer players.
5.What do Paul and Joey do when they see the portables being swallowed up by the sinkhole?
Paul and Joey start to help the kids at the bottom when they see the portables being swallowed up by the sinkhole.
6.How does Paul’s dad get promoted?
Paul’s dad was promoted because he found out the area that was taken out by a sinkhole was never properly inspected and he also promised to make sure that every place would be inspected from that day forward.
7.What happens to the students in each grade level at Windsor Middle School after the sinkhole disaster?
The students in each grade level at Lake Windsor Middle School are to go back to school on Thursday well the sixth graders are for the rest of them they will have a meeting to discuss it with the officials and they will return on Monday this has all happening since the sinkhole disaster accrued.
8.Why does Paul want to go to Tangerine Middle School so badly?
Paul wants to go to Tangerine Middle School because he wants to start out there without an IEP so he can play soccer and be treated normally.
1.How does Theresa Cruz help Paul?
Teresa Cruz helped Paul by showing him around and for giving him some information on the people there and the soccer team.
2.What surprises both Paul and his mother about the Tangerine soccer team?
What surprises Paul and his mother about the Tangerine soccer team is that it is boys and girls on the same team.
3.What does Mrs. Bright, the soccer coach, say to Paul about being on the team?
Ms. Bright, the soccer coach, says that Paul’s being on the team is that he will play as a backup goalie at all the games.
4.Tangerine Middle School asked Paul’s mom to bring over his file from Lake Windsor . How is it that Tangerine Middle School doesn’t know about Paul’s IEP?
Tangerine Middle asked for Paul’s mom to bring over his file from Lake Windsor the reason Tangerine Middle School doesn’t know about Paul’s IEP because his mother may have tampered with it.
5.What is Paul’s new nickname at Tangerine Middle School?
The new nickname that Paul had at Tangerine Middle School was Fisher Man.
6.A small fight breaks out at soccer practice between Victor and Tino. What is the fight about?
A small fight breaks out between Tino and Victor the fight was about whether or not Victor made a goal.
7.What happens between Erik, Arthur, and Joey while Paul and Joey are in the backyard comparing their uniforms?
There is a sound that sound like a predator which is Erik and Arthur mud running and there was a big muck fire this happens when Paul and Joey are in the backyard comparing uniforms and they start to make fun of Mike and Joey.
8.Why do the people at Lake Windsor Middle School bend the rules for Joey to let him transfer schools and play for a different soccer team?
The people at Lake Windsor Middle School bend the rules for Joey to let him transfer schools and play on a different soccer team because they are afraid of his dad because he is a lawyer and he can sue because Mike died on their land.
9.How do the fans treat Paul’s soccer team their first away game?
The fans treat Paul’s soccer team very rudely at their first away game.
10.Why does Paul start a fight at the first soccer game?
Paul starts a fight a the first soccer game because a player one the other team lifts up his glasses gets a hand full for dirt and rubs it straight into his eyes.
11.What does Victor say to Paul after the first game to let him know he is finally accepted and respected on the War Eagles team?
Victor says “If you goanna play with us you goanna play with us. If you’re a War Eagle you’re a War Eagle. You got brothers to back you up. Nobody’s goanna mess with you, not anyplace, not anytime.
1.Why is the whole town laughing at Erik after the first football game?
The whole town is laughing at Erik because he was going to kick the ball when they did a fake kick and they pulled the ball from where he would have kicked it and then as he was about to kick the guy snatched the ball from under his feet and ran it in the end zone sending Erik into a back flop motion landing on his back in the mud.
2.What happens when Paul goes in for Victor in the team’s first home game?
When Paul goes in for Victor in the first home game it’s the first time or Paul thinks he has ever scored a goal.
3.Why does Cara call Paul?
Cara calls Paul because she wants to see if Paul likes her friend Kerri while Kerri is on another end listening to his answer.
4.Why does Paul’s mother call the Tangerine Times?
Paul’s mother calls the Tangerine Times so that two girls from Paul’s soccer team, Maya and Sandra will be put in the times because they are number one or will be number one in the all country boys’ team.
5.Paul remembers Joey’s first day of school at Tangerine Middle. Joey decides not to use Theresa as a guide like Paul recommends. What insult does Joey use to describe Theresa?
The insult that Joey uses to describe Theresa is that he calls her a guard dog and when Joey said what do you think she’s good looking’ he answers yes maybe I do and then Joey answers with the smart-aleck answer of then you been here too long.
6.What are a few of the unique qualities about the Golden Dawn?
A few of unique qualities about Golden Dawn tangerine is one it is very juicy, and seedless, as well as resistant in cold weather.
7.Why does Tino get suspended?
Tino gets suspended because he lunged at Joey when they were in an argument but joey was too quick and landed back so Tino missed and landed on another group’s desk and before he could recover Mrs. Potter came over and lead him out.
8.In trying to get rid of the muck fires, what new problem did Paul’s neighborhood create?
While trying to get rid of the muck fires there is a new problem Paul’s neighbors have created which is they saturated the ground with water so it created a swap were the mosquitoes like it and there have been two deaths from mosquitoes both were children.
9.Whis is happening to the houses that are tented for termites?
While the houses are tented fir termites they have been getting robbed for many valuables.
10.What interesting file does Paul find on his dad’s computer?
The interesting file Paul finds on his dad’s computer is a file called “Erik—Scholarship Offers.” Which shows just like its title all the scholarships that Erik has been offered with a very unique layout which was clearly very though through because it had all the offers in a little rectangular box at the 10′ yard mark was the name of the collage.
11.Why does Paul go over to Tino and Theresa’s house?
Paul goes over to Tino and Theresa’s house to meet Louis.
12.In a flashback Paul has abut his old home in Houston, he remembers how his parents discovered the problem with his peripheral vision. What experiment did they do to test his vision?
The experiment Paul’s parents used to test Paul’s vision was making a human clock were Paul was the center and his father was six o’clock and his dad called for Erik to move to the twelve o’clock position on a clock an then dad asked Paul if he could see Erik and he said no they did the same thing with Erik now on the eleven o’clock position and dad asked if auld could see Erik and he said no again they did it at the ten o’clock position and Paul could still not see Erik but then once dad told Erik to move to the nine o’clock position and Paul answered with I can see him I can see him now and that’s when they realized there was something wrong with his peripheral vision.
1.When Paul visits the tangerine groves for the second time, what type of work does he do?
When Paul visits the tangerine groves for the second time the type of work he has to do is to haul some black rope for three hours into all of it has been taken and linked together and poking a hole in it by ever tree they passed.
2.How did Luis hurt his leg?
Luis hurt is leg by working with the clippers and clipping of tangerines and then fell off the tree and stabbed the clippers in his hand and so his daddy picked him up and carried him to the emergency room but he didn’t say anything about his knee because if he did he knew his momma would never let him go pick tangerines again and turns out his cartilage was all messed up and they had to operate so sure enough momma never did let him go back out and pick tangerines even though he couldn’t move for about two months anyway .
3.Why did Luis have to play Goalie in soccer
Luis had to play goalie in soccer because he was handicap.
Paul and his family go to the Donnelly’s house because he wants then to meet two other Florida football guys dad wants the couches from Florida, FSU, and Miami to start hearing about this kid from Lake Windsor High.
5.What does Paul discover about his soccer coaches past?
Paul discovers Betty Bright, his soccer coach, used to play track and field she was the best she ran the hundred meter dash and the hundred meter hurdles; she threw the discus and the javelin; she did the high jump and the broad jump. She did it all she was on the Times and ABC’s Wide World of Spots then she started a fund to send her to the U.S. Olympic trials back in 1978 and made it. Then later on in her career she was doing the hurdles and the East German hit her in the eye and knocked he of balance and she was ranked fourth and didn’t qualify and the U.S. coach tried to argue the point but they didn’t change the ruling so the U.S. team boycotted the Olympic games in Moscow none of our athletes got to go. And in all of that she never played soccer. And that’s all Paul learned about Betty Bright’s, his soccer coaches, past.
6.In Paul’s flashback he remembers being greeted by two visitor who, when they got close to him, wondered why his eyes looked weird. Who were these visitors?
In Paul’s flashback there were two people they got close to him and wondered why his eyes looked so weird those two people were his grandma and his grandpop.
7.Why is the soccer team against Lake Windsor Middle School such a big deal?
The soccer game against Lake Windsor Middle School was such a big deal because they are undefeated just like Tangerine Middle but Tangerine Middle has not had a tied game like Lake Windsor has and there tied game was with the first team Paul’s team played the Palmetto’s and Paul’s team beat them in like tying with them like Lake Windsor did.
8.How do the Tangerine players react when they drive through the neighborhood were Paul lives?
The Tangerine players react by calling Paul’s neighborhood the lifestyle of the rich and famous when they drive through it.
9.Who did Paul fill in for at the Lake Windsor game?
Paul filled in for Victor at the beginning because he was punched square in the face and then once Victor came back in the second half Sandra threw up a white liquid and so Paul filled in for her the rest of the game.
10.Paul’s old coach tells his new coach that he isn’t eligible to play due to his handicap and his address in the Lake Windsor district. How does Paul get to stay in the game?
Paul’s old coach tells Betty bright he is not able to play because of his handicap and his address on the Lake Windsor District but Paul still gets to play because one of her best players Named Sandra is the sister to Antigone there star football players and he lives in the same neighborhood that Paul does.
11.What happens in the last play of the Lake Windsor soccer game?
In the last play of the Lake Windsor game it is a penalty kick and so all the penalty kicks that Gino has made has gone to the high left and so that’s were Paul jumped as he kicks and Paul has been tricked and he fallers to the ground with his head in his hands to block out the whoops from the other team but he hears Victors whoops instead and he looks up and sees that Gino missed and that ball had rolled into the sinkhole and after the game Gino said that when he kicked he remembered Paul and checked up but Paul said no you just missed that’s all.
12.Describe the bus ride back to Tangerine after the championship victory?
The ride back to Tangerine after the championship victory was so awesome the people came out from their houses celebrating and others were flashing there lights and honking and others just came out to see what all the commotion was about.
1.Why do Theresa, Tino, and Henry come over to Paul’s house?
Theresa, Tino, and Henry all come over to Paul’ house to work on the science project.
2.Why does Erik punch Tino?
Erik punched Tino because he made fun of him for falling when they did that fake kick during one of his games.
3.Who does Paul think
Paul thinks his dad witnessed Erik punching Tina because he saw a flicker of a white shirt from the corner of his eye.
Paul’s mother gets locked out of a storage unit and Erik has the spare key because he wanted one or that’s what Paul’s mother said.
What Paul sees while hiding under the bleachers at football is Luis comes out to football practice and asked were Erik Fisher was and so once he found Erik and his group he said if you will it a little kid in the face why don’t you slap me and so Erik sent Author up closer and closer to him but Louis did not pay attention to him and so soon enough Arthur pulled out the blackjack from his gym bag and slapped Luis across the head sending him to his knees and then quickly put the blackjack back into his gym bag and they walked away like nothing had even happened except Erik said I get Arthur to do my light work and they walked off laughing but only them the muscular dude and Antione were not though and they examined Luis and them helped him back into his truck.
Paul’s grandparents think about nothing “the Erik Fisher Football Dream” and when Paul’s father brings it up the change the subject as quickly as possible.
So many kids are absent from the first day its cold because at first Paul that they were wimps but then he asked Henry D. and he said they were fighting the freeze which ids do and using what every they can to protect their citrus and other kinds of fields from freezing and dying.
Paul volunteers to help fight the freeze at Tino and Luis’ with Henry D. because he feels bad for his brother punching them I guess.
Tino and his family protect tangerine trees buy making fires with deasil and watering them and putting dirt on them.
The people in Lake Windsor Downs are enjoying a fire with fake logs and hot coco and listening to Christmas CD’s while the people of Tangerine are doing back-breaking work in the cold to save their trees.
The Golden Dawn Tangerine survive so easily because they put a bunch of dirt up on it.
Luis was planning on getting revenge on Erik and Arthur for hitting him with the blackjack on Wednesday at 3:00.
The reason Paul’s dad gives Paul for being so wrapped up in Erik’s football and forgetting about Paul’s playing soccer is that collage scouts and people were watching Erik play.
Lake Windsor Downs is vandalized after the big football game with tangerine High the damage done was all the mailboxes were knocked down and there gray walls were spray painted then with white paint that read Seagulls Suck.
The people in Lake Windsor High are happy about the freeze because they can enjoys a fire with fake logs and Christmas CD’s while they drink hot coco.
10 tented houses were robbed of their valuables.
The neighborhood association thinks someone is stealing their expensive coy fish and selling them but Paul says it’s the ospreys catching their meals.
Luis dies from aneurysm which is a weakening of the blood vassals.
Theresa calls Paul to tell him not to go to Luis’ funeral.
Paul goes out in a suit no socks or shoes and no shirt but the sites coat and to his house and picks up sod and gets to the soil underneath it and sticks his face in it just like Luis had taught him to do and sobbed for him and them put the sod and soil back where they had been found and threw his coat away in the garbage he did all this during Luis’s funeral.
Tino and Victor get some revenge punches back at Erik during the awards ceremony.
Paul jumps on someone’s back to help Victor and Tino escape and avoid trouble.
Paul sees that Erik and Arthurs faces are all messed up when Erik and Arthur drive by in the Land Cruiser when Paul is all alone in the dark on the perimeter road.
They way Paul really lost his eyesight was because Erik was mad at him and got Creaser his hold “sidekick” to spray white spray paint strait into his eyes.
When Paul confronts his parents about his eyesight the excuse his parents give him about not telling him the truth is that they didn’t want him to hate his brother.
Sandra doesn’t put her picture in the newspaper because she didn’t what to give away her brother, Antoine’s, secret which was lying about his address so he could play on the Lake Windsor football team.
Paul’s soccer coach tells him he could have the goalie position next year and Paul reacts with an astounding no I’d rather play in Maya’s place.
The Commissioners office take action on Antoine Thomas lying about his address by putting it in the news and letting everyone know that it doesn’t matter if he lied or not he was still the record best.
The strategy Paul’s dad used to fight the football scandal was no really believing it was true.
Paul’s mom finds put the Erik was involved in braking into the tented houses was finding a gym bag on their storage space on day that was filled with a gas mask so they would no breath in the harmful substance that they sprayed to get the termites to go away and all the stolen goods that the people came on with as missing items.
The Fishers and the Bauer want their neighbors to agree to in regard to their stolen property is to have most of the stolen goods returned because they sold some but to them the next day and any sold items would be payed in cash am out and Erik and Arturo would not be thrown in jail.
The deputy tells Erik to stay in his house that he would talk with him later and he would expect to see him there and not even in the backyard or outside.
When Paul’s grandparents find out was happened to Erik they start that subtle but clear I told you so.
Victor tries to protect Paul from getting punished for jumping on the coach by blaming it all on him and saying he was just sitting with his family and slipped and fell on his back broke his fall.
Paul’s punishment for assaulting a teacher is being expelled for the rest of the year.
Paul’s excited about going to St. Anthony’s on a trial basis because everyone knows about him and he is known as a bad dude a Tangerine the tough school so just think what the kids a St. Anthony’s will be like.
Tino calls Paul to let him know that he is welcome at the grove whenever he would like especially in time and temperature.
Paul writes about the basic facts about the situation and he writes what Luis meant to many people around him and how they depended on him and why they looked up to him and he did the same thing with Erik to end it even though the police might not be as much interested in that as they will be in the basic facts.

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